Sinester recently released ‘Breathe Again’.

Sinestar are a four piece, predominantly electronic band from Bristol, United Kingdom. who formed in January 2011. They have released 3 EP’s entitled “I am the rain” (2012), ”Hope and Prey” (2013),”Running Home” (2014) plus the single “The Same Way”. Sinestar independently released their debut album “Singularis” in December 2013. This was followed, by their albums “eVolve”, (2016), and “A Million Like Us” (2018).

Sinestars latest release, single “Breathe Again”, is the first material since 2018 and is arguably the bands most personal & introspective material to date. It is a track written and recorded in memory of their late bass player, James Skuse. He sadly passed away in early 2020 following a short illness. All monies raised from this single will directly to the Skuse family, in James’ memory.

They have a website at and are on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube


‘Ashes’ is the second track from Xander Cameron’s EP ‘Rebel RM Roseme’ which is available on Spotify.

Musical narration birthing from a nightmare doesn’t come around often. To be six years old and diagnosed with an incredibly rare skin condition deforming the right side of the face left Cameron branded a freak. Excluded and doubted growing up, but with a hunger to silence the hate and proudly represent the light that can dimly glimmer from the darkness, we learn of a modern underworld through his poetically woven songs. In an age plagued by cosmetic surgeries, insta-famous models, to mental health, addiction and embracing your weird, Cameron proudly represents the latter as a ringleader of the modern day freak-show. Self-taught in both song writing and producing, Xander Cameron’s desolately real magnification of an underbelly of society, frequently overlooked; presents an intricately woven thesis of 21st Century culture. Intertwining theological song writing with his dystopian angle of music production, Cameron showcases exactly why his name pools amongst the pioneering narrators of dark pop.

Rebel RM Roseme is available on Spotify now. Expect his second EP, ‘South Stage Broadway’, to hit the ground running in the second half of 2021.

He is on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and SoundCloud


British singer songwriter, Nick Reeve released ‘The Heat’ on 23rd July.

Influenced by the unexpected lack of human connection during the lockdown period, Nick combines twanging and jangly guitars emulating the heat of the desert, with contemporary sounds for a fresh summer feel good vibe. Following on from the success of his previous single ‘Magic’ (released May 2021), Nick is keen to deliver a positive and energising message through his music.

Nick Says, “I wanted to write something high energy, fun and about connection. During lockdown we have all been starved of parties, dancing and meeting people; we all want to feel chemistry and excitement – I wanted to create something groovy that we would love to dance to and just let go.”

He has a website at and is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Marbl released ‘Lucky’ on 3rd August.

When House/R&B singer-songwriter Marbl met the love of her life, she wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Her gratitude for finding The One comes in the shape of her brand-new single appropriately titled ‘Lucky’. It came out on 3rd August on all good music platforms.

Marbl says of the release: “It finally feels like the right time to release Lucky”! I wrote this song back in 2016 when I met my partner. There was no other word to describe what I felt but ‘lucky’”

She is on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify


Tom Mac will be releasing ‘Aware’ on 6th August.

In this testing time for humanity, Tom delivers a powerful message of hope, encouraging us to adopt a higher state of consciousness and listen to the earth and the intuition of its traditional owners. A message of ‘macrospect’, he explains, “It’s a word I made up myself, but it sounds perfect in the way I feel the world should be viewed, with acceptance and a mature calmness in knowing nothing for certain.”

Tom has a burning desire to make a positive difference with his music with various projects aimed at supporting social causes through music. He developed ‘Busking For Beds’ as a way for artists to make money through busking whilst giving back to charities dealing with homelessness and mental health.

A minimalist in nature, Tom has been part of the Van Life movement for several years, stepping away from the social conditioning of houses, mortgages and possessions to live a sustainable life on the move and inspiring others to do the same.

He is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify


The Star Prairie Project will release their second album ‘Rudiger’s Revenge’ on August 6th, from which the first track, ‘The Right Life’ was played.

The Star Prairie Project is the creation of Nolen R. Chew Jr., a songwriter from Star Prairie, Wisconsin. His mission is to write original songs and make radio ready records. Nolen collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London to bring his songs to life. The Star Prairie Project is named for the village of Star Prairie, 50 miles North-East of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day

The Star Prairie Project released their debut album, ‘Panacea’ in July 2020. In December of 2020 they followed up with their second album ‘Surreal’. Now The Star Prairie Project is set to release their third album, ‘Rudiger’s Revenge’ on August 6th.

‘Rudiger’s Revenge’ is a departure from the two previous albums. The rock anthems will return for sure, but for this effort the project focuses on an Indie folk rock bent along with a distinct Americana zest and zeal. An agreeable and piquant flavour imparting a fun and fanciful experience.

They have a website at, and are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Sleeveens will be releasing ‘The Draw’ on Sunday, 8th August.

Sleeveens is Gareth McCarthy (instruments and voice) and Craig Cahill (voice and words). Gareth and Craig have written, performed and worked together for over 20 years in a number of different musical groups. They have graced many of Ireland’s largest stages over the years as well as touring abroad. However, “The Draw” is their debut single which is being released on August 8th with an accompanying video.

The Draw is a love song about the magnetism between flawed individuals and the perceived certainty that we can find in each other.

They have a website, with links to all their social media, at


Alan Demsky will be releasing ‘Airport’ on 20th August.

“Tell me About the World” is Demsky’s forthcoming EP. Inspired by Sebastian Junger’s book ‘Tribe’, the EP was made with the intentions of open interpretation. In a world that seems so divided as of late, we could spare a little bit of time relearning the lost art of listening so that our community can once again thrive off of compassion and heart. We all visualize and experience tracks in slightly different ways and Demsky is looking forward to hearing your take on it.

He has a website at and is on YouTube and Facebook. The video on YouTube is certainly different!


Fen will be releasing ‘Life Is So Beautiful’ on August 20th.

As a child, Fen grew up listening to the music of Stevie Wonder and The Jacksons, and you can hear how this has influenced him. In 2008, Fen released his first solo album ‘Pardonner’ and in 2011 a second one ‘On A Besoin’. That same year, Fen was nominated for the “Octaves de la Musique” with his single “Walo”. The following year he reached the final of the Euro Song Contest national qualification’s with his single “Yes I Know”. Fen released his new album, “Life Is So Beautiful”, on May 7th.

Fen said, “While writing these songs during the first lockdown in 2020, I wanted to mix my favourite styles, Funk and Motown. To make it more “catchy”, I poured a pop sauce over it. I wanted positive texts with a colourful approach, the kind of feeling that was hard to find during pandemic! To produce this album, I collaborated with Babl Lemmen. It was a great opportunity working with him”

He has a website at and is on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube


Charlie Gracie will be releasing ‘Can’t Stop Rock’n’ on August 27th.

Charlie Gracie is one of a diminishing number of rock & roll innovators. A native of South Philadelphia, he became the first successful recording star of the “Rock Era” to emerge from that neighbourhood. In 1957, Charlie’s ‘Butterfly’ topped the American and British music charts, selling over 3 million copies. At the height of his fame, Charlie frequently appeared on TV as well as headlining a number of life shows. Charlie’s star burned even brighter in Great Britain where he became the first solo American artist to bring rock & roll to the English concert stage. A member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and the Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame, Charlie shows no signs of slowing down. He still plays to packed houses all around the world. Recent tours have taken him to France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Great Britain -the site of his greatest success. Though so much has changed around him, much of Charlie’s life remains constant. He is a family man, first and foremost. He still reveres the memory of his parents and grandparents, who encouraged him to pursue his love for music. And he considers his fans his family. Talk about close relations.

Charlie says, “When all is said and done… I’m still little Charlie Gracie from South Philly who sings and plays the guitar. If you ever came to see me perform, and found yourself entertained, and I made you happy for a few hours, then I’ve fulfilled my mission in this life.”


Jake Wakeman & The Dreamstriders will be releasing ‘Visions’ on 27th August.

The type of music a medieval bard would make if he got lost in time and space and woke up in the 21st century, a mellifluous melting pot of heavy synthesisers, chorused 12 string guitars, punchy drums and melodic bass lines dusted with theatrical arrangements of classical and folk music instrumentation. Songwriter and composer Jack Wakeman has his material brought to a live audience with the help of his four piece backing band The Dreamstriders on a quest to find the holy grail of sound. There’s a long back story about how he moved round the country, suffered from mental ill health, which he overcame in part by turning to Paganism. Now with four singles at the ready, three music videos in the works and a possible album on the horizon Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders will release their debut single, ‘Visions’ in August 2021.


Thomas Cameron will be releasing ‘What a Wonderful World’ on August 27th.

Thomas Cameron is a charismatic young English tenor, whose powerful voice has been described as having velvet-like qualities and is making waves in the world of classical music. He is releasing a stunning rendition of the Louis Armstrong classic What a Wonderful World, arranged and produced virtually by the legendary Deric Dyer who also plays the incredible saxophone on the track. Having toured in 2018 and 2019, when the global pandemic forced him to stop touring, Thomas took to social media and performed live on Facebook and Instagram on a weekly basis to fans from all around the world.  During this period, he also launched the Thomas Cameron Chat Show which went out weekly and featured internationally renowned musicians and actors – Suzi Quatro, Carol Decker, Boney M, Lee John and many more. The show was watched by over a quarter of a million people throughout the pandemic. But he will be back touring in 2021. Tour dates and how to obtain his music are all on his website, which is


In the late Summer, Ronan Furlong is releasing his new album, “Ataraxia” from which the single “The Easy Way Out” has been taken.

There is no stopping Irish artist Ronan Furlong. Following on from the critically acclaimed “King Of Leaves” album, Ronan has been hard at work in the studio on the follow up to be released late summer “Ataraxia”. “The Easy Way Out” is the first second single from that studio album. Ataraxia is shaping up to be a diverse and powerful collection of highly unique songs with “The Easy Way Out” being a fine example of what lies in store.

“The Easy Way Out” displays all of Ronan’s usual qualities in abundance – an edgy driving riff, excellent lyrics, a committed vocal delivery, high level musicianship and an acoustic middle eight that brings the song in new unexpected directions. Thoroughly original and highly recommended.

Ronan has a website at and he is on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Music and Spotify.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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