Back in August, beaux released ‘benadryl’.

We’ve heard from beaux before – ‘Guard Down’ (Week 20, November 2021) and ‘Fall Forward’ (Week 22, November 2021).

Rising alt-pop prodigy beaux returns with his first new music of the year, ‘benadryl’. The uplifting new cut gives a glimpse into a run of buoyant new releases slated for 2022. Citing the thrill of returning to live shows as his inspiration, beaux wrote ‘benadryl’ with Jonah Summerfield back in 2021. It’s his first release to feature live drums, and his most guitar heavy to date; adding an addictive new energy to beaux’s expansive take on alternative-pop.

beaux says, “’benadryl’ is about feeling too excited to fall asleep because you’re with the person you love and your mind just can’t rest. Their hay fever tablets knocked them out, so you’re just lying in bed, staring up at the pictures on their wall, waiting for them to wake up.

beaux has also announced his début headline show at London’s Camden Assembly for October 18th this year. Tickets are on sale now.

beaux is on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.


Also back in August, Dayglow released ‘Deep End’.

Feel good, infectious synths lay the groundwork for Dayglow’s ‘Deep End’. A refreshing dreamy-pop track that serves as a reminder to take risks; jump into the deep end and trust the process. Dayglow has mastered the art of delivering cathartic music that resonates with the masses. But wrapped in a shell of punchy hooks and catchy melodies.

‘Deep End’ is from Dayglow’s new album, ‘People in Motion’, which will be out on October 7th. The 10 tracks that craft the album are conceptualized, written, played, and produced by Sloan Struble. They are delightfully pure, hyper-melodic manifestations of Struble’s desire to steer clear of conflict or drama and offer someone something to love. But ‘People in Motion’ isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There is a depth to Dayglow here; a real sense that Struble has faced obstacles of his own and chosen to stand atop them.

I make music because I love making it,” said Struble. “I just love recording and producing.” That is the takeaway of ‘People in Motion’, a record about finding something you love and singing about it out loud.

Dayglow have a website, at They have a website with links to all the places to buy ‘Deep End’ and another website where ‘People in Motion’ can be pre-ordered.


Altered Lines released ‘Sticks & Stones’ on 15th September.

We previously heard ‘Bridges’ from Altered Lines (Week 44, April 2022), and they’ve now released their second single ‘Sticks & Stones’.

Altered Lines are a four piece Rock & Roll band from Dublin Ireland with a raw honest sound that is a reflection of the society we live in. The band members are Jack McAteer (Vocals), Kev Carrick (Guitar), Jules Chambers (Drums) and Simon Boland (Bass).

They have a website, at, plus a linktr page to all their downloads, and they are on Insta Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, AppleMusic and YouTube.


Another 24 has recently released ‘Bailaré Contigo’.

‘Bailaré Contigo’ is the infectiously catchy, upbeat, sure-fire summer hit from Another 24. It is the brand-new band from multi-million selling Italian singer-songwriter Mauro Repetto. Whilst the name Mauro Repetto maybe not be immediately recognisable to UK audiences, in his home country of Italy and across most of Europe he is a house-hold name. His popularity and success have been unwavering throughout his career and this summer alone he is filling stadiums with sold out concerts.

‘Bailaré Contigo’ is the perfect synthesis of Latin warmth and pure rock energy – and the desire to dance and party! It is the first single from the Another 24 project and features a wonderful video with the very elegant and beautiful dancer Severine.

The band features Mauro (songwriter, guitar and vocals), Meryem Barbet (vocals and production) and Severine (dance and production). They are described as a dance and rhythm outfit, combined with the joy of Latin music with the energy of rock and the beauty of Afro-Caribbean dance.

The self-titled album is available on-line. Another 24 are on YouTube and Insta.


Ben Gorb released ‘Fly High’ on September 9th.

As a teenager, Ben developed a great passion for classic rock music as he discovered artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who and AC/DC. He picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen and has not looked back since.

Ben’s music is filled with energy, propelled by his powerful vocals and fierce guitar styles. His explosive sound harks back to a blues based 70’s rock sound, with a modern day indie twist. His latest single ‘Fly High’ combines the lyrical themes of freedom and self-empowerment with driving guitar riffs and powerhouse choruses.

Ben is based in Manchester and performs with his band and solo around the North West and the Midlands in the UK.

Ben is on AppleMusic, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube. He also has a linktr pages with all his down-load links.


The Magic Es released ‘Gone’ on 9th September.

Since 2015, Norwich band, The Magic Es have released 2 critically acclaimed albums, 2 EPs and 6 singles. They’ve received radio play across the globe on 100s of stations and a mountain of enthusiastic reviews. What’s more remarkable is that they’ve done this without the backing of any label; pure, hard work and a love for making and playing music has been all they’ve had.

It’s hard to pigeonhole the band. Ultimately, they’re a melodic rock band with pop sensibilities; memorable hooks and big choruses ooze out of every track.

As well as releasing music at a remarkable rate they’re no slouches when it comes to performing. They’ve toured the UK and are gigging up and down the country on a regular basis. There’s no doubt that when you listen to The Magic Es, on record or from the stage, you’ll end up humming their infectious melodies as if they’d been part of your music collection for years.

Speaking about ‘Gone’, lead singer Pete Thompson, says, “I wrote this song during lockdown following the passing of a couple of people who I was very close to once upon a time. The song is ultimately about wishing you were there to support people during their most troubling times and knowing, once they’ve gone, there was so much more you could have done if you weren’t wrapped up in your own life.

The Magic Es have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, BandCamp, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


Andrew Ash released ‘I Think I’m Ready for Love’ on 9th September.

Andrew Ash’s brand-new single ‘I Think I’m Ready for Love’ is the first from his forthcoming EP ‘Pep Talk’ ‘. His performance of the track on the main stage at this year’s PDX Pride Concert was a highlight for the crowd and Andrew’s biggest audience to date. It’s an uplifting, toe-tapping pop-meets-dancehall track, complete with horns, a xylophone hook, and a lot of La, La, La’s. Andrew’s cheeky lyrics are based on his transition from being a commitment phobic ‘playboy’, to a fully committed gentleman who ‘won’t run away from a good thing’ or ‘sabotage’ his new relationship. The track is accompanied by a must-see music video that is literally filled with heart, and a TikTokable dance routine showcasing some of Andrew’s wonderful moves.

Andrew’s joyous live performances are a feel-good affair, with high energy and the perfect blend of wit, humour, good vibes and audience interaction. He will make you laugh; he will make you dance!

Andrew Ash has a website, at, and is on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Insta.


Liam Price has released a cover of the Bill Withers’ song ‘Lean On Me’.

ITV’s ‘The Voice Kid’ has teamed up with Ukrainian charity ‘Van-Aid’ to raise some much needed funds.

On March 1st 2022, Steve Marsh and Ady Thewliss decided they could no longer sit back and watch the horrific events occurring in Ukraine. Together they founded Van-Aid with hopes of making a difference. They built a team with skill sets in transportation and logistics, sourcing, finance and marketing. Initially they trialled sending trucks alongside the vans, and it soon became apparent that van runs were more effective. They were able to rapidly respond to aid requirements and get directly to places that larger vehicle couldn’t. The ethos was born and developed into the current organisation.

Van-Aid have a website, at Liam is on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


The Remedy have released ‘Marathon Song’ in time for the London Marathon on 2nd October.

The London Marathon has become an annual, inspiring, and colourful fixture in the world’s sporting calendar. The inaugural race was on 29 March 1981. Since then, more than a million people have completed the course; over a billion pounds has been raised for charity; there have been countless amazing tales of human achievement.

Inspired by the New York City Marathon, which was established in 1970, Olympic steeplechase medallists Chris Brasher and John Disley were determined that the London Marathon would showcase the very best of the capital. They also declared the event would help people “to have fun and provide some happiness and sense of achievement in a troubled world”.

Honouring this original vision for the event are The Remedy with a wonderful, upbeat, and fun new single ‘Marathon Song’. The track is written from the perspective of the runner taking part as they move through the iconic sights of London and endeavour to keep up the pace to the finish line to raise funds for the various charities.

The Remedy are an Essex-based band featuring Julian May (64), Jon Greaves (60), Angela Gardner (55), Beth Pratt (39) and Tom Greaves (25).

A hard copy CD of the single can be ordered by emailing [email protected]. The CD has 3 versions of Marathon Song: Extended version, Radio Edit and Acoustic Version. It costs £5 a unit which includes post and packing. The digital version can be purchased via their linktr page.


‘Summer Lovin’ is the title track from The Too Late’s new EP. It’s due for release on 30th September.

‘Sunday Lovin’ is a 4 track collection of songs narrating the topsy-turvy changes of emotions experienced in a new romance. Detailing the light hearted and fun moments to the heart-breaking and gutting emotions of a break up, The Too Late have showcased their musicality along with some stellar and truly relatable song writing. Like a mini album and showing a real statement of intent, the duo from Glasgow have brought together four tracks that perfectly some up the highs and lows of a new relationship and all of the feelings in between.

The anthemic self-titled track ‘Sunday Lovin’, narrates the journey of struggling with being in a non-committal relationship. ‘Sunday Lovin’ starts with references to all kinds of girls before finding the one you fall for. Initially no feelings; wanting to hang out together when hungover on a Sunday (giving credence to the title); things become harder the more time goes on. Lyrics such as “Go out be free but leave your Sunday Lovin for me” highlight wanting the love interest to be single and enjoy herself. But also wanting her to be exclusive when it comes to those Sunday days spent together.

The EP also includes the band’s début single, ‘One Hit Love’ (Week 50, June 2022) and the previously released heart-breaking single ‘Psychological Warfare’ (Week 54, July 2022) both of which we heard in the Summer.

The Too Late are on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook


On September 9th, Psyence (pronounced Science) released ‘Nobody Understands’.

Alternative rock quintet Psyence released their new single ‘Nobody Understands’ on 9th September. It’s available ahead of their second album release, ‘Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E)’ on 30th September 2022.

Written during the 2021 lockdown, ‘Nobody Understands’ is a thumping statement about mental health. It contains the lyric, “My mind is a weapon and it’s built to self-destruct. I am my own worst enemy….” which reflects the band’s personal struggles through a challenging period in everyone’s lives in 2020 and 2021.

Says Psyence, “Nobody Understands is about mental health and having a daily battle with yourself, nobody will really ever understand what’s going on inside your head apart from you. You’ve gone full circle so it’s time to break the cycle.

Bass player, Jay, adds, “This song is about a weekend out on the razz that makes you question yourself, there’s a conscience in there somewhere.

Psyence are from the West Midlands. You can find out more about them on their website, at, or follow them on Insta, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, AppleMusic and Amazon.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud

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