Heidi Serwer has released her new album ‘Palm Tree on the Drywall’ and this is the title track.

Heidi Serwer is a long time performer at fund-raisers, open mics, and parties. This Chicago singer-songwriter began writing songs after a hiatus from playing music while she played mum to her two young children. She returned to her local Chicago music scene eager to share her stories. The results were startling, with her instantly memorable melodies, keenly observed situations, and a big-hearted approach to her characters and subjects. Heidi combined this innate song writing knack with her sweet singing and nimble guitar playing to début her fresh-sounding EP, ‘Stranger’, in 2014.

Heidi has since had two additional record releases, including her most recent ‘Palm Tree on the Drywall’ in February, 2022. She wrote the tracks in February, 2021 while under quarantine at home during an exceptionally unforgiving Chicago winter. Heidi partnered with producer and artist, Steve Dawson, last summer to make the record out of his Wicker Park, Chicago studio, Kernel Sound Emporium.

Heidi has a website, at heidiserwer.com and is on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


emo girl by Machine Gun Kelly, featuring WILLOW, is out now.

Rock dynamo Machine Gun Kelly and WILLOW have teamed up to release ‘emo girl’. It is the new single from MGK’s forthcoming album ‘mainstream sellout’. Due for release on March 25th, the album is his sixth studio album.

The single is available on-line and he has a website with links to all the places where the album can be ordered.


 Released on 25th February, ‘Last Dance’ is by Herbie Frame, INGO and features Dom Fricot.

We heard ‘Strong’ by Herbie Frame back in February (week 33).

‘Last Dance’ is, as well as the previous song ‘Strong’, characterized by elements of various genres ranging from pop to electro, techno and dance. Both Herbie Frame and INGO created the composition. His expertise as professional drummer allowed for new ideas and complex beats, exploring new effects, genres and sound-combinations. The rhythms and melodies flow seamlessly into each other, emphasizing the compositional strength of the duo even more. While Herbie Frame wrote the lyrics, Dom Fricot performs ‘Last Dance’ in a convincing and effortless manner, adding another nuance to the song with his calm, concise baritone.

Herbie is on Facebook and Instagram, plus he has a website with all his download links.


As part of her recent tour, Cassyette has released ‘Mayhem’.

‘Mayhem’ is a punk influenced track. Cassyette’s signature vocals detail a love that has run it’s cause and the mayhem that ensues.

Following the release of ‘Behind Closed Doors’ with Kid Brunswick late last year (which we heard in January (week 31)), ‘Mayhem’ continues to showcase Cassyette’s effortless ability to blend genres together and a reminder that she is here to takeover 2022. Talking about the track Cassyette said “Over the last year I’ve learnt that nothing good lasts forever and sometimes you have to let things go. I loved him, and he loved me, but after going through so much, it changed things between us and we had too many problems beyond repair. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that our time was up, and we both wanted to let go. We had reached the bottom line and my whole world turned upside down. I don’t think you ever fully get over heartbreak. We broke each other’s hearts. It feels like Mayhem.”

Cassyette on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


Sarah Perrotta has released ‘The Other Side’.

Hudson Valley, NY chanteuse Sarah Perrotta’s alluring voice and thoughtful piano driven songs navigate the depths of jazz complexity dressed in pop sensibility. ‘The Other Side’ is taken from ‘Blue to Gold, which is Sarah’s fourth album of art-rock/dream pop. Crafting the sonics and songs of this stellar album took several year, with legendary drummer/producer Jerry Marotta at the iconic Dreamland Recording Studios in the Catskill Mountains. Sarah will be touring Switzerland, France and Italy with her band this in 2022.

Sarah has a website, at sarahperrottamusic.com, and is on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.


Lauren Ann released ‘Blatant’ on March 2nd.

Northern Ireland alt indie-pop artist Lauren Ann has released her blistering, new track ‘Blatant’. It sees Lauren continue her upward trajectory, exposing the depth of her song writing and the true grit of her musical prowess.

Lauren explains, “‘Blatant’ is about a blunt end to a relationship that you cared about. It’s about being let down by someone you didn’t think (or rather didn’t want to believe) could hurt you. It’s about being left out in the cold, yet you still care for them even though they don’t care for you any more.

Her own experiences are the launch-pad for her imagination to take those stories into bigger directions. It’s also about staying true to who she is. Lauren continues, “My songs are centred around heartbreak and anger. I didn’t want to write love songs as it’s not who I am. So I ended up doing break-up songs instead.”

Lauren Ann is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Braidwood have released ‘Down Along the Road’.

Braidwood is from Vancouver . Back in November (week 21) we heard ‘Cat’s Got Your Tongue’. Like that track, ‘Down Along The Road’ is taken from the album ‘Braidwood’s Second Cacophony’.

Braidwood has a website at braidwoodsongs.com.


Friendmaker released ‘You, Me and everything else’ on March 3rd.

From the Irish borderlands emerges Friendmaker, a five-piece indie alt-folk pop-rock band. Ainger, songwriter and producer David Marron fronts the band. Released on March 3rd, ‘You, Me and Everything Else’ is their début single. This endearing and infectious indie-folk offering is accompanied by a stark, meaningful video. The video has cinematography by Darren Finn and Fiona Marron and choreography by Orla Sheridan and Paige Cunningham.

‘You, Me & Everything Else’ is a reflective folk meandering that wilfully loses itself to a darker undertow. It is a moment in thought. The pause before a new chapter. A love song about the other love, the one they don’t write about; love beyond the initial spark and the early excitement; a love that requires you to reveal more of yourself than just the curated ideal; love that invites you to learn more of self and asks you to lay bare your innermost truths. Will they still like the real you? Will you?

‘You, Me & Everything Else’ has been released via the band’s own imprint House of Strange Vinyl. It is available everywhere digitally.

Friendmaker have a website, at friendmakermusic.com, and are on Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.


The Ashley Bean Band has released ‘Don’t Go Away’.

We previously heard ‘What You Deserve’ by the Ashley Bean Band, back in September 2021 (week 12).

The Ashley Bean Band is a rock band hailing from Peoria Illinois. Over the years, The Ashley Bean Band has had influences that have molded their career into what it is today. Cathy Reynolds, four-time CIA Gospel Artist of the Year, Mike Isenberg of the International acclaimed family band, The Jets, back-up musicians, Rusty Hall, and John Coulter, Marshall Tuckers sound engineer, Journey, and Diana Meltzer founder of Seether have helped direct this young energized rock band. The bands music has been compared to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, as well as Alice in Chains and Nirvana. But The Ashley Bean Band would say it is classical meets rock with a heartfelt and unique style.

All of the lyrics and music are Ashley’s original creations. Her voice style and genre is distinct, raw and gives her music an incredible commercial, but almost underground sound at the same timeless, not pretty and pink, but black on black.

The Ashley Bean Band have a website at ashleybeanband.net and are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Sarah Class released ‘I Saw You in a Dream’ on March 4th.

This is the third single taken from Sarah’s album ‘Resonate’. We have heard the previous two -‘Blackbird’ in February (Week 33) and the title track, ‘Resonate’, in November (Week 20).

‘I Saw You in a Dream’ is possibly the only track on the album which has a more contemporary/pop feel. This euphoric song is about passionate connections between people, and the complexity of loving another who is always just out of reach. The dreamer has complete freedom to love and be loved on an entirely different plane of existence…

Resonate is a diverse, cinematic album intermingling between genres. Encompassing both the epic and intimate, from highly lyrical & emotive classical concertos, soaring choral musical panoramas, to folk-inspired melodies and popular singer songwriter style pieces, the album also includes a special commission from H.R.H The Prince of Wales – ‘Rhythm of the Earth’ – to highlight the message & ethos of this Terra Carta project at the COP26 Climate conference in Glasgow.

Sarah has a website, at sarahclass.com and is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


Adrian Snell has released ‘Breath Believe’.

We previously heard ‘The Earth is Full of Sorrow’ in December (week 24). Both that track and ‘Breath Believe’ were released on an EP as a teaser for Adrian Snell’s trilogy, ‘Kintsugi – The Art of Precious Scars’. That album – all three CDs – is being released on 11th March

Adrian Snell is a composer, performer and music therapist. He is known for albums such as ‘The Passion’, ‘The Cry, A Requiem for the Lost Child’, and ‘Alpha and Omega’. He has performed concerts across the world at venues including The Royal Albert Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral. At the turn of the century, Adrian decided to train as a Music Therapist. He completed his training in 2002 and received a post graduate diploma in Music Therapy awarded by the University of Bristol through the Faculty of Medicine. He now practices as a Music Therapist and Arts Therapy Consultant at; Three Ways Academy; First Steps ‘Bath Opportunities Preschool’, in his home town, Bath. Adrian returned to the concert stage in 2015 and now seeks to integrate his skills and experience as composer, performer, recording artist, communicator and music therapist.

Adrian has a website, at adrian-snell.com, and is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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