Stefan Freedman is pleased to announce:

Circle Dance Festival (which happens once in a blue moon!)

Stefan says, “I feel so fortunate to have special guests teaching circle dances alongside local talents.

Kevin Meyer, visiting from Knoxville USA, has two main ‘flavours’. They are upbeat playful dances plus longer meditative dances to Sufi and other devotional songs. He will also join the house band with his banjo!

Barbara Driscoll is a celebrated choreographer from the New Forest. Some of her popular dances have a zesty Latin flavour and others are spiritual and reflective.”

The programme is:
Friday evening is a night of ‘Balkan Bliss’ (traditional dances)
Saturday daytime there are workshops with Kevin, Barbara and also Jenny Whitney (Dance Havana etc) and Stefan himself.
Saturday evening there’s a garden party with music, song and informal dancing.
Sunday daytime workshops featuring Barbara Driscoll (her main session) and others.

Sprinklings of live music will add to the celebratory atmosphere. Beginners are welcome. People can attend ‘bits’, one day or the whole weekend.

For more information, and the full programme, e-mail Stefan Freedman [email protected].