Urgent action needed for tinnitus support, says Suffolk Audiologist Karen Finch

New research exposes lengthy waiting lists and overwhelming impact, while leading audiologist calls for improved care.

A report from tinnitus charity, Tinnitus UK, has revealed the significant and widespread impact of tinnitus. This, coupled with concerning wait times for treatment, means that calls for improved support for those living with the condition are growing louder. Audiologist Karen Finch of All About Hearing in Ipswich, adds her voice to the chorus, urging authorities to take urgent action.

The new research, unveiled during Tinnitus Week, paints a stark picture: nearly one in seven adults in the UK experience tinnitus (7.6 million people), characterised by ringing or buzzing in the ears. For many, this constant sound significantly diminishes their quality of life.

Karen, whose company looks after patients with tinnitus and hearing loss shares, “I see the daily struggles of individuals facing tinnitus first-hand. It can be incredibly isolating and debilitating, impacting sleep, concentration, and overall well-being.

The research also unveils a worrying trend: the number of people waiting over a year for tinnitus appointments on the NHS has tripled since the pandemic. Karen expresses concern, stating, “These extended wait times leave individuals without crucial support, exacerbating their suffering and potentially leading to further mental health complications.

Karen, who heads a team of private Audiologists in Ipswich concluded, “Tinnitus is a serious condition with a profound impact on individuals and their families. We must act now to ensure everyone has access to the support they need to manage this challenging condition and live fulfilling lives.”

For more information on the report conducted by Tinnitus UK, visit tinnitus.org.uk