The tracks played on week 1 of Izzy’s New Music Emporium, and contact details for the artists, are as follows:

1) Enough About Me by Andie featuring Breeze was released earlier this year.

Andie is a 19-year-old British singer, songwriter, and musician from London. She studied music and dance for many years, appearing in numerous productions including opening for Sam Bailey, aged just 14, in the Pavilion Theatre, Southend-on-Sea. She also headlined at the 02 Academy, Islington, London. Andie has released a new version of ‘Enough About Me’ (2021) featuring Breeze; one of the founder members of Roll Deep and remixed by Morfius, the well-known and respected engineer/producer from East London.

Andie is on the usual social media channels, and has a website at


2) Boomer Humour by Vincent Liou was released on 1st May.

‘Boomer Humour’, is a part of Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou’s four track EP titled ‘Big Surf’. The lyrics about heartbreak paired with the light-hearted pop melody and fun-filled music video makes for a unique experience. This track is personal compared to Liou’s other songs, given this is the first song he wrote that has any influence from his current day job and hobbies. Not to mention, it tells the story of being ghosted from a seemingly pleasant and budding relationship – only to eventually realize the girl was looking to cheat on her boyfriend with Liou. His overall message? Always look forward to the future and follow your dreams before you get too old!

Vincent Liou’s music is available on the usual download sites.


3) The Girl in the Barren Room by Bad Dream Fancy Dress came out on 4th May.

Originally formed in 1988, Bad Dream Fancy Dress had a hit single with Curry Crazy on the seminal El Record label via Cherry Red. Quick success lead the band into the studio to make the legendary ‘Choir Boys Gas’ Album. But Bad Dream Fancy Dress burned bright, made a lot of noise and then all headed in different directions by the 90’s.

However a small group of hard-core Bad Dream Fancy Dress fans started a group on Facebook that soon became the first place stop for El Record devotees. The bands lead singer, Cat Rees, came across the group and agreed to record a Christmas song for the fans (by way of thanks) and George Michael’s Last Christmas was created and became the first You Tube hit.

Collaborating with her partner, ideas for a second Album started to form. But the band were flooded in 2013 leaving them without a recording studio plus Cat’s health took a turn for the worse and a series of major operations made progress on the album slow, and the ‘Space Goddess’ album was not completed and released until 2018.

Finding their voice through ‘Space Goddess’ and with Cat’s health firmly on the mend, Bad Dream Fancy Dress have since been working on a second Album ‘Bi Iconic’ with plans to perform live for the first time. The new sound is more daring. A ground breaking mixture of 70’s Funk, 80‘s Punk, 90’s house and Indie Pop. Shameless innuendo, syncopated counter rhythms and bittersweet melodies, all mixed with a hard core commercial slap in the face. ‘Bi Iconic’ is a blend of Bad Dreams and sugary-coated Fancy Dress, tipping to the bands past while always looking to Bad Dream Fancy Dress future. Due for release in 2021, you can follow its progress at

The band are also on Insta, Facebook and Spotify, as well as


4) Forty Nineteens released a new album – ‘New Roaring Twenties’ – on 25th May

Track one, “It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For)”, was played.

Only the undisputed kings of California garage rock could offer such a positive and energetic take on our new decade, and the irresistible energy of the album will make you want to celebrate as well. Radio-ready and full of propulsive guitars and indelible melodies, it’s the record we need right now.

The band’s album out on CD is available at and on all digital platforms everywhere.

They have a website at


5) Jac Dalton’s brand new album – “Tempus Fugit” – will be available from all the digital stores on 16th July.

The third track on the album, ‘Dirty, Mean & Nasty’, was played

“Tempus Fugit” spans the breadth of Jac’s career in a selection of tracks picked by Jac and Rick Palin from the promoters, Skyfire. Featuring 13 tracks and 2 bonus covers this is Aussie hard rock at its finest. The title of the album came from Rick for the reason that he’s have been working with Jac for almost 8 years and it still seems like yesterday.

Jac and his band have a website at


6) Out of Here by Jack Goodall and The Kick was released on 4th June.

Jack Goodall and The Kick are a Birmingham, UK based band playing their own kind of music. Jack Goodall has taken a unique and contrary musical path, at times funky and bombastic as with 2017’s ‘The Whole Thing Is Moving’ album, and at others, delicate and sedate. Last year saw the formation of The Kick, a powerful force that became a regular fixture at shows and then at sessions during lockdown. Out Of Here is from an upcoming album of the same name that’s set for release on 17th September. An album release party at the Hare And Hounds, Birmingham takes place on the 15th September.

Jack Goodall is on the usual social media sites.


7) Dr Jones by The Now was released on June 7th.

Young Welsh rock band The Now present their captivating new single ‘Dr. Jones’, as featured on Planet Rock’s ‘New Rock’ show. Recorded in Rockfield Studios, the song tells the story of a night out in Glasgow with a character they met at a gig, known only as “Dr Jones”. With energetic guitar-driven songs that deliver a punch to the head and lyrics poetically crafted by enigmatic frontman Shane, the band deliver a full package that defies their years (the average age of band members is just 21!).

Their website is:


8) Model M released their new album, ‘Evil’ on June 7th.

‘Pandemic’ is the first track on that album, and was the one that was played.

Ranging from energetic drum and bass to straightforward grunge, industrial and electro-metal, Model M’s heavy-hitting music sounds like it belongs in the next action movie. Model M is the musical project of Terrence Clinton Dick. His heavy, dark, and fiercely textural electronic music weaves modern sounds with guitars and deep bass hits by using old school sampling techniques. Terrence currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is gearing up to release a new, dancy and heavy-hitting EP along with the debut of a new live show as soon as venues open up again.

Model M have a website at


9) The Altar by Eoin Maher was released on 11th June.

Irish singer/songwriter Eoin Maher’s new single ‘Altar’, is available on all streaming platforms. The song is about the abrasive effects of the pandemic on society and portrays the ‘numbing’ of emotions that have affected many people globally over the course of the last year. Inspired by Ed Sheeran, Kaleo and Gavin James, the track will be a favourite among singer/songwriter music fans. The former show-jumper left the profession to pursue a career in the music industry having played guitar from the age of four.

He is on all the usual social media platforms.


10) Rollercoaster by Unique Hastings was released on 18th June.

Unique Hastings’s new single ‘Rollercoaster’ is making waves! As the song title suggests, the romping hip hop beats and soulful rap vocals make for a bouncy sexy summer banger. “Essentially I wanted to create an anthem for those who hate being treated badly by those who claim to love them and those that have had to end a toxic relationship.” stated Unique Hastings, a Hip-hop/RnB artist from London.

You can find him on all the usual social media as Unique Hastings Music


11) Take Me Home by Sofia Talvik feat Stiko Per Larsson was released on 26th June.

Swedish Folk/Americana artist Sofia Talvik is releasing a new duet with her duet partner Swedish folk-rock singer Stiko Per Larsson. ‘Take Me Home’ is a song about home and identity. Also it’s about not quite belonging but still being tied to the place where you grew up. It’s a bittersweet ballad with beautiful acoustic guitars and double bass. The single was released June 26th on all platforms.

Sofia Talvoik has a website at


The whole show is now available on MixCloud.

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