ICR Presenter Elene Marsden
BBC Radio Suffolk, Jon Wright and ICR Elene Marsden

ICR’s presenter, Elene Marsden was invited my Station Manager Nick Kabay to be one of the 4 BBC Radio judges looking for new talent across the region.

The competition was nationwide, each region held auditions locally. Here in Ipswich, an empty shop unit at the Sailmakers Shopping Centre was turned into a mini studio.

Over 70 people from the region queued for their opportunity to pitch their 60 second story to each of the 4 judges.

Elene was impressed with the talent in our county. The BBC have a shortlist of auditioners but each applicant will receive a thank you email from the BBC which will include information about ICR’s free Broadcast Training workshops.

Elene is hoping that more people will come forward to join ICR as a result.