Izzy’s New Music Emporium – Week 43: 20/04/2022 – Play List

Rhys Lewis released ‘Alone’ on April 8th.

Rhys Lewis has already caught the attention of the public with his songs of heartbreak. Many of those songs have featured on some of the biggest shows on television. But it is his love of performing live, curiosity of his craft, command of his instruments and impressive vocal ability that has taken him around the world, racking up legions of loyal fans along the way. Brand new single,‘Alone’ signifies a major life shift for the Oxfordshire-born artist. After years living in the capital city, Rhys made the decision to step away from city life. On a little plot of land in the countryside he found comfort in simple loneliness. While the performer missed touring it was here that Rhys had the space to redefine who he was as a musician and ever-growing creative, and discover his new sound.

In contrast to its title, ‘Alone’ is an optimistic song. This perfectly crafted pop gem sets mesmeric strings against Rhys’ soaring vocals, as he dreams of escape.

Rhys is now touring, but the remaining dates are all in Europe. Although more dates are going to be added.

He has a website, at rhyslewisofficial.com, and is on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Released on 8th April, ‘Seen It coming’ is by Herbie Frame, INGO, and features Ela Ira.

We’ve heard a couple of previous tracks by Herbie Frame – ‘Strong’ in February (week 33) and ‘Last Dance’ in March (week 37)

‘Seen it coming’, the new release by popular newcomer Herbie Frame, invites the listener to relax to its chilled vibes. The protagonist – voiced by the talented singer Ela Ira – has been sinking into work for weeks. The catchy melody, which can be found in the chorus of the song, lingers in the thoughts of the protagonist and takes her into the long-awaited break.

Herbie Frame and Elizabeth Boardman, aka Ela Ira, are not meeting each other musically for the first time: They won the US Song Writing Award in 2019 as electronica duo White Night and toured successfully along the US West Coast. With ‘Seen It Coming’, both start a new chapter in their collaboration, which emphasizes both the noticeable chemistry that the two have and the musical development of the talented young artists.

Herbie is on Facebook and Instagram, plus he has a website with all his download links.


On 8th April George Phoenix Bonds released ‘You Are My World’.

George Phoenix Bonds is based in Maryland, USA. After years of perfecting and nurturing a sound to match his music style and with sound advice from Marlene Palumbo from Indieink, George Phoenix Bonds has released his second single titled ‘You Are My World’.

Details on this plus more on George Phoenix Bonds can be found on Facebook.


The Ashley Bean Band has released ‘Step Back’.

We’ve previously heard ‘What You Deserve’ in September 2021 (week 12) and ‘Don’t Go Away’ in March (week 37). All three are taken from their album ‘What You Deserve’.

The Ashley Bean Band is a rock band hailing from Peoria Illinois. Over the years, The Ashley Bean Band has had influences that have molded their career into what it is today. Cathy Reynolds, four-time CIA Gospel Artist of the Year, Mike Isenberg of the International acclaimed family band, The Jets, back-up musicians, Rusty Hall, and John Coulter, Marshall Tuckers sound engineer, Journey, and Diana Meltzer founder of Seether have helped direct this young energized rock band. The bands music has been compared to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, as well as Alice in Chains and Nirvana. But The Ashley Bean Band would say it is classical meets rock with a heartfelt and unique style.

All of the lyrics and music are Ashley’s original creations. Her voice style and genre is distinct, raw and gives her music an incredible commercial, but almost underground sound at the same timeless, not pretty and pink, but black on black.

The Ashley Bean Band have a website at ashleybeanband.net and are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


John Carr has released a double A single, and ‘The Flowers’ is on one side.

The other side is a cover of ‘All I Have to do is Dream’, which will probably get played on a Burnt Crumpet Show.

A working musician all of his life, John Carr can claim to have worked with the likes of Elton John, Mike & The Mechanics, Elkie Brooks and Leo Sayer to name but a few. Now one of the creative forces behind Alt Country band Brand A, and recently signed to the Creative & Dreams label, John has branched out as a solo artist. He’s released his new Double A side single ‘The Flowers’ and ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’.

The single can be purchased via creativeanddreams.com


The Orange Circus released ‘Flame in Your Heart’ on 14th April.

Flash Hearth spent a year in Virginia, where his mother’s family is from. He trekked parts of the Appalachian Mountains and played with bands learning Appalachian music and bluegrass. While out there he bumped into Pete Seeger in North Carolina and took him as major inspiration for his style of performing. Upon returning to the UK he started busking and playing open mics with local musicians who shared a love of Bluegrass and Americana. The early shows were very chaotic and often largely improvised but a band formed – The Orange Circus – and started to gain an audience as the Americana scene started growing in the UK.

In 2016, the band self-released their first Album ‘We Make our Smiles’. They also started playing further afield, busking and gigging in France, Italy, Holland and Sweden. Upon returning to the UK in 2018 the Band started work on their second album ‘Whistle in the Dawn’. They really got the interest of the UK Country and Americana Scene which was starting to blossom. Since then they’ve played all over the place. But, this single – ‘Flame in your Heart’ – is their first piece of new music since 2019. They are currently in the process of working on a new Album.

They are touring:

22nd May – Wood Festival – Oxfordshire

18th June – Black Deer Festival – Kent

15th July – Folking in the Strawberries – Sevenoaks

24th July – Little Lindi Festival – Lindisfarne

28th August – Local & Live Festival – Tunbridge Wells

The Orange Circus has a website, at theorangecircus.com, and they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The Fortunes released ‘Hello My Friend’ on April 15th.

English harmony beat group, The Fortunes, who are based in England, have a new single, ‘Hello My friend’.

Formed in Birmingham, the Fortunes first came to prominence and international acclaim in 1965, when ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’ broke into the US and UK Top 10s. Afterwards, they had a succession of hits including ‘Here It Comes Again’ and ‘Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again’; continuing into the 1970s with more globally successful releases such as ‘Storm in a Teacup’ and ‘Freedom Come, Freedom Go’

Now signed by Fred Cannon to the Creative & Dreams Music Network LLC, The Fortunes release their brand new single ‘Hello My Friend’.

The Fortunes have a website, at thefortunes.co.uk, and are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Erica Manzolihas recently released her début single, ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’

Erica wrote ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ during lock-down. It narrates feelings of disconnect during the pandemic where digital conversations with her therapist were Erica’s only regular communication. The single is a brooding, soul-baring introduction. It opens with ethereal vocals and delicate piano before journeying to the chorus with its contrasting guitar flourishes.

Discussing the single, Erica says “I wrote this song in my bedroom during lock-down and posted the first 30 seconds or so on TikTok not expecting anything from it but the reaction was great. I decided that I’d finish it and quickly knew I wanted it to be the first song I put out into the world. Before lock-down I was writing with producers all the time so I was scared that I’d relied on other people so much that I wouldn’t be able to write alone. For the first time I started writing purely when I felt like it. I wouldn’t write for weeks and then have a sudden burst of inspiration. I found that songs came out so much more naturally this way. Writing this song really changed the direction of my songs as an artist. I used to struggle to open up when I was in the room with a writer as it takes some bravery to tell a 50 year old man about your love life or mental health when you’ve just met them. Writing on my own in my bedroom provided some safety and was genuinely the first time I got to be completely honest, every word entirely mine and I’m proud of that.

With much more to come throughout 2022, ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ is just the first milestone in what is sure to be a phenomenal breakthrough year for Erica Manzoli. She is on TikTok and Instagram.


Momma have recently released ‘Rockstar’.

‘Rockstar’ is a follow-on from ‘Medicine’ which we heard in January (Week 30).

Momma is a Brooklyn-based band led by singers/guitarists Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman. They have announced their début UK shows and released their anthemic new single ‘Rockstar. It is another slice of infectiously poppy grunge that again marks the band out as one of this year’s most undoubtedly exciting prospects.

Its accompanying must-watch video is pure fun. It’s brimming with unbridled energy as it pays tongue-in-cheek tribute to Friedman and Weingarten’s rock music comedy favourites like ‘Josie and the Pussycats’, and ‘School of Rock’.

Allegra says, “Etta and I wanted to write a song about making it big, and becoming rock stars. We didn’t want to take anything too seriously, lyrically, or musically. We just wanted the song to sound big. We thought it would be cool to have our own little rockumentary condensed in a 3-minute music video. It’s also kind of like a manifestation – I think we shamelessly want all of these things to happen in our careers.

Momma are on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.


The Ardents have recently released ‘Cry Like a Storm’.

This is the second single from their album ‘A’. We had the previous single – ‘Someday’ – back in February (week 34).

The Ardents have created their most eclectic, dynamic, and thought provoking collection of songs to date.

The Ardents are on Facebook but they are not streaming their music on Spotify or other download sites, and are relying on album sales for income. The album is available from the bands website, ardents.band.


Lesley Garrett CBE, Rodney Earl Clarke & The London Community Gospel Choir will release ‘We Thank You From Our Hearts’ on 22nd April.

Released to coincide with Her Majesty the Queen’s 96th Birthday is a new royal anthem titled ‘EIIR: The Platinum Record, A Jubilee Anthem’. The composition is in two parts with lyrics dedicated to Her Majesty. Part One, entitled ‘The Four British Nations’, represents the United Kingdom. Part Two, ‘We ‘Thank You From Our Hearts’, represents the countries of The Commonwealth.

This stunning new anthem features soprano Lesley Garrett CBE, baritone  Rodney Earl Clarke, and the London Community Gospel Choir. Commissioned by The British Monarchists Society as part of their yearlong celebratory programme. Supported by The Jubilee Statue 2022 Trust, the Anthem is designed as one historical and outstanding tribute. It is a true musical representation of Her Majesty’s 70-years of service to her people around the globe.

Lesley Garrett, CBE, said, “There has never been a greater need for a song to unite us all than now. COVID and its chaotic aftermath has touched every one of us, throughout the Commonwealth and the wider world. For 70 years our Queen has been there, the one sure and steadfast rock in our unpredictable world. In this special jubilee year, join us to celebrate her extraordinary devotion and commitment to us all. ‘A diamond in her platinum crown, forever sure and strong’.

Rodney Earl Clarke added, “What a marvellous opportunity, a real moment to savour, filled with immense pride at being able to be at the forefront of representing and leading the Nation in thanksgiving for Her Majesty’s service.

‘EIIR The Platinum Record’ can be purchased from thejubileeanthem2022.com. Lesley Garrett has a website at lesleygarrett.co.uk; Rodney Earl Clarke’s is at rodneyearlclarke.com; The London Community Gospel Choir are at lcgc.org.uk and The British Monarchist society are at themonarchists.com.


The show is available on MixCloud.


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