‘Goodbye’ by Fueled by Grace is out now.

Fueled by Grace are from Switzerland. They have a website, at fueledbygrace.ch, but the band’s bio is in German which I can’t read! Fueled by Grace are also on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.


On 22nd October Sarah Class released ‘Resonate’.

‘Resonate’ is the title track of Sarah’s brand-new album to be released early next year. It was recorded with the stunning players of Orchestra for the Earth, conducted by John Warner, at Sir George Martin’s Air Lyndhurst Studios in Hampstead. The single, has been especially written for the World Land Trust. It is part of a diverse, cinematic album intermingling between genres. The album encompasses both the epic and the intimate, from highly lyrical & emotive classical concertos, soaring choral musical panoramas, to folk-inspired melodies & popular singer/songwriter style pieces. It also includes a special commission from H.R.H The Prince of Wales, ‘Rhythm of the Earth’ to highlight the message and ethos of this Terra Carta project at this year’s COP26 Climate conference in Glasgow.

In eastern Guatemala, mountain streams flow into the Sarstún River and fill the stunning Laguna Grande Lagoon before emptying out into the Caribbean Sea. Ambassador to World Land Trust, Sarah says: “We have this incredible opportunity to save one of the most critical ecosystem chains which links seagrass meadows to mangroves and tropical forests. I am so passionate about the work of WLT because their game changing work to protect and preserve these important and unique areas of the globe is so powerful and effective. I love being able to contribute through the creation of music, as music is such an immediate and uniquely connective art form.”

Sarah has a website at sarahclass.com.


The Pink Diamond Revue released ‘The Fuzz Guitar’ on 22nd October.

‘The Fuzz Guitar’ is taken from The Pink Diamond Revue’s forthcoming film ‘’A New Kind Of Life’’. The film tells the story of AcID DoL going missing during lockdown. It will be available from December 2021.

The Pink Diamond Revue are a 3 piece from London UK fronted by aCid DoL, a model from another dimension, Tim Lane (guitar) and Rob Stock (drums). Taking references as far back as the 1950’s they combine hypnotic beats with electronica of today and using backing tracks, analogue keyboards and 60’s b movie type cut ups, they create a totally futuristic dance sound. They have performed over 300 live shows in UK and Europe in the last 8 years. This is all delivered with an underlying confrontational edge.

Their live shows are like no other band, a self- produced film is projected over the band as they perform creating an audio visual assault, often leaving the audience breathless, and they will be touring in 2021:

The Pink Diamond Revue have a website, at thepinkdiamondrevue.com, and are on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


On 29th October James Zada released ‘Fame’.

Located in beautiful West Wales, Producer James Zada announces the release of his new single Fame – the title track from his new 14 track album, and a wonderful tribute to the much-missed music icon and legend George Michael. Already an established instrumental producer of New Age music known as Llewellyn and having sold over 1.5 million albums worldwide in his 26-year-old career, Zada ventures into the world of contemporary pop music, with his nostalgic 80s and 90s vibe with a modern commercial twist.

Fame’ has a slick cool production and smooth vocal delivery and is an immediate nod to the George Michaelesque era. Zada’s vocals hauntingly remind us of the man himself with his breathy vocal and emotional delivery. Taken from his self-penned and self-produced album of the same title, ‘Fame’ is a mix of up-tempo pop songs with quieter moments too that showcase his highly praised vocals

James Zada himself produced, arranged, mixed and mastered the entire record. There is also a ‘Fame’ deluxe version that contains 30 tracks. These include remixes as well as additional new tracks. Zada has made full use of his creative time in lockdown! A successful composer and producer for over two decades, James Zada is determined to succeed as a singer-songwriter with a distinctive nostalgic feel but fresh modern production.

James has a website at jameszada.com and is on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube


In the autumn, Fingers & Sunshine released ‘Smile’ which is taken from their album ‘Solar Plexus’.

Back in week 14 we listened to ‘Slow Down’ which is taken from the same album.

Fingers and Sunshine began as a musical duo in Bloomington, Indiana in 1987. David McKibben and Fred Crowder (dec’d) picked up a third member when David’s brother Ron arrived in town. The trio went from playing and living on the street to living in apartments and playing on the radio after three years of writing and playing their own music as well as covers of songs.

Many incarnations of the band through the years have culminated in the present line-up featuring David and Ron McKibben on vocals and guitar and song-writing, Donald Steininger on bass and vocals, and Larry Stoltie on drums, percussion and vocals.

Fingers & Sunshine have a website at fingersandsunshine.com and have all their socials listed on linktr.ee/fingersandsunshine.


Larry Pink The Human released ‘Do Don’t Will Won’t’ on November 5th.

‘Do Don’t Will Won’t’ calls upon pop-rock mannerisms of the early noughties, with an undeniably modern sense of self-awareness percolating through its delivery. The band says, “This song is an embrace of our lack of control. Life happens and we are powerless to stop it.”

Having amassed an expansive portfolio of singles over a year that has seen LPTH pick up relentless radio support and perform a coveted secret set at Reading Festival, the duo – consisting of Laurie Vincent and Jolyon Thomas – are putting their name to their inaugural full-length release. An exercise in boundless creativity, the album ‘M1XTAPE’ depicts the full human condition over its seven tracks. Having experienced profound grief as well as exhilarating happiness within their personal lives in recent memory, this compilation offer a window into the worlds of the two band members.“Nothing speaks to us deeper than music and these songs represent the beginning of LPTH,” Laurie & Jolyon explain. “The highs the lows, the ordinary and the fantastic all bundled up one after the other with a guitarlele and some weird synths.”

Larry Pink The Human will be touring in March 2022

5th March Joiners, Southampton

6th March Patterns, Brighton

9th March Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

11th March YES, Manchester

12th March King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

13th March The Key Club, Leeds

16th March Oslo, London

17th March Forum, Tumbridge Wells

They have a website at larrypinkthehuman.com and are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Beaux released ‘Guard Down’ on 5th November.

Another undeniable display of Beaux’s effortless flair for captivating pop melodies and relatable lyricism, the track complements his recent single ‘It’s A Landslide’. Where ‘It’s A Landslide’ focused on a relationship that isn’t working out through a sunny, optimistic lens, ‘Guard Down’ inspects regrets and the importance of vulnerability.

Of ‘Guard Down’, Beaux says, “It is a really fast paced track that takes some inspiration from my favourite band growing up, Green Day. I wrote it with Jonah Summerfield, and it’s a sort of introspective look at what I’ve learned over the years and how differently I could have acted in past situations if I knew then what I know now.”

Beaux is on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.


Exit Clue released ‘Out Of Sight’ on November 5th.

Exit Clue is an Indie Pop duo of cousins based in Denver, Colorado. Joe Lowery and Jared Houts’ vibrant, dancy tracks exude fun, honesty and ironic introspection. With a taste for 1920’s speakeasies, neon lights and the passionate nihilism of the Y and Z generations, Exit Clue conveys an aesthetic of animalistic chaos mixed with patterned order. This aesthetic is symbolic of the mix of personalities between Joe and Jared, as well as the mix of genre and instrumentation in their music.

Exit Clue have a website with links to all their social media and streaming platforms.


‘Il Volo Sings Morricone’ was released on 5th November. ‘The Ecstasy of Gold is the single from that album.

Award winning Italian singing sensations, Il Volo announce their anticipated new album ‘Il Volo Sings Morricone’. It was released worldwide on 5th November on Sony Music. The album is a tribute to one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, Ennio Morricone, (1928 – 2020). The Maestro’s family have endorsed it. ‘Il Volo Sings Morricone’ consists of 14 tracks recalling the Maestro’s legendary melodies. It includes the first single, ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ from the film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.

Il Volo have a website at ilvolomusic.com.


Recently Factory released ‘Mama Called Me’ which is taken from the album ‘Aiming High’.

Back in week 16, we heard the title track from ‘Aiming High’. Now Factory are promoting another track from the album.

Factory have an Official Website and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


The show is available at MixCloud


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