The Roadside Bandits Project released ‘NOTHiNG’ on 30th May.

Following the release earlier this year of their single ‘Down Down’, The Roadside Bandits Project now release NOTHiNG. It’s the second single from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘The Siberian Candidate’.

This time with John Sterry on vocals (and co-writer of the track), ‘NOTHiNG’, with its dark and atmospheric opening verse, tells a story of need, asking for help and the resultant stress and mental health issues that can arise from such a situation. “When I said I had nothing, are you gonna catch me when I fall?” sings Sterry. While the group’s main-man, London based Spanish Canarian Santi Arribas creates a blues infused sonic landscape, through his tastefully understated guitar playing.

Speaking about his inspiration for the track, Arribas explains, “I wrote it in a minor blues format to establish a sad and soulful tone over which John & I laid the lyrics. It’s about the cost of living crisis and plays off the UK Prime Minister’s comment about the country needing more people to learn maths.

The Roadside Bandits Project have a website, at, and are on Spotify, Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


‘Careless’ is from A Projection’s new album, ‘In a Different Light’.

Being influenced by artists such as The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and Editors, Stockholm based A Projection started in 2013. Although sometimes spilling over into Goth, the first three albums (‘Exit’, ‘Framework’ and ‘Section’) have been rather firmly rooted in Post Punk, developing from a rather hard-boiled, minimalistic sound into a more readily accessible one.

During COVID, after a line-up change and the former bassist becoming the lead singer, they also changed record labels. Plus the sound of A Projection shifted towards a more synth based style with a lot of influences from both the 80s and contemporary darkwave. But also a little more mainstream.

The A Projection sound has been described as “a danceable mixture of post punk and electronica, with both depth and edge, bright colours and darkness.

A Projection have a website, at


Blair Davie released their new single, ‘Lovely’, on 31st May.

After kicking off their 2023 to deliver their single ‘To Miss You’, as well as European shows with Calum Scott, and appearances at Zermatt Festival (Switzerland) and The Great Escape, Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie (they/them) returns with the empowering new offering ‘Lovely’.

Written and produced alongside Joe Rubel, ‘Lovely’ cements itself as one of their most triumphant releases to date. Dedicated to the trans community, the song stands as an anthem for self-acceptance and discovery, calling to those struggling with their identity to feel completely unapologetic about who they truly are.

Speaking about ‘Lovely’, Blair said, “For as long as I can remember I’ve suppressed and hidden parts of me I didn’t want the world to see. The world can be so unkind to things that are different. I never spoke about it with anyone and had become so used to being someone I truly wasn’t that I barely even thought about it.

Then one day last year I watched an episode of Queer Eye about a transgender person just letting themselves be who they are and celebrating that and it awoke something in me. Being unapologetically who I am can be terrifying and difficult but every day that I try, I find that I shine a little bit brighter.
Blair Davie has also been announced as support for Sam Fisher on his upcoming UK and European tour.

Tour dates announced so far:

Aug 13 – Sziget Festival, Hungary

Blair Davie is on TikTok, Twitter and Insta.


‘Nobody Else’ is the lead track from The Crawling Eye’s new album ‘The Wretched Truth’.

The Crawling Eye bring you ‘The Wretched Truth’. Another eclectic collection presenting seven musical observations on life. Available on all streaming platforms from June 1st.

Lead track ‘Nobody Else’ is a melancholic ballad for doomed lovers. It will be accompanied with a ‘Sid and Nancy’ video available on the bands YouTube channel.

The Crawling Eye are: Regan Meredith – Vocals; Matthew Witherstone – Guitars and Keyboards

Sean Davies – Bass and Guitars.

The Crawling Eye are on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify.


John E Vistic released ‘Das Ubermensch’ on June 2nd.

John E Vistic is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning songwriter. His live set is a fireball of punk rock n roll fury and psychedelic mayhem, with his five-piece band setting off a stratospheric wall of sound. Lyrically Vistic’s literary background comes to the fore. Shakespeare stalks TS Eliot, Yeats and Pound, while Oscar Wilde duals with Malcolm Lowry.

About the song, “Das Ubermensch is a song citing the Nietzschean problem of Eternal Recurrence in which existence recurs rather than only happening once. Vistic reworks the idea to consider why it is humans constantly need to have someone in the form of the ‘Superman’ to tell them all the answers. The song references Milan Kundera’s famous novel on the same subject ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ and the documentary films of George Stevens in post-war Berlin.

John E Visitc will be playing at the Latitude Festival 2023.

Vistic has a website, at, and is on Bandcamp, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Wikipedia!


On 2nd June, Teenage Dads released ‘Speed Racer’.

Australian breakthrough act Teenage Dads are back with a science fiction-inspired new single ‘Speed Racer’

Following a series of electric live shows across Europe in recent weeks supporting Lime Cordiale, the band are now pleased to confirm their first ever UK & Ireland headline gigs and will return for a short stretch of shows in June.

Combining gritty yet melodic retro-inspired vocals, tight-knit rhythms and memorable hooks, new single ‘Speed Racer’ captures the essence of Teenage Dad’s eclectic fusion of genres and proves again their perfected knack for engaging story-telling.

Speaking about the inspiration for the track, the band explain, “In reference to the 1967 anime and 2008 film, “Speedracer” is the person that sends your heart racing at a 1000 miles per hour without a second thought.

Teenage Dads UK + Ireland Tour

21.06.2023 02 Islington2, London – UK
22.06.2023 The Louisiana, Bristol- UK
23.06.2023 The Lodge, Manchester – UK
24.06.2023 Upstairs Whelans, Dublin – IE

Teenage Dads have a page, with links to their social media, down-load sites and tickets outlets.


Amy Bell released ‘Maybe’ on 5th June.

Northern singer-songwriter Amy Bell comes straight out the blocks bursting with angst on her début EP ‘CakeFace’. The EP takes its name from a nickname given to her when young due to a love of baking! Released by The Warren Youth Project and produced by indie producer Adam Pattrick, the EP consists of six heartfelt tracks. They explore Amy’s own personal self-esteem issues, family relationships, friendships & romance. Basically a depiction of everyday life challenges & their effect on mental health.

This key track from the EP ‘Maybe’ shows a highly intimate side to the artist as she questions herself about the part she plays when dealing with relationships. The simple melody & honest lyrics beautifully describe Amy’s doubts about love & feelings of being misunderstood, as illustrated in the lyric “maybe I just can’t love at all”.

Amy is on Facebook, Insta and Spotify.


On 8th June, Stirred by Life released ‘Fallen’.

Stirred by Life was chosen as an artist name to reflect the emotive lyrics of the new tracks, as different aspects of life can stir or move us deeply. ‘Fallen’ is a deeply emotive song about despair and hope. It’s also about finding the strength somehow to keep going through dark and challenging times while experiencing fragility, anguish, and isolation. Perhaps to some not an obvious choice for a début single. But it is an honest expression and the start of a journey, not an ending.

Stirred by Life says, “Most people go through some form of hardship at some point in their life and sometimes it’s hard to keep going. But we are all more resilient than we think and somehow we can get to the other end, stronger and wiser, with the ability to be a guiding light for others or to just hold their hand. It is important not to ignore our emotions but to live through them and express them. That way we can turn them into something beautiful, like art or a song or just a tear shared with others.

Stirred by Life is on Facebook.


‘Exorcist’ is the title track from Slewyn Birchwood’s new album.

Award-winning, Florida musician Selwyn Birchwood is firmly rooted in the blues tradition. However, the young guitarist, lap steel player, songwriter and vocalist sets a new course with his visionary, original music. Birchwood, whose band features the pulsating interplay of his blistering guitar with Regi Oliver’s driving baritone sax, deploys a singular sound and style all his own. He calls it “Electric Swamp Funkin’ Blues,” an intoxicating mix of deep blues, blistering, psychedelic-tinged rock, booty-shaking funk and sweet Southern soul, played and sung with the fire-and-brimstone fervour of a revival tent preacher with a hellhound on his trail.

On his new release, ‘Exorcist’ (his fourth for Alligator and sixth overall), Birchwood delivers the most far-reaching, musically adventurous album of his career. ‘Exorcist’ was recorded in Florida and produced by Grammy Award-winner Tom Hambridge. Slewyn wrote and arranged each of the 13 vividly detailed songs. The album dropped on 9th June.

Slewyn has a website, at


Marsha Swanson has returned with a new single ‘In Parallel’.

Rock and Reel Magazine described Marsha Swanson as “a writer of intelligent and thought- provoking songs with the added bonus of being ridiculously catchy“. The London-based singer-songwriter now returns with the release of her highly-anticipated single, ‘In Parallel,’ which is available to stream now.

‘In Parallel’ encourages listeners to accompany Marsha on a trip through a distinct blend of musical styles and intelligent lyrics. They speak of the obstacles and complexities of maintaining long-term relationships. It also has a plethora of instruments that jump out of the production. They combine several styles into one coherent whole.

Marsha has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta and Spotify.


‘Pink Boa Man’ is from Charlie Pace’s new album, ‘Hear Me Out’.

Charlie is a blues and rock music artist who has developed her music talents from a very you age. She has developed her style and sounds, bringing her soulful vocals to each song that she writes. Yes she has been writing her own material since she was she was 11. As well as performing from the tender age of 9.

Charlies’s new album is a multi-genre release for 2023. It dropped on June 9th, and is available from all down-load sites.

Charlie Pace has a website, at, and a page with links to all her social media and down-load sites.


There is a recording of the show on MixCloud.

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