‘Far Away’ is by Chantz Marie.

Chantz Marie is Ipswich born and now London based, and that’s all I know about this track.


On 30th September, Ives Electric released ‘Raw’.

Ives Electric (/ˌiːv ɪˈlɛktrɪk) is a singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from London. Working with major record labels and publishers alike, he has been involved in the music industry for many years. He formed his first bands at a young age, began working and composing for publishers & record labels. He also became a regular in London’s live music club scene where he is to be found ever since. With relatives living abroad, he spent some time in the USA. There he got in touch with a variety of different musical genres, styles, venues and trends from underground punk clubs in Manhattan to the cutting rock sounds on Sunset Strip.

Ives musical style blurs the lines between indie rock, alternative, post punk and dark wave. It’s quickly attracted the attention with its unique twist.

‘Raw’ will be the second release, followed by another single as well as an LP & EP in the coming weeks and months.

Follow Ives Electric on Facebook. On September 30th the video for ‘Raw’ was released, and the single is available now.


Ipswich based Ward of Iron have released their new EP ‘Closer Still’ and ‘The Staircase’ is from that EP.

Ward Of Iron is a 3-piece band, based in Ipswich. They bring together elements of post-punk, shoegaze & darkwave music. Dreamy guitars swirl over a backdrop of ethereal synth, gritty bass and driving drum machine rhythms to create a textured sound that feels fresh yet familiar; modern yet nostalgic.

With the name originally used for a solo project, Ward Of Iron was resurrected / recalibrated / reborn as a full band in 2019 following the dissolution of the Suffolk hard-core band Overrun. Building on the groundwork of their 2020 debut ‘The Shards of Reflection’, Ward Of Iron now present ‘Closer Still’, an EP of four new songs that stretch their sound into uncharted territory. From the pounding drum machines & haunting bass melody of dark post-punk opener ‘Submission’; through the hopeful optimism and infectious guitar hook of live favourite ‘The Staircase’; into the jangly, dream-pop of ‘Worship’ and closing with the shoegaze crescendo of ‘Sundered’, Ward Of Iron lead the listener on a journey of light and shade, love and self-doubt, hope and defeat.

With these new songs as a foundation, Ward Of Iron move forward to bring their multi-layered sound to more live performances.

Links for streaming pre-save and social media can be found on linktr.


Braidwood have recently released ‘By Wednesday’.

‘By Wednesday’ is from Braidwood’s third album, ‘Obstacle Illusion’.

Based in the Greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Braidwood crafts songs in the classic pop rock idiom. His last single, ‘Nothing Could Make Up For You’ (which we heard in Week 60, August 2022), exemplified that classic sound.

Braidwood’s previously released single, ‘Sunshineland’ (which we heard in Week 51, June 2022), was a pop rock confection that included touches of the blues and psychedelia. Braidwood’s released single prior to that, ‘Down Along The Road’ (which we heard in Week 37, March 2022), was a pop rock meets power ballad offering. This time around, with ‘By Wednesday’, Braidwood dips into the Motown / Stax vibe.

Braidwood has a website at braidwoodsongs.com.


Tom A. Smith released ‘Like You Do’ on October 1st.

Following the release of his highly-praised ‘EP2’ earlier this year, fast-rising Sunderland artist Tom A. Smith is back once again to unveil his captivating new effort ‘Like You Do’. Co-written with Miles Kane and co-produced by Miles Kane, Oscar Robertson and Dave Bardon, ‘Like You Do’ sees the artist continue his pursuit of broad and anthemic indie-rock offerings that showcase his incredibly passionate approach to song writing. Filled with raw and driven guitar hooks, imbedded within a swaggering groove throughout, his newest release sees him enter a whole new phase within his career so far.

Adding about ‘Like You Do’, he said, “Working with Miles Kane was the most incredible experience. I already had the bones of a good tune that I’d been playing live solo over the last few tours. He added this incredible soaring chorus and suddenly it turned into a song from a Tarantino movie soundtrack. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done and I’ve never felt prouder of anything. I’m really excited for the world to hear it because it already sounds like a classic to me!

Tom A. Smith remains on the road for the months ahead and has just announced his début UK headline tour taking place this Autumn.

Tom A. Smith Live Dates:

5th Nov –Waves Festival, Sunderland
18th Nov –The Ferret -Preston, Crosstown Sounds
26th Nov –The Foundry –Sheffield –Crosstown Sounds
6th Dec –Future Yard, Birkenhead, Liverpool (headline show)
7th Dec –Bask, Stockport (headline show)
8th Dec –Jimmy’s, Liverpool (headline show)
10th Dec –Head of Steam, Newcastle (headline show)
12th Dec –The Fulford Arms, York (headline show)
13th Dec –The Grace, London (headline show)

Tom A. Smith is on SoundCloud, Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


On October 1st, Precious Pepala released ‘Looking for Trouble’.

Rising star Precious Pepala, from Sheffield, has shared her new single ‘Looking For Trouble’. It is another example of Precious’ bold, mature lyricism and powerful voice. At just seventeen, Precious’ lyrics manage to contain universal sentiments that speak to her generation. The latest single, about the fear women feel walking alone at night, is no different. “She’s cold and she’s drunk; A little red riding her luck in the hood. She’s asking for trouble! Oh, that’s what they’ll say if trouble comes heading her way“. Swelling until it reaches a huge hook, destined to be screamed in crowded rooms, ‘Looking For Trouble’ follows Precious’ début single ‘My Eyes Only,’ (which we heard in Week 58, August 2022) and is a big statement of intent from pop’s brightest new talent.

Speaking about the track, Precious explains, “‘Looking for Trouble’ is a song about rape culture and victim blaming. It addresses the unfortunately relatable feeling of fear when walking alone at night as a female. The lyrics also address the way that victims of sexual abuse are all too commonly questioned about things such as their clothing, actions or level of intoxication as if to justify predatory behavior. I feel very passionately about discussing this subject matter through my music and I hope this song acts as a conversation starter, because these issues need to be discussed until we see change.

Precious Pepala is on AppleMusic, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, Insta, and YouTube.


LJ Coon has released ‘Thank You for Being my Glasses’.

We’ve previously heard from LJ Coon (‘I’ll Tell the World I Love You’ (Week 67 October 2022) ‘Pretty Blue Eyes’ (Week 60, August 2021) and ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ (Week 64, September 2022)).

About the track, LJ says, “‘Glasses’ was recorded back when we were all living in a 2-bedroom, third floor apartment. For this ‘one-time-only’ recording I invited Donna and Justin to help accomplish this in memory of John Winston Lennon. I asked Justin if he would be interested in doing a recording in the apartment. After determining that he felt comfortable with this request, and that he could send me an MP3 of the finished recording, we were off!!

We ran a microphone out into the hallway for Echo. Then Justin sat down and got all of the levels set how he wanted and gave Donna and I the OK to begin this recording. There we were standing at the microphone – set up in the hallway – not knowing that this would be Justin’s one and only recording.

LJ Coon is on YouTube and Amazon, and has a website with all his down-load links.


CROS has recently released ‘This Time’.

CROS is based in Arizona, USA. Having worked with a large number of accomplished artists in various genres, as well as winning the Phoenix Blues Society Blues Challenge three times, CROS now releases his new solo single ‘This Time’. It’s been described as having music that is filled with a multitude of feelings and emotions crossing genres.

While you sit back and enjoy the ride, you can find more information on CROS by visiting his website, at cros.rocks, or following him on Facebook or Insta.


Levi Roots, with Cara Crosby-Irons, released ‘One Dream One Team (Sweet Jamaica)’ on 3rd October.

In a heart-warming story reminiscent of the famous Cool Running’s Jamaican Bobsled team, The Reggae Warriors, Jamaica’s National Rugby team have become the first ever Caribbean country to make it to the Rugby World Cup Finals.

What could be better to celebrate this momentous achievement than a song written and performed by British-Jamaican reggae musician, television personality, celebrity chef, author, and businessman Levi Roots and featuring the wonderful Cara Crosby-Irons.

Levi wrote the song to inspire the Jamaican Rugby league team after they did the unthinkable and qualified for this year’s World Cup. He is also sponsoring the team and acting as an ambassador for them as they prepare for the games later this month.

An assembly of nearly 40 people went into recording the song. It  includes a 25 strong Primary School choir, and adult choir, a full live backing band and three lead vocals.

October 2022 Key Fixtures

Sunday 16th – Jamaica 2 vs Ireland 48 (Leeds)
Saturday 22nd – New Zealand 86 vs Jamaica 6 (Hull)
Sunday 30th October – Lebanon vs Jamaica (Wigan)

Levi Roots has a website, at leviroots.com.


Skinner released his 4 track EP, ‘Commander Trainwreck’ on 5th October. ‘Gaslight’ is the fourth track on that EP.

Dublin slouch rock musician Skinner (Aaron Corcoran) is very excited to release his new 4 track EP ‘Commander Trainwreck’. It’s being released via Faction Records, on October 5th and with it is pushing his new single ‘Gaslighter’.

About the EP Skinner says “It all started when I was let go from my office job that I hated. At the time I thought “this is great, I’ll just take some time off and spend it writing loads of music then I’ll get a new job”, but it didn’t really work out that way. I ended up sitting around the house all day in my underwear watching stupid YouTube videos and becoming really depressed.

Time is a funny thing, when you have it you waste it and when you don’t, you feel like you’re wasting it. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I was sleeping for 16+ hours a day and not seeing anyone to the point where my dreams felt more real than my reality. Everyone around me just thought I was becoming this huge waster but the truth was that I was dealing with some complicated stuff and I needed that space to figure it out. So I invented the character of ‘Commander Trainwreck’ as a way of embracing my situation. I wanted other people to know that it’s okay to mess up and if you need some time, then you need some time. I think everyone needs to be Commander Trainwreck at some point in their lives.

Skinner is on Bandcamp, Insta, Twitter and Facebook.


On 7th October, The Kody Norris Show released ‘Mountain Rosalie’. (BLUEGRASS)

Kody Norris says, “‘Mountain Rosalie’ is a song that I was first introduced to when I was just a kid. I’ve always considered it as one of the underrated gems of traditional country music. It’s a York Brothers number that was recorded by Reno & Smiley and then later cut by Ralph Stanley as well. We have performed it on some live shows in the past with an abundance of positive audience response. When the opportunity of recording some new music came about, ‘Mountain Rosalie’ was definitely at the top of our list.”

The Kody Norris Show have a website, at thekodynorrisshow.com.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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