aul Roberts has recently released ‘Freedom’.

Other than Paul is the ex-lead singer with The Stranglers, I don’t know a lot about him or this track. Paul does have a website, at, and is on Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer.


Jen Lush recently released ‘Icon – song 1’.

Adelaide singer-songwriter Jen Lush announced her second single and its accompanying video, ‘Icon – song 1’. It offers another glimpse into her forthcoming album ‘Hum of the Mettle’ which will be released on August 20th. It showcases delicate guitar which outlines an ethereal sound-scape, gradually expanding with layered acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, drums and celestial keyboards. All surrounding the evocative words of award-winning poet, lyricist and librettist Maria Zajkowski.

The lyrics are an excerpt from Maria’s most recent book of poetry, ‘Icon’. Of this book she writes “My father, Eugienuisz Zajkowski, had a hard, miraculous and normal life. He never intended to be an icon. This collection preserves some of what I lost to his Alzheimer’s. And then, what I lost when he died.

Jen says, “In writing the music, I wanted to capture something of the delicacy and sadness that surges with the words, but held within a lighter melodic treatment that by contrast makes the song all the more poignant. These shifts between the quiet acoustic guitar and the swelling of the surrounding instrumentation, the upward, lilting vocal melody with the darker poetry, the percussive elements against a sustained bed of keyboard sounds, this is folk pop laced with the bitter-sweet.”

Jen has page, with links to all her down-loads. You can also follow her on Facebook, Insta and Bandcamp.


Duncan Moss has recently released ‘When We Were Children’.

This track is from Duncan Moss’ album ‘Mnemonics Part Two’. We’ve previously heard ‘Goodbye to Mum’ (Week 92, March 2023)) from the same album, as well as tracks from ‘Mnemonics Part One’ (‘Carefree Days’, in Week 75, November 2022 and ‘Soul Notes’ in Week 83, January 2023).

‘Mnemonics Part Two’ is a fully orchestrated version of Duncan’s début album ‘Mnemonics Part One’, conducted and arranged by Grammy Award winning, Steve Sidwell. It was recorded at London’s famous Air Studios with a 60-piece live orchestra.

It is a stunning musical sound-scape and a labour of love, encapsulating Duncan’s memories and life experiences, and resulting in eleven, intensely moving tracks, each sincere, powerful, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Duncan Moss is a musician, a non-conformist, enjoying his journey as performance, not a dress rehearsal. With a compelling belief that the possibilities are endless Moss carves his art outside the confines of genre. Guided by passion and instinct and crafting every piece from the heart Moss finds inner peace from music.

Duncan Moss has a website, at


Braidwood released ‘Socrateasing Me’ on 15th July.

We’ve previously heard ‘By Wednesday’ (Week 70, October 2022) and ‘Quiet Girl’ (Week 83, January 2023) which – like ‘Socrateasing Me’ – are from Braidwood’s third album, ‘Obstacle Illusion’.

Based in the Greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Braidwood crafts songs in the classic pop rock idiom. But with this most recent offering, Braidwood takes a little sidestep into more synth-dominated pop.

Braidwood has a website at


Just a Jester released ‘It’s Only Music’ on 16th July.

Singer-songwriter, Just a Jester, is based in London, UK. Having supported the likes of Van Morrison, performed at Glastonbury 7 times, played with Stuart Copeland from The Police, Tim Whitaker aka Just a Jester has had an illustrious career in the music industry. He now releases his twenty ninth, solo track ‘It’s Only Music’.

You can follow Just a Jester on Facebook and YouTube.


On July 19th, Trout released ‘in my room’.

Liverpool-based Trout (they/she) has shared their new single ‘in my room’, and announced their début EP ‘Colourpicker’. The EP will be out on August 31st via Chess Club Records

The EP will also contain recent singles ‘gutter’ – which we heard a few weeks ago (June 2023, Week 102) – and ‘garden’. These introduced Trout’s masterful indie-rock brevity and magnetic self-production finesse, receiving widespread praise and early supporters. Following compelling early sets at The Great Escape in May, and Hackney’s Visions Festival in July, Trout is confirmed to play Manchester Psych Festival this September.

Trout Live Dates:

Sat 2nd September – Manchester Psych Festival, Manchester UK
Sat 6th January – Rockaway Beach, Bognor UK

Trout has a website with all their download links, and you can follow them on TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.


Just Wondering released ‘Long Sunny Weekend’ on July 19th.

Just Wondering, are a dynamic Dublin band known for their captivating blend of hip hop and electronic-influenced pop music. They are now thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, ‘Long Sunny Weekend’. The highly anticipated track is now available on all major streaming platforms.

‘Long Sunny Weekend’ encapsulates the essence of sun-soaked joy and vibrant energy, embodying the spirit of a summer filled with endless possibilities. The song explores the bitter-sweet sensation of either bidding farewell to the fun times or missing out on them entirely, presenting various versions of that relatable sentiment. Originally rooted in the regret of a fading honeymoon period in a relationship, the song writing process took the band on a creative journey that delves into the feeling of missing out when the fun abruptly ends. Just Wondering have an ability to balance serious and light-hearted elements.

As the band say… “I love the line talking about a bouncer at a club ruining the fun “I.D. please – he does this every night…” because in all of our songs there’s serious parts and less serious parts, it’s sort of always about focusing on a feeling and expressing the full depth of that feeling, the moments where you mean it and it feels so strong and important, and the other times where you just wanna laugh about it, in a way that’s what our band is about.

Just Wondering are on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


John Carr released ‘No More Cloudy Days’ on 19th July.

Singer-songwriter John Carr is based in Essex, England. A working musician all of his life, John can claim to have worked with the likes of Elton John, Mike & The Mechanics, Elkie Brooks and Leo Sayer to name but a few. Now one of the creative forces behind alt country band, Brand A, and recently signed to the Creative & Dreams label, John Carr has branched out as a solo artist. He’s released his new single ‘No More Cloudy Days’.

Further information about John Carr can be found at


Charlie Baker has recently released ‘Romeo’.

At midnight, on Thursday 3rd August 2023, in Essex, Charlie Baker released his new single ‘Romeo’.

Hot off the heels of his latest release ‘Kissin’ (which we heard in June (Week 102)), Charlie Baker is back with his second single of the Summer. He’s ready to bring the feel good, sexy & confident vibes to all.

‘Romeo’ brings a taste of the noughties RnB which is lacking within the scene at the moment. This provides a gap in the market for Charlie’s music to shine. It’s another upbeat pop/RnB track, similar to those of Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, bringing that fun, sexy, confident sound. Its positive Summer energy through the Latin guitar and beach references in the lyrics makes this the perfect time to release it.

Charlie said of his latest release “This song allows me to show off my vocals in various ways as for the most part I’m singing yet the second verse has a singing/rap section as featured in many noughties songs. This song brings a new ‘swaggy’ feel to my music.”

Charlie is on Spotify, TikTok and Insta.


On 20th July, Anyone’s Ghost released their new album ‘Necromancer’. ‘4:06’ is the fourth track on the album.

First appearing on the Manchester music scene in 2019, Anyone’s Ghost makes a large impact with a delicate sound. Her solemn songs touch on themes of death, romance, mystery and murder. Anyone’s Ghost is the solo project of local songwriter Wanda Roslyn. It was born from the influence of dark folk and indie rock. It encompasses poetic lyricism and an affection for literature. Usually wielding an acoustic guitar and a multitude of effects pedals, Wanda is able to capture attention from the get-go with haunting vocals, melodic guitar work and a sound-scape formed with intensity and emotion.

The début album ‘Necromancer’, released on 20th July 2023, is a poetic depiction of Wanda’s experiences over the past few years. It expands on the shoe-gazy sound of the ‘A Good Winter In June’ EP, showing Wanda’s maturity and talent throughout the full album. The first single ‘The Secret History, (which we heard back in April (Week 95)) is a perfect encapsulation of the intensity and dynamic of Anyone’s Ghost’ sound. Delicate and intrinsic lyricism backed by a ferocious, intense sound-scape that formulates a truly unique style. In contrast, the final single, ‘Molotov’, sits between the delicate acoustic ballads, and the chaotic ferocity of their more shoe-gaze and alternative tracks. Opening up with luscious, haunting guitar lines, Wanda’s vocals seep carefully over the sound-scape, controlling the ebb and flow of the track.

Anyone’s Ghost are on Apple, Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta and Spotify.


‘Devil for a Day’ is by 48 & The Flying Dogs, and is available now.

48 & The Flying Dogs is a project that started 48 years ago. Best mates since 5 years old, Andy and Mark have wandered the world. They’ve now settled in different countries, brought up their children and done a lot of living. Time and again they’ve come back to their original project – a début album! ‘Devil for a Day is the first track on that eponymous album, ‘48’.

48 & The Flying Dogs are on Facebook and Bandcamp.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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