The Badly Behaved released ‘Govinda Jaya Jaya’ on 16th October.

Richard von Kalmar was born in Cologne with German-South African roots, and grew up in the Lebanon, Italy, Malawi, Scotland and South Africa. At the end of 2019, songwriter, composer and producer, Richard, founded his electronic music project, The Badly Behaved. In a little over two years, and during the pandemic, he recorded a studio album titled ‘Who am I?’ with support from Richard Wolff and Stewart Irving. ‘Who am I?’ is a 10-track album and includes a remix by Philipp Lauer and a reprise track titled ‘Somewhere in England’.

‘Govinda Jaya Jaya’ is the second single to be taken from The Badly Behaved’s album ‘Who am I?’ It was released on the 16th of October and is available on all major on-line digital platforms. The song is based on a Hindu chant, often sung in the Krishna Consciousness movement. The chant was previously used in songs with the same title by Kula Shaker and by George Harrison. The Badly Behaved have fused the chant with an electronic bass-line, swirling pads, percussion and big guitar sounds that are used to help build it up to a crescendo with a strong Balearic feel.

The Badly Behaved have a website, at, and are on Facebook


Hotel California released ‘Magical Grandma’ on 18th October.

We heard ‘The World Wants Peace’ (Week 38, March 2022) and ‘Greater Love’ (Week 57, July 2022) earlier in the year. Now Hotel California has released ‘Magical Grandma’.

Hotel California is on Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta, Spotify, AppleMusic and Twitter. It is a folk music project of singer & songwriter Daniel Green.


Clara Tracey released ‘Strange Flowers’ on 18th October.

This single was released ahead of her début album, ‘Black forest’ which was released on 21st October. We’ve previously heard ‘Baby Witch (Week 52, June 2022) which is from the same album. Clara recorded the whole album between lock-downs at Sonic Studios. It is the culmination of many years and experiments in song writing.

Clara is Irish born but spends her time split between Belfast, Dublin and Paris. She started writing songs as an escape from the monotony of her first job out of college in a Paris law firm. Her perfectionist streak meant that she continued to write songs while eschewing the studio for years until on the verge of an exasperated breakdown she finally recruited Daniel Fox in March 2020. Recording between lock-downs meant there was no access to high fidelity piano takes so perhaps serendipitously organs and synths took over in a 70s/90s Gainsbourg meets Stereolab production style.

Clara is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


On 20th October Factory released ‘Angel from the Sky’.

In the past we’ve heard three tracks from Factory’s previous album ‘Aiming High’ (‘Aiming High’ in Week 16, ‘Mama Called Me’ in Week 20 and ‘Free ‘n’ Easy’ in Week 36). ‘Angel from the Sky’ is from their forthcoming album, ‘Back in the Time Machine’ which is due in January 2023.

Factory have an Official Website and are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram


Laura T released ‘Ghosted’ on 21st October.

Laura says, “Have you ever gotten involved with someone, found a real connection and genuinely thought everything was going great only to be left with read messages that don’t get replied to for hours, days or maybe not at all? Then this song is for you!

Laura T is on Soundcloud, Insta, Spotify, YouTube and Facebook.


Also on 21st October, James Orr released ‘Good Enough’.

20-year-old rock guitarist and songwriter Jaime Orr has released his brand-new single ‘Good Enough’ on all streaming platforms.

Exposed to bands like AC/DC and Audioslave from a very early age, playing guitar helped Jaime to overcome major speech difficulties. It allowed him to express himself beyond the use of words. It was a huge turning point and is the reason he has dedicated himself to a life in music. He says, “The instrument is why I am able to articulate words the way I do now.

His music focuses on tough themes interspersed with positive messages; soft ballad type verses combined with hard hitting guitar riff-based choruses inspired by grunge and hard rock bands.

’Good Enough’, Jamie’s new single, is about not beating yourself up over the small stuff.

Jamie is on Facebook; Insta and YouTube.


Morning Tourist released ‘Small Flame’ on 21st October.

‘Small Flame’ is the latest single from London based, indie-folk artist, Sean McKinney, under his pseudonym, Morning Tourist. It’s about one’s desire to freeze time at the peak of a relationship, before the honeymoon is inevitably over and the once intense gold rush of new love gives way to a reality of more sedate, sobering thoughts and fears for the future.

Sean says, “Most of the song was written in the passionate haze of a new relationship, but was ultimately completed following its ending. By the conclusion of the song, the perspective of the author has changed from one of a charmed romantic, to that of a rueful self-saboteur. While this song was written with the benefit of hindsight, its competing voices are not just reflective, but illustrate the pessimistic thoughts one tries to dismiss at a time when things are actually going well and life is good.

Morning Tourist are on Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook.


On 21st October Gintis released their new album, ‘Hope Is All We Have’. ‘We Had Plans’ is the first track from that album.

If Gintis are a sleeping giant of North Walian wonky psych pop, you could be forgiven for thinking the Abergele Goliath had slipped into a coma in recent years. Signs of life came with singles ‘Dennis’, ‘O My Little Malcontent’ and ‘Four Movements’. But a decade has passed without a long player collection of their sentimental songs for sentimental people. ‘Hope Is All We Have’ signals the end of a long wait.

Sessions in Bill Ryder-Jones’ Wirral studio have birthed the third Gintis album and forged a profound friendship. Ryder-Jones nurtured the band’s charming eccentricities while harnessing the emotional triumphs of songs. They were completed amidst tragedy for several members of the band. With that help from Ryder-Jones and record label Mai68, ‘Hope Is All We Have’ is finally set to see the light of day.

Gintis are on Twitter, Facebook and Insta.


On 26th October Lauren Anne released ‘Adelaide’.

We heard ‘Blatant’ from Lauren Anne back in March 2022 (Week 37). Now the Northern Ireland, alt indie-pop artist has released a new track, ‘Adelaide’. The blistering track sees Lauren Ann continue on her upward trajectory, exposing the depth of her song writing and the true grit of her musical prowess.

About the new release Lauren Ann says “Adelaide is a bit different to previous songs I’ve released. I wanted to experiment with a different sound. It’s about being with someone who has changed since meeting them, and so you’re unable to navigate where the relationship is going. It’s about wanting to go back to the way things were but not knowing how to so you’re losing yourself in the process.

Lauren’s own experiences are the launch-pad for her imagination to take those stories into bigger directions. It’s also about staying true to who she is. “My songs are centred around heartbreak and anger. I didn’t want to write love songs as it’s not who I am. So I ended up doing break-up songs instead.

Lauren Ann is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Blossom Caldarone released ‘Fridge Space’ on 26th October.

London based songwriter Blossom Caldarone shared her new single ‘Fridge Space’ on October 26th. The new track, produced by Cameron Craig follows her recent single ‘The Princess Song, which we heard in September (Week 63). The new single will propel Blossom into 2023 and her largest body of work to date. Feted for her candid lyrical flourishes as much as her virtuoso multi-instrumentalism, Blossom has a loyal fan base, while still to release her début album.

In ‘Fridge Space’ Blossom provokes bittersweet romantic feelings with her unique blend of humour and engaged storytelling. Blossom says, “Fridge Space is about filling your time with nonsensical activities when you’re trying to get someone out of your head. Even when you know they’re a waste of time, you have to force yourself to not think about them. I always find myself doing stupid things to avert my attention and end up feeling more confused, skint and usually nursing a hangover. Being in your twenties is just this on a loop. The song is a loose summing up of this experience – but set in a supermarket.

Blossom is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


Rise Bailey Rise released ‘Man at the Top of the Stairs’ on 27th October.

Rise Bailey Rise has been making huge inroads on the UK music scene. This follows the successful release of a number of singles and EPs over the years. Radio shows around the world have featured his tracks, and he’s performed high-profile gigs supporting a range of bands. Now Rise Bailey Rise has released his new single ‘Man at the Top of the Stairs’.

Further information on Rise Bailey Rise can be found on his website, at or by following him Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


Rhys Lewis released his new single, ‘The Middle’ on 28th October.

Rhys Lewis has announced the record that changed him, called ‘Corner of the Sky’. The brand new album became a 13-track quest for Rhys to find what it means be alive in 2022. When searching for the answer, he penned the emotionally complex single ‘The Middle’. The single was released at the end of October. It acknowledges the unfortunate imbalance of a break-up aftermath.

Talking about ‘The Middle’ Rhys notes, “After a few years of being apart from my ex-girlfriend, I realised I was still keeping our relationship alive in my head. I still associated lots of the city I lived in with her and would catch myself considering her in future plans in the event that we get back together. I know I’m not the only one to have developed a complicated relationship with the past. We all talk to ghosts.

Rhys has a website, where ‘Corner of the Sky’ can be pre-ordered. He is also on Facebook.


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