The most frequently asked question we get as a radio station is how many listeners we get… well…. interestingly, our stats are not recorded in the same way as commercial radio, so we can’t answer the same way a commercial station can. Allow us to explain this in detail:

Commercial and BBC stations use statistics from RAJAR. This service is not used by ICR, we do not outsource listening stats or third party analytics.

So… What are the figures?
Firstly, we are unable to accurately record FM stats because this platform is analogue and is unable to record data. We can however record interactivity with our programmes as well as listen again data, let’s not forget the ability to record online listening.
We are most popular via FM and our website on a desktop computer. TuneIn is the most popular mobile listening platform for us at the moment too.

We broadcast to target audiences between 15-90 years of age. We broadcast the most diversity in the country and provide the most locally-made content compared to any other station in the area* – Thinking of advertising with us? We’d be happy to help you out.

We tailor advertising around programs that can appeal to your needs and to your budget. We have been known to get better results for advertisers than the leading competing commercial alternative*.
Each individual programme can get (online only) around 30* listeners in 128kbps stereo on average and this figure is a ballpark figure as our eclectic selection of programmes very often pushes the figure up. It is also worth noting this figure does not reflect mobile listening or desktop listening via other platforms (such as RadioPlayer), it also does not reflect FM listening around the area.

The figure may not sound like a lot, but check out our schedule and we how many programmes we run, it very quickly adds up!

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries

* – Detail may vary, information rounded June 2016. Information given may be inaccurate due to our Privacy Policy – We reserve the rights of our partners and members of the public, figures calculated can only be taken from those whom consent cookies from our partners, information may not be recorded outside of these circumstances.