Back in June, Jessy Howe released ‘Eternal’.

We’ve heard previous tracks by Jessy Howe. (‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova in October 2021 (week 18); ‘Soul Food’ with Vikings of Blue in September 2021 (week 14); ‘Sea of Humanity’ with Felix Waldispühl in March 2022(week 40).) ‘Eternal’ is her latest single, which was written in collaboration with Vikings of Blue.

Jessy Howe was born in Switzerland and grew up in the South West of England. As a professional singer and songwriter she performs and records in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Jessy has a website at and is on YouTube, Twitter Instagram and Facebook


On 1st July, Simesky + Fritch released ‘Such Imperfection’.

United Simesky Institutes is a synth-wave producer and 80’s neon noise maker with a string of cool nu-wave releases. Born in Bucharest and living in Belgium, Simesky brings his honed love of synthpop and prog. But this is a new sound entirely.

Fritch is fresh from an album that gained 5*. Atwood Magazine, Sounds Good & others took Fritch from UK to the globe. Fritch began on a laptop in Texas, US, before landing in Vietnam then Wales. Each release Fritch has made is a collaboration. And this is a new iteration.

With shared production, writing, artwork and visions, the début single from Simesky+Fritch is a celebration of a meeting of minds. It’s a lean synth-kissed passion for pop.

Simesky + Frithc have a website, at, and are on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.


On 8th July Sam Red Music released ‘The Search’.

Sam Stussi, better known as singer Sam Red, was born with a passion for music. His father was a musical performer, so Sam was able to look behind the scenes of the music world at a young age. In his early teens he formed his own band. In 2021 he started his first solo project under the name Sam Red, with an experienced band behind him. He also receives support from Mack Schildknecht. Mack was the guitarist in the well-known Swiss band China for many years and also acts as Sam Red’s producer.

Music means freedom for Sam. “When I can write, compose, bring the result of that, i.e. the songs, to the people and thus create value, I can leave everyday life behind. That’s when I enter my own world.”

Sam Red is on Facebook and Spotify.


Also on 8th July, Chris Stanley released ‘When the Rain Came Down’.

This is the third single from Chris’ new album, which is due out in the Autumn 2022. We heard the previous singles: ‘This Isn’t Like the Radio’ (Week 48, May 2022); ‘Queen of the Blue Jeans (Week 50, June 2022).

Chris Stanley is an English singer, songwriter, and musician, currently living in Bristol. His backing band is The Prison Club Band, named after the club where Chris launched his début album. Chris’ style of music is a combination of country and heartland rock. Some of his most popular songs (Blues Highway, Canyonlands and many others) tell stories of life on the fringes of the American Dream. Chris is known equally for his commanding solo sets and high-energy live performances with his band.

Speaking about the latest single, Chris says, “It tells the story of a life, of growing old, as viewed through changing attitudes to relationships and the weather. I wrote the third verse in response to being made redundant and the desolation of my local high street during lockdown.”

Chris has a website and is on Facebook and Spotify


On July 13th, Sorcha Richardson released ‘Shark Eyes’.

Ireland’s most exciting young artist, Sorcha Richardson, has released ‘Shark Eyes. It is the second single from her sophomore. She has also announced her new album ‘Smiling Like An Idiot’ will be released on September 23rd.

About her new song Sorcha says, “’Shark Eyes’ is about being totally infatuated with someone who you know isn’t as interested in you as you are in them. It’s about following your darker and more destructive impulses and allowing yourself to be taken for a bit of a ride, partly out of boredom and curiosity, but also partly out of a lingering hope that maybe this time it will end differently.

I think I wrote it as a way of admitting to myself that that relationship would never be anything more than it already was, but I wanted it to still have the sweetness of a love song. Sometimes there’s a real lightness and relief in coming to that realisation about someone and knowing and accepting the limits of your relationship with them. It was the first song I wrote for this album and the first thing that Alex and I worked on together since we made my début album First Prize Bravery. I think it acted as a bit of a green light to keep going.”

Sorcha will be touring in Ireland. Dates include:

30 July – All Together Now, Portlaw, Ireland

2 Sept – 4 Sept – Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Ireland

Sorcha is on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.


Marcus Mumford has released ‘Cannibal’, the first track from his début solo album.

On 16th September, Marcus Mumford will release his début, self-titled, solo album. Produced by Blake Mills the album includes features from Brandi Carlile, Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo and Monica Martin. In advance of the album’s release, Marcus has shared the lead track, ‘Cannibal’.

Marcus is a founding member of Mumford & Sons, who have topped the Billboard 200 with three of their albums and sold 3.7 million albums in the UK.

The album can now be pre-ordered and the single is available everywhere. Marcus has a website, at, and is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.


Marshall Potts has recently released ‘Heaven or Home’.

Marshall Potts is a singer-songwriter from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He lives on 160 acres near what many, including the Dalai Lama, call the centre of the universe. His crossover writing style has found acceptance in the Americana, Country Rock, and Rock formats. Marshall not only writes inspiring music and lyrics, but he also mixes in ringing, interwoven guitar lines, and buoyant arena-rock beats.

In ‘Heaven Or Home’ Marshall shares his story of waking up to his soul’s purpose, his trip inside to find that lost piece of himself. A cathartic journey of discovery. He explores the why of his existence and is faced with more existential questions of what’s next that invariably follow when we look deep into the unknown. Speaking about the track he says, “This song wrote itself like so many on The Storm album. The song shares the process of taking the time out of my busy life to look inside and see where I’ve been and where I’m going. To take stock of my life and analyze the reason I’m even here and how the experiences have moulded my belief systems.

Marshall has a website, at, and is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.


Roi and the Secret People will release ‘Golden’ on July 22nd.

They take their name ‘secret people’ after the revolving door of close musician friends who would step in and play various instruments for the band during their early days in New York City. Roi And The Secret People have now created a version of rock music that band founder Mike Roi was raised on.

Having performed at a number of established venues across the US, Roi & The Secret People now release their new single ‘Golden’.

You can find more information on Roi And The Secret People by visiting their website or you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


El Misti released their new EP, ‘The Ramblings of a Drunken Band’ on 15th July. ‘Sad & Blue’ is the first track on that EP.

‘The Ramblings of a Drunken Band EP’ is the new extended release from Liverpool/Cheshire collective El Misti. It consists of two brand new tracks. Plus out-takes from both previous albums, 2020’s self-titled début ‘El Misti’ and 2021’s apocalyptic ‘All Is Lost’.

Sounding very much like a band in transition, ‘The Ramblings of a Drunken Band EP’ marks a new way of working for a crew used to being in each other’s pockets. Lead guitarist Kieran Gilchrist now resides in Mexico, whilst songwriter and front man Paddy Bleakley remains at home in Cheshire. The pair have decided to carry on regardless of location.

El Misti have a website, at, and their albums are available via Bandcamp.


On 15th July, Helen Counts released ‘Shaky Ground’

Originally from Virginia, Helen Counts started playing guitar at the age of 8. She added banjo lessons in her teenage years. So music was always going to be a huge part of her life. Production house Demo My Song and 5050 Songs Music Publishing in New York later hooked up with Helen. She began her musical career singing in coffee houses in her 20’s on the East Coast. Then she self-published her own CD ‘Into Your Arms’ in 2002. Influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, Helen released her first single ‘That Look’ last year. It was followed quickly by ‘Some Healing’, both of which were on a Folk trip. ‘Shaky Ground’ is her latest offering and is much more of an Indie Rock sound.

Helen has a website, at, and is on Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram.


On 24th August Tzusan will release his new album, ‘WSPSNSYRP’. ‘Wasps in Syrup’ is one of the singles from that album. (Rap!)

Speaking about the album, Tzusan says, “I kept finding dead wasps in the studio. As something resembling spring crept in following the release of ‘Fizzy Milk’ in February 2021 it became more frequent. Almost every day I would discover a new victim, curled up in a corner of the astro-turf carpet or drying out on the windowsill like a south-east Asian delicacy. I couldn’t be bothered involving the landlord and besides, somewhere among that faint haze of misspent evenings and liquor-soaked nights between lockdowns, lock-ins and lover’s quarrels the sacrifice of those wasps clung to me.

The result was WSPSNSYRP, A 14-track collection of snapshots, littered with features, skits, and hidden tracks salvaged from a series of lost summers. Written, recorded, produced and mixed by myself with guest appearances from a host of musicians alongside fellow rappers and vocalists, the album marks my first full length independent release. Sonically all sliding strings, snapping drums, and sultry saxophones (thanks harry x) the production lays the backdrop for musings on hedonism, hopelessness and the consumption of endangered bird’s eggs. Peppered with odd pop culture references and poetic imagery, WSPSNSYRP will be released on limited-edition vinyl and across streaming services from 24/08/22 with a string of singles and video content scheduled to hit digital platforms from mid-July onwards.

Although that studio and its collection of dead wasps have long since been abandoned in search of greener pastures, I’m glad some small glimmer of it can be preserved even if it is only in my weird little head.

Tzusan has a linktre page with all his social media, down-load and pre-order links.


The recording of the show is available at MixCloud.



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