ICR has been disappearing from FM and Online in random intervals over the last few weeks. Announcements about this have been made online, but in the interest of the community we serve, we thought we would share the reasons why.

The reason for each outage has been down to electricity supply. Our studios in Ipswich Town Centre use old cabling supplied to us underground by UK Power Networks.
The main cable that supplies ICR went down on Tuesday 4th May 2021 during the night and service was not restored until later on in the afternoon. When this service was restored, we were informed that there was an ongoing issue with the cable on supply to our studios, which has meant the rest of the week was spent doing investigation works by UK Power Networks’ side. Today (Friday 7th May), our power needed to be switched off once more just before 2pm and was not restored until around 6pm with normal programming resuming at 7pm.
Today, an issue was uncovered that an underground cable had actually caught fire, something which would explain why the mains fuses supplying our studios’ power continued to blow. Steve & Kevin from UK Power Networks have been working with the ICR team throughout the day and have been superb in swiftly resolving the emergency and restoring our studios power.
ICR’s technical team, Gerry & Dan managed to restore the service by 6pm, however, due to the anticipated down time from earlier in the day, normal programming did not resume until 11pm.

ICR would like to thank UK Power Networks for their co-operation and professionalism during these emergency repairs and would also like to thank our volunteers and members of the community for their patience.
105.7fm is back on air once more and our Alexa, Google and website feeds are back up and running.