Oliver Malcolm’s ‘Act Two’ EP is out on September 16th. ‘Martian Man’ is the first single from that EP.

Musical disruptor, Oliver Malcolm, has released his new single ‘Martian Man’. The track introduces his upcoming ‘Act Two’ project, which is out on September 16th.

Oliver’s limitless imagination and natural curiosity allows him to see the spaces beyond. ‘Martian Man’ is a bold declaration of his desire to explore and experiment in new territory, plant a flag there, and push the limits as far as they can go, and then some – even if it makes him feel like a Martian.

A one-of-a-kind talent, Oliver harnesses his versatile creativity and profound thoughts about the human condition into addictive yet eclectic songs that make you feel and think. And definitely make you move. The ‘Act Two’ project further peels back the layers of Oliver’s artistry, following the recently released ‘Act One’ project which featured ‘Baby Don’t Go’, (which we heard in Week 58, August 2022).

For Oliver Malcolm, music is an escape. It’s a place where there are no rules, no timetables, no set working methods to adhere to. He says, “Other people’s way of rebelling in their teenage years is to smoke or drink, but music was my way of rebelling. When I put those headphones on and start creating sounds, I’m looking at my imagination unfolding in front of me. Making music I’m never out of place because I’m making my own world.”

Oliver is on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, TikTok, Insta, FaceBook and Twitter.


serpentwithfeet has teamed up with Moby to release ‘On Air’.

For the sophomore release on Moby’s new label, Always Centered at Night, the label brings down the pace and intensifies the mood on a gorgeous single. It is from Moby and serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah White) , and  entitled ‘On Air’. An experimental musician, serpentwithfeet adds his silky neo-soul-inspired voice to a song filled with pure emotion.

The accompanying video conveys a sense of hope with the beauty of daily life on display as a companion to the music.

Moby says, “One of the greatest things about Always Centered at Night is working with remarkable singers. serpentwithfeet has an approach to music and vocals that I find to be fascinating and beautiful.

Moby launched his new label earlier this year with the aim to do something uncompromising -to make music that is emotional, atmospheric, and potentially beautiful. With this ethos, the label will not be going for a billion streams on Spotify. Plus there is a constant subtext within the DNA of the label; that is Moby’s great disdain for what he calls, “our current, fear-driven, algorithmic-based culture.” The label will be a new kind of record label that ignores that idea, completely.

Moby is a multi-platinum selling, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, author, and animal rights activist. He is on YouTube and has a down-link page for ‘On Air’.


Dan Abrahams has released ‘Our Streets’.

With the reality of the climate crisis now hitting hard, the cost-of-living increasing day by day and in particular the enormous rise in the price of fuel, Scotland-based composer, musician, and cycling campaigner Daniel Abrahams new song ‘Our Streets’ couldn’t have come at a more pertinent time, as he highlights the desperate need for a safer and better infrastructure for people wanting to cycle on the UK’s roads. The track is accompanied by a fantastic video starring a 9-year-old cyclist from Edinburgh and a whole cast of locals, as they ride around the city’s streets and, through the magic of animation, travel to the cycling paradise that is Amsterdam.

Dan is also one of the organisers of Edinburgh’s monthly Critical Mass, where on the last weekend of every month, thousands of cyclists of all ages and on all types of bikes take to the streets to ride safely, peacefully, and happily. There are over 300 Critical Mass rides across the world every month. The concept is simple; bring your bike and ride through the city streets reclaiming the space, getting to know the city, meeting other like-minded people, and generally having fun

Dan says, “I wrote ‘Our Streets’ because I feel passionately that so many problems in our world, from health & happiness to climate and pollution, can be tackled by getting people cycling. The song talks about how, in Holland during the 1970’s, in the wake of the Middle East oil crisis and with so many child deaths due to cars, people protested for better bicycle infrastructure. It is not because Holland is flat, or because it is has ‘always been in the culture’ that they cycle so much. It’s that they have made it easy and safe to cycle.

Dan Abrahams is on BandCamp and YouTube.


The Ardents have released ‘Play Nice’.

We heard two singles from the Ardents album ‘A’– ‘Someday’ in February (Week 34) and ‘Cry Like a Storm’ in April (Week 43). The Ardents now have a new album – ‘Come On’ – which includes ‘Play Nice’.

Every note carefully calculated. Every lyric sung with passion and purpose. The Ardents craft music for the soul. Blurring the line between genres, crafting an iconic sound that’s impossible to ignore. From show-stopping vocals to beautiful instrumentation, they really make their presence known. Standing on the edge of genre creating something completely new and fresh.

The Ardents also do things differently with their state-of-the-art recording process, using the studio as an aspect of composition to create crisp, clean sounds in glorious detail, they transport the listener to the studio with them, using ‘silent stage’ technology, capturing every moment in audio technicolour.

The Ardents have a website, at ardents.band, and are on Facebook and Spotify.


James Zada’s new single, ‘Sarah’ is out now.

We’ve heard from James before – ‘Fame’ in November 2021 (Week 20), his Christmas single, ‘A Christmas Love’, in December 2021 (Week 25) and ‘Diamond Love’ in March 2022 (Week 38).

James Zada, also known as Llewellyn, is best described as a 1980’s pop artist with a modern edge. His songs are bold, dynamic, and playful. In his own words, are “written for the generation of those old enough to know better… but still young enough not to care“.

James Zada’s album ‘Fame’ is a cutting-edge collection of songs that will get you onto the dance-floor or, at least, your kitchen ‘dance-floor’! There are also some deep, emotional songs which feel as though they’ve been written for the heart of every listener.

His latest single ‘Sarah’ is a timeless love ballad It further showcases Zada’s powerful and adapting song writing ability, as well as being a talented performer and producer.

You can listen to all his music on all good streaming platforms. James also has a website at jameszada.com and is on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube


The Flints released ‘Serengeti’ on 2nd September.

‘Serengeti’ is taken from The Flints’ début EP, ‘100 Million Lightyears’ which is due on 4th November.

Arriving on the heels of a packed summer of live appearances DJ, songwriter and musician twin-duo The Flints mark their début release with the genre-spanning single ‘Serengeti’.

‘Serengeti’ finds the duo exploring the realms of escapism, as George & Henry explain, “We read somewhere that all human-made mass exceeds all living mass on Earth… It made us fantasise about running away from the rat-race, breaking free from the monotony and repetition of modern life… After all, doesn’t everyone ‘wanna feel alive’?

The Flints have a website, at theflintsmusic.com, and are on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


LJ Coon latest track, ‘Full Tilt Boogie’, is available now.

‘Full Tilt Boogie’ is a follow up to ‘Pretty Blue Eyes’ which we heard a couple of weeks ago (Week 60, August 2021). It is Country Rock at its best and a really great line dance.

This song has launched a grass roots effort to support Pulmonary Rehabilitation for those living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). It is also in recognition of those who have died from this disease.

LJ says, “Please, try ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ Pulmonary Rehabilitation with your doctor’s encouragement and with the medications prescribed for your level of ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ activity.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program of exercise, disease management and counselling coordinated to benefit the individual. Pulmonary rehabilitation has been shown to improve shortness of breath and exercise capacity. It has also been shown to improve the sense of control a patient has over their disease as well as their emotions.

LJ Coon is on YouTube and Amazon.


Tayo Sounds has teamed up with Rudimental to release ‘Hide and Seek’.

Tayo Sound releases his brand-new single ‘Hide And Seek’ with BRIT Award winning drum and bass act Rudimental. The single is accompanied by a dreamy visual.

On the track, Tayo Sound and Rudimental combine to create a vibrant and invigorating version of a single. It is the perfect companion to Summer 2022 aswell as being long awaited by fans as a live favourite. Rudimental’s production is rounded off by Tayo Sound’s vocals which cushion the track to create a warm aesthetic.

Speaking about the making of ‘Hide and Seek’, Tayo said; “This was started in the second session I had when I was out working in LA and it was quite overwhelming being in such a different environment to Reading or London. I started playing these two chords on a ukulele/guitar hybrid that Blake (Slatkin) had and the track was super chill to start off with but Blake mentioned he was working with Vance Joy the next day and I immediately thought ‘what if we switch up the tempo and make it more indie like riptide?’. From then on it was clear we had the foundations of something special. Rudimental then jumped on board, added the finishing touches that the track needed and then suggested putting it out together. It’s an honour to have them on a record that has become so special to me.”

Tayo’s first headline UK tour is hitting cities across the UK this September. Starting in Bristol on September 20th before moving on to Manchester and Nottingham before finishing in Leeds. Tickets for those shows are available on-line.

Upcoming UK Tour Dates

20 Sept – Louisiana, Bristol, UK
21 Sept – The Grace, London, UK – SOLD OUT
22 Sept – YES Basement, Manchester, UK
23 Sept – The Bodega, Nottingham, UK
24 Sept – Headrow House, Leeds, UK

Tayo Sound is on Insta and Facebook.


Chris Davis has recently released ‘Heart Like Mine’. (Bluegrass!!!!)

Chris Davis is originally from Fairborn, Ohio and now makes his home in Russell, Kentucky. He has been playing bluegrass music, professionally, for over 25 years with many artists and currently with The Grascals.

Speaking about ‘Heart Like Mine’, Chris said, “Billy (Droze) and I were cutting tracks for my new album. I mentioned to him how it amazes me how some folks can write a song in 20 minutes. Billy then proceeds to writing the lyric and melody to ‘Heart Like Mine’ … and I helped!

The next single will be out in January 2023, followed by the full album in the Spring.

Chris is on Facebook.


Next is ‘The Ship That Never Returned’ by the Finn Collison Band.

‘The Ship That Never Returned’ is from The Finn Collinson Band’s new album. ‘The Threshold’, which is due out on 7th October. To coincide with the album release, the band will be playing a nine-date UK tour. It includes a show at St Peter’s by the Waterfront on October 5th. Plus the band’s multi-instrumentalist front man is Finn Collinson, who is from Suffolk!

Finn has been touring with his band since the release of his début album ‘Call To Mind’ in 2019. Championing unusual instrumentation and taking inspiration from a wide range of traditional and early music, their sound was described as exceptionally well executed folk rock.

Across its six instrumental and four vocal tracks, ‘The Threshol’d demonstrates a diverse subject matter.  Plus it ranges from driving folk-rock to layered soundscapes and sparkling melodies. Finn’s distinctive tune style ties together the material, with a respectful eye on the past but a strong grounding in the present.

Finn says, “I’m very excited to be taking this new album out on the road. I’m really pleased with the new music we’ve made, and it will be great fun to recreate the album on stage for nine days! Connecting with live audiences is one of my favourite things about being a musician and I look forward to seeing friendly faces old and new on the road in October.

Tickets for show are available from St Peter’s by the Waterfront. The band have a website, at finncollinson.com.


David Ogilvy released his new album ‘A Scottish American Songbook’ on 6th September. ‘Miller’s Farm’ is from that album.

David Ogilvy, the Scottish American singer, songwriter and composer, was born in London in 1958. He grew up between London and Scotland, spending significant periods of time in the USA. After DJ-ing in Soho, he started concentrating on song writing in the 1990s. He also worked as a session player, playing mandolin, pedal steel, dobro, guitar and piano. During this time he signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell, and set up his own studio, Western Studios, in Westbourne Park.

David released his first solo album ‘Like It Is’ in 2003. It mixed the Scottish folk tradition, Americana, and jazz influences into a seamless poetic vision. His second and third albums; Mockingbird (2005) and Heaven and Earth (2008) carried on and developed these strains. In 2013 he started The Live Salon. It is a showcase for purely acoustic music, and spoken word, drawing on the 19th century tradition of the musical salon. He has recently completed a new album of 14 songs entitled ‘A Scottish American Songbook’ which is out now.

David is on BandCamp.


Skelf released ‘Mime’ on 6th September.

Skelf hails from the Highlands of Scotland and recently rediscovered song writing after a 14 year hiatus.

Born with no lower left limb, one lung and the serious condition diaphragmatic hernia, he was flown all over Scotland to save his life. Picking up music in his teens, Skelf went on to support various bands in the 00’s. But in 2005 he suffered a broken hip. This derailed him musically and personally and sent him on a downward spiral. He transitioned to promoting where he was happy for the better part of the last decade. But he a mild stroke forced him to stop promoting.

During the pandemic, Skelf decided to pick up the song writing pen for the first time in over a decade . He has rediscovered his love for writing his hard hitting personal songs about struggle, survival and overcoming whatever obstacles are in your way.

Mime is out now and Skelf in on Facebook, Spotify and TikTok.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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