Back in September, Misato released ‘Young and Free (a disco life)’ and Bantunani released ‘Young Blood’.

Bantunani features with Misato on ‘Young and Free’ while ‘Young Blood’ has an impressive list of collaborators – Anar Bramo, Sahib Pashazade, Misato and Izo.

With the simultaneous release of ‘Young Blood’ by Bantunani plus ‘Young and Free’ by Misato, the afro-funk family announce a double comeback. These songs are part of a big project called ‘Family Affair’. That project includes Bantunani’s 15th solo album ‘Anthropic’ and Misato’s début album ‘Disconnect’ which will both be released on October 28th.

Through ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Young and Free’, Bantunani and Misato offer us a beautiful generational dialogue on life, a shared look at afro-funk. The frenetic electro-disco ‘Young and Free’ pulses with youth and freedom to which Bantunani’s ‘Young Blood’ responds with an astonishing trip-hop reggae gospel song, the melancholy of experience and the voice of the Father nostalgic.

Bantunani, aka Michel Nzau, is a French – Congolese singer, songwriter, director and producer. You can follow him on Twitter, YouTube, Insta and Spotify.


Refaction have released a remix of ‘Without Windows’.

Refaction are a virtual US/UK beat combo comprising Louden Kliehr and Phil Calland. They formed in December 2015 after meeting on Facebook. Phil writes melodic anthems and Louden is a lyrical genius and they’ve both been seeking this musical partnership throughout their lives! Punk in ethos and Punk in attitude, but they create songs in unique, hybrid genres. They are currently writing and producing their début album, ‘The Broom Bastards’. That is due for release this Autumn! With an 8 hour and 8,000 mile distance between them, they write & record across The Pond over Skype, often at 5am GMT.

Refaction have produced a bleak and powerful video, starring Liverpool actor, Paul Codman, which is available on their YouTube channel. They are also on Facebook and have a website, at


Félix Rabin released ‘As She Comes’ on 29th September.

Félix Rabin is a talented young sensation of the Swiss rock scene. He is a much acclaimed guitar virtuoso and live performer. Now he has released his brand-new single ‘As She Comes’, along with its accompanying video, in anticipation of his forthcoming UK Autumn tour.

Although French by birth and now living in Switzerland, Félix has built a strong fan base in the UK. So he is delighted to be returning to the UK. This, his ninth tour, will include 12-dates during the Autumn 2023.

‘As She Comes’ is part of a new EP, scheduled for release early next year. As yet, this EP’s name has not been revealed, but it will be announced in December, along with its release date.

Félix explains, “’As She Comes’ is an ode to a friend, who found the right words at the right moments. This song is about the ones that will guide you when you need it the most. It’s an ode to those who found us when we felt lost.
I wrote the song in March 2022. The process felt very easy and natural as I wrote the song with its lyrics over two days. We played this tune a couple of times on stage, and then, months later, locked ourselves in the studio, recorded it, and did our best to keep that vibe we felt the first time we played it live. I deeply hope this tune will touch you, in a way or another.
He adds, “I’m already looking forward to performing these new songs live to all of my fans, (especially our British followers) who have been there supporting me since the dawn of my musical career and who have seen me grow up, as much as a musician as a human being over the last years.

UK Tour

November 2023
16 – Wolverhampton Gifford Arms
17 – Kinross Green Hotel
18 – Aberdeen The Tunnels
19 – Glasgow Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival
23 – Grimsby Yardbirds Club
24 – Leeds Northern Guitar Shop
25 – Keighley Studio 5 Live
26 – Sheffield The Greystones
27 – Leamington Spa The Temperance
29 – Frome The Tree House
30 – Cardiff Acapela Studios
1st – London Spiritual Bar

Félix Rabin has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


On 29th September, Downtown Patriots released ‘We Don’t Need You’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Said and Done’ (Week 93, April 2023) and ‘Your Burden’ (Week 102, June 2023).

Danny Watts, a multi-instrumentalist from Woodbridge, Suffolk, started the Downtown Patriots project in 2011 following the release of his two début EPs ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘Love’. Songs are built on a foundation of rock music but over time morph into whatever Danny feels like at the time.

Danny says, “I just like to make music I want to listen to, rather than be dictated to by what’s popular or what is ‘in’ at the time. My music tastes are so varied, so if I want to write a song on a ukulele or a banjo I will. I’m currently working on a whole host of songs that range from more acoustic folk, to garage blues and I’m also working on an instrumental album too.
About ‘We Don’t Need You, Danny adds, “The song was written in the early 2000’s as a personal rant against the current political establishment. Every generation desires change at some point, and this song is as poignant as it was 20 years ago. The will of the people is always stronger than a government and ultimately in a democratic society it is the people that decide whether they want a particular political party or not.

Downtown Patriots have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube.


BB.Green released ‘What You Get’ on 29th September.

BB.Green, a seasoned singing-drummer from Manchester, releases his new single ‘What You Get’. This is building on the airplay success from his previous song ‘Cast Your Spell’. The indie-rock solo artist has had a 15-year career as a drummer with bands in the UK and internationally.

BB, otherwise known as Ben Peacock, has toured with the likes of Bez (Happy Mondays) and Manchester band The Marivaux along with working with artists such as The Futureheads and Craig Charles. His musical journey has taken him all over the UK, mainland Europe, Cyprus, Israel and many of the Caribbean islands.

Ben began taking up drum lessons in high school and found a musical mentor in an old family friend Jacko, whose untimely death inspired BB to make a career in music. It also influenced his song writing and musical style. His songs are written from the heart while cherry-picking sounds from various influences over the last 70 years.

BB headlined a sold-out 33 Oldham Street in central Manchester and plans to release number of singles throughout 2023 culminating with his début album, ‘Surrounded by the Gods’ which will drop in November

You can follow BB.Green on SoundCloud, Facebook and Insta.


Tyler Cole released ‘Wish You Would’ on 29th September.

We’ve previously heard ‘Crying in My Car’ by Tyler Cole (Week 113, September 2023). Now Tyler has released ‘Wish You Would’ and announced his brand new album ’Existential Crisis Boy: Part 1’.

The new album continues to showcase Tyler’s unique blend of soulful pop tracks that have captivated audiences globally and garnered a loyal fan-base.

On ‘Existential Crisis Boy: Part 1’, Cole shares, “To me this is less of an album and more of a collection of moments in my life over the past few years. In my whole public musical journey, I’ve felt really misunderstood. I think this is me finally showing people who I am. The influences span from 90’s Rock to early 2000’s Hip-Hop & R&B to modern Pop. I want to make the people who don’t like to be boxed in feel seen.  I’m so excited for everyone to hear this…and what’s to come!
On the inspiration behind his new single, ‘Wish You Would’, Tyler revealed, “This song is a musical f*** you to anyone criticizing someone for being their authentic self. To me, this song puts the existential in Existential Crisis Boy. The opening lines… ‘Who Am I?’ Who Are We?’ are the eternal questions that everyone thinks about but not enough people talk about. I love the idea of someone’s personal style reflecting their inner world.

Tyler has a website, at, and is on Insta, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube


Mick O’Regan released ‘Older’ on October 1st.

We’ve previously heard ‘Waiting for Summer’ (Week 115, September 2023) by, singer-songwriter Mick O’ Regan. Now the Essex based musician has released ‘Older’.

Having grown up as a musician in the Honky-Tonks of Cork County, playing in taverns now either forgotten or turned respectable, Mick O’ Regan has come a long way since taking his music to the UK in 1984. With radio play on a large number of stations worldwide, Mick’s musical reputation increased even further following his headline gig in Cork. You can find further information about Mick O’ Regan and purchase his single by visiting his website. You can also follow him on Facebook.


Francine Honey released ‘Cadillac’ on 6th October.

Canadian singer songwriter, Francine Honey, hails from Ontario. She is as much a storyteller as a musical artist sharing tales crafted in intimacy and personal experience. In many ways her songs are moments in a healing process for creator and listener. They are new companions which are equally inspiring and uplifting.

Her 4R motto of wRite, Record, Release and Repeat has her buzzing in the Honey Music Hive, as 2023 moves into its final quarter. Honey continues to release a song a month starting in June with ‘Come Sit in My Chair’, ‘I’m Outta Here’ (which we heard in Week 110, August 2023), ‘The We, We Used to Be’ and now ‘Cadillac’ along with a variety of video representations

These all leading up to the release of her 7th album entitled ‘Rockets in My Boots’, comprising of 20 tracks, 15 of which are brand new! Honey continues creating with more writing and recording in Nashville, Austin and Italy planned into 2024.

Honey describes herself as a “car chick” having grown up in the pits at the racetrack, either in the Canadian snow at her father’s snowmobile races or at their family-owned oval dirt stock car racetrack. Her father’s love of cars rubbed off on her and especially his love for the smooth ride of a Cadillac. In fact, Honey’s Dad still owns a Cadillac as shown in the cover photo for the song.

Francine has a website, at, and is on Facebook, YouTube, Insta, Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and Apple


On 6th October, Reevah released ‘Daylight Savings’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Time to Breath’ (Week 106, July 2023) from Reevah. Now the Derry alternative pop artist has released her début album ‘Daylight Savings’ via Bloom Records and, with it, the title track.

This album is an encapsulation of Reeve’s artistic evolution and growth. It’s a testament to her journey as a musician and songwriter, reflecting themes of positivity, change, and the strength of women.

Plus, for those eager to catch Reevah live, she will be touring in November.

Tour Dates:

1st November: Dublin – Workman’s, The Cellar
2nd November: Belfast – The Empire
3rd November: Derry – Columbs Hall
Tickets are available from Bloom Records. Reevah is on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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