I remember listening in to VIC Radio’s first ever weekend broadcast from the caravan in Christchurch Park in 1989. I stumbled across Isaac’s show, loved the music & was very impressed that he read out my dedication! I was inspired by that very first broadcast & met Isaac through subsequent radio meetings. When VIC radio changed to ICR & did it’s first 28 day-er broadcast from Castle Hill Community Centre in 1993, Isaac was Station Manager and encouraged/supported me 100% in my fledgling radio career. I can confidently say that his mentorship has helped me to where I am today (established presenter & Station Manager of ICR). I say this with the utmost humility as his boots are big ones to fill!
Isaac’s legacy with community radio can still be seen in how we do things today. His long hours, hard working attitude & pure belief in the project helped it through a time when many dismissed it as something that would fail, yet here we are almost 30 years on, still standing! Isaac Turay is among the select few whose influence has made this possible, and speaking for myself and I can confidently say on behalf of ICR we owe him a debt of gratitude. It was a pleasure to have him visit us in the last couple of years to catch up on old times.
Isaac, you are a legend in a world where that word gets bandied round a little cheaply at times. Rest well my friend!

Nick Challenger Kabay