Izzy’s New Music Emporium – Week 33: 09/02/2022 – Play List

On January 28th ‘Strong was released by Herbie Frame. It features May Noriega.

With a keen understanding for trendy and popular beats, complementary melodies and the right singing partner Herbie Frame creates high-quality, harmonious songs that stay in your head. His new single, ‘Strong’, tells the story of two lovers that changed and distanced from each other over time. Memories of shared moments, the longing for calls and further encounters resonate in every line of the smart text. And even though the moments were so long ago, they stay strong in the mind.

As for the composition, there is no sadness to be found. Instead, the lines are accompanied by a relaxed, almost summery beat and a catchy melody. In the chorus the song unfolds more energy, Herbie Frame plays with the beat, changes it, cuts it. This almost creates a remix feeling that is reminiscent of drum and bass or dubstep.

Herbie is on Facebook and Instagram, plus he has a website with all his download links.


‘Slow Down’ comes from Will Ludford’s recently released album ‘All I Wanted is You’.

We heard the title track from this album in December (week 26) and ‘I don’t Care’ (week 29) plus ‘Show Me The Love (week 30) earlier in January.

Will is a Blues guitarist who hails from Leighton Buzzard. He has had a successful career working with some of the top names in the UK music industry. He’s on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


On February 3rd, Flume released ‘Say Nothing’ which features MAY-A.

Australian, Flume confirms there new album ‘Palaces’ will be out on May 20th. The lead single ‘Say Nothing’, featuring MAY-A, debuted on 3rd February.

About ‘Say Nothing’, Flume says, “This song is about feelings of post relationship clarity. We wrote the song midway through 2020 while the pandemic was still pretty new. I was really excited about the initial idea but it was only once I got back to Australia in early 2021 and linked up in the studio with MAY-A that the song really came to life.”

MAY-A says, “Working with Flume on ‘Say Nothing’ has been a really incredible experience. I’m such a big fan of Harley’s so it’s unbelievable to be in a position to create music with someone I look up to and can learn so much from. His creative process is a really inspiring thing to be a part of. I’m so excited for everyone to hear the song!”

The album features a host of vocalists and collaborators; its cast list spanning new and household names from around the world—breakout U.S. star Caroline Polachek, British polymath-icon Damon Albarn, Spain’s Vergen Maria, France’s Oklou and fellow Australian Kučka.

Flume is on Instagram, AppleMusic and Spotify. ‘Palaces’ can be pre-ordered / pre-saved via flu.me/SayNothing.


The Bad Boy Troy’s cover of ‘Another Brick (In The Wall)’ is out now.

The Bad Boy Troy presents the stunning new version of Pink Floyd’s classic Another Brick In The Wall. This hard rockin’ track is performed by US based rocker Troy Q Tipton aka Bad Boy Troy. With a new album out in the middle of the year this classic remake gives you a taste of what to expect from the man himself.

Troy has a legendary career from being the guitarist for several famous hit makers. He has also toured extensively in the US and Canada and, over the years, has played major arenas, opening for some of the most legendary artists in rock ‘n’ roll history. Troy has performed in front of audiences of up to 200,000 people in a single night which is quite an achievement and has enabled him to become one of the most professional performers out there.

The Bad Boy Troy has a website and is on Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube.


Gloria released ‘Anymore’ on February 4th.

Gloria are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting emerging artists from the North. The Lancaster-based 5-piece have been described as ‘a mix of Freddy Mercury and David Bowie and melodic rock guitar power’. While the band may still only be in their early stages, Gloria have already made their mark in the live music scene, with their most recent accolade being a sell-out headline show at The Deaf Institute in Manchester. Last year Gloria released their début EP ‘Looking Forwards / Looking Back’ which they are following up with their brand new single ‘Anymore’. It is a brazen blend of driving guitar melodies and lead singer Austin’s encapsulating careworn vocals.

Gloria have a website, at gloria.band, and are on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify


‘Blackbird’ is the latest single by Sarah Class.

‘Blackbird’ is taken from Sarah’s new album, ‘Resonate’ which was released on 4th February. It is composed and performed by Sarah Class, with the Orchestra for the Earth, conducted by John Warner. We did hear the title track from the album, ‘Resonate’, back in November (Week 20).

Sarah Class is an award winning composer and singer/songwriter, writing scores for film and television, and producing innovative and emotive music of the highest quality. In 2020 Sarah made the top 100 of most influential female songwriters and composers in PRS’ Women Changing Music Top 100 Chart.

Sarah says Music for me is about feeding the soul and uplifting the spirits. It has the incredible power to transform and to unify. Being a composer and also a singer/songwriter, it’s my greatest desire to try to achieve this through the medium of music and it is my hope that on some level the music you find here, will brighten your day and transport you somewhere else.. if only for a moment..

Sarah has a website, at sarahclass.com and is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


FR3SH TrX released ‘In The Dark’ on February 4th.

FR3SH TrX is back with his fourth solo single! We heard his third single, ‘Still Dream About U’, back in December (week 27).

After various successful and very catchy collaborations and solo tracks, he proves he has the courage with the progressive house track ‘In The Dark‘. It celebrates the ambivalence of feelings in the dark. This darkness offers us peace and protection, but is also the scene of our deepest fears and nightmares.

In terms of sound technology, FR3SH TrX uses multi-layered sound collages and “thunderstorms of sound”. ‘In The Dark’ is powerful and dynamic and creates a balance between excitement and peace. The track always has a hypnotic effect.

FR3SH TrX are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok


Damien is releasing ‘2 Out Of 10’ on 10th February.

Damien is an Australian alt-electro-rock musician. He pairs his industrial style with lyrical content that is simultaneously clever and catchy.

When asked what inspired ‘2 Out Of 10’, Damien says, “The track was inspired by online dating, and the seemingly shallow nature of swiping left or right on someone based on appearance only. It is also making a mockery of the way in which we ‘score’ people, including ourselves, based on our appearance. I hope that people will take themselves less seriously, especially when it comes to dating, and move away from becoming conceited in one’s appearance in the hope of attracting a particular idea of the perfect mate.”

Damien has a website, at damiencreates.com, and is on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


Jamie Lonsdale is releasing ‘Mermaid’ on 11th February.

Jamie Lonsdale spent much of his childhood singing in school choirs, or attending compulsory church; and clearly something rubbed off on him. He enjoyed church, and the fellowship of coming together to worship and sing. Yet it would take a back seat until later in his life.

Jamie says, “Music for me as a child was always my hobby and now it has become my passion and a big part of my life. I started my career in the Royal Navy – it didn’t even cross my mind that one day I would record an album. My first song came to me five years ago, and luckily for me, they keep on coming…

I try and enjoy my life to the full. I’ve been touched by joy, blessings, and at rare moments, tragic loss; music has supported me throughout all of this. All these experiences have triggered deep emotions, and this I feel has empowered my song writing.”

Jamie has a website, at jamie-lonsdale.com, and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


On 11th February Kin Chi Kat will be releasing ‘Seduction’.

Kin Chi Kat are Kat Stroganova, Nick Khinchikashvili & Ashley Slater ripped straight out of the pages of the 80’s Soviet Disco Movement.After taking some time out during lockdown, ‘Seduction’ is their first new recording in two years, it’s a slow burning disco anthem set to take over dance floors this Spring.

On the album there are also superb remixes from Kouncil House, Ted Nilsson, Supermen Lovers and Danny Wheels.

Kin Chi Kat are on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram

Ashley Slater is on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Kouncilhouse is on Instagram and Facebook

Danny Wheels is on Instagram and Facebook.

Ted Nilsson is on Instagram and Facebook.


Trouble Is will release ‘The Train Song’ on 12th February.

Trouble Is… are a rock/blues band from Stornoway. Formed in 2013, the current line up consists of: Phil Young, lead guitar, cigar box guitar and vocals; David Bell, bass guitar and cigar box guitar; Mike Woodley, harmonica and Ken MacLennan on drums.

Trouble Is are on Facebook.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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