‘Callin I Tribe’ is from Marcus Gad and Tamal’s new album ‘Brave New World’ which was released on November 5th.

Marcus Gad, the fast-rising reggae artist, hails from New Caledonia, a French-controlled island in the South Pacific. He embodies a spiritual movement of soul music and meditative roots that is uniquely his. For his latest project he has teamed up with his long-time collaborator and friend, French beat-maker Tamal.

From the pyramids of Egypt, with ‘One Day’, to the desert of Morocco, with ‘Tempo’, this album pushes their inspiration beyond the boundaries of reggae. ‘Brave New World’ has been released on November 5th and the full length LP is already available in Europe.

Marcus is now getting ready for his upcoming 2022 tour with his band ‘Tribe’. It has been confirmed that they will play at ROTOTOM Sunsplash 2022 festival in Spain.

Marcus Gad has a website, at marcus-gad.com, and is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Tamal is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Ormidales have recently released ‘West Of Eden’.

We’ve heard The Ormidales before; back in September (week 13) we heard ‘Crawlin’ On My Hands and Knees’; in November (week 24) we heard ‘Last Train Out’. Now this band, from Vancouver, Canada have released a new folk-rock single, ‘West of Eden’.

Days of innocence may have eluded us momentarily. In our mind’s eye, these idyllic places of peace and fulfilment lay in the multi-coloured weave of history; we were given a glimpse through the canvases of the painters and writers of the books created in the previous centuries. Some of these places may still exist today, awaiting only our curiosity, discovery and delight. Our dreams at night and moments of reflection in daylight hours may be the thread that leads us along our own storyline to meet a messenger, guiding us to places and times where innocence and beauty flourish freely… West of Eden!

The Ormidales are on Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube.


Solid Dream released their début album ‘Like Roses’ in December. ‘Like I Would’ is one of two singles from that album.

Solid Dream’s album, ‘Like Roses’ includes their first two singles, ‘Like I Would’ and ‘Your Love’

Solid Dream come from Lahr, Black-Forest, Germany. They say, “Our music is the way we reflect on our lives and gather strength for new adventures. Love, freedom and fun are at the centre of it. The album ‘Like Roses’ is the result of a turbulent journey so far, full of euphoria and disappointment, ups and downs.

Solid Dream have a website, at solid-dream.com


Dick Aven released a new album, ‘Spin So Long’ on 3rd December. ‘Fly Into The Fire’ is the third track from that album.

David played the first track from this album – ‘Stirred Up’ – on 29th December.

Dick Aven is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist studio musician and a touring saxophonist who currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Dick has been making music since he could reach the keys of his mother’s piano. In his teens he developed an interest in jazz music. As a composer he has been described as a ‘troublemaking progressive’

Dick currently has four albums of original music available on all major music platforms. His new album, ‘Spin So Long’ features Dick’s song writing, singing and multi-instrumental arranging skills. Plus stylized tenor saxophone soloing on a set of songs and videos which might be described as Alternative Soul or Modern American Blues based Rock

Dick has a website, at dickaven.com and is on Facebook and Bandcamp.


On 11th December, The Red Lite District released a new EP ‘The Shape of Things To Come’. ‘Supersonic’ is the lead track from that album.

The Red Lite District are a four piece punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band produce a distinctive blend of punk rock which can be energetic and atmospheric with a modern edge. Their sound is filled with momentum, melody and insightful lyrics. The Red Lite District have created this new E.P, titled ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, with five new and original tracks. This new EP sees The Red Lite District expand their sound whilst retaining the driving momentum they are so well known for.

The Red Lite District are on Facebook and Bandcamp.


‘I don’t Care’ comes from Will Ludford’s recently released album ‘All I wanted is You’.

We heard the title track from this album in December (week 26).

Will is a Blues guitarist who hails from the market town of Leighton Buzzard. He has had a successful career working with some of the top names in the UK music industry and was voted guitarist of the year by listeners of XLRadio.

Will is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Tone Ranger released ‘Wavelength’ on 17th December.

Influenced by his lone journeys through vast Southwestern lands, Tone Ranger’s music travels through realms of analogue technology, vast deserts, empty highways and Red Rock canyons. Starting out in his ‘Rolling Studio’, a van decked out for recording, most of his work was composed living out in National Parks responding to the sounds of the land and collecting field recordings. Since releasing his début EP in 2018 he’s fast becoming one of the most in-demand live electronic acts emerging from the Southwest. Now playing at drive-ins throughout the US; Tone Ranger’s show is expanding into an immersive audio-visual experience.

‘Wavelength’ is taken from Tone Ranger’s current EP ‘Follow The Sun’.

Tone Ranger is on Facebook and Bandcamp.


In December, Man Wazimu released ‘Sugar Daddy Lover’

Born Peter Wagany, but known as Man Wazimu, he is a Nairobi (Kenya) based reggae artist with a unique voice and style. Man Wazimu says, “My place of resident Mukuru Kwa njenga Slums, where talent is plenty but resources are scarce getting into the music industry is quite a tall order.” Having been inspired by Hardstone, the strict seventh day Adventist had to overcome various challenges until he released his first single.

In 2016 Man Wazimu released his third studio album titled ‘Thru My Eyez’ working in Everblazzing Production. Since then, he has released various singles that have been well received. His musical journey continues. This single titled ‘Sugar Daddy’s Lover is a dancehall song on Ericanal Matemba Riddim. It is a Rass Nigga production, and is an upbeat song. It is a song about a young lady deciding to only get into relationships with older wealthy men to better her lifestyle and living standard.

Man Wazimu is on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


Beach House have released ‘New Romance’, which is Chapter 2 from their forthcoming album ‘Once Twice Melody’.

In week 24 (8th December) we heard ‘Once Twice Melody’ which came from the 4 track EP, Chapter 1. Now Beach House have released Chapter 2, another 4 track EP from which ‘New Romance’ is taken. Both of these EPs – and Chapter 3 which will be released in January 2022 – come from their forthcoming, double album which will be released on 18th February.

The album will be available in the following formats:

  • Limited ‘GOLD’ Edition 2xLP in a gold-embossed, hinged box on gold and clear vinyl with full-colour booklet and 2 exclusive posters
  • ‘SILVER’ Edition 2xLP in a silver embossed black sleeve, on classic black vinyl with double-sided exclusive poster
  • 2xCD with exclusive poster
  • 2xCassette
  • Digital

Beach House return to the UK and Europe in Spring 2022 as part of a full tour. It includes a night at London’s Brixton Academy on 26th May.

Beach House have a website, at beachhousebaltimore.com, have a website with links to all their downloads and are on Facebook.


On 31st December, twst released ’Sugared Up’

Co-produced with the Ivor Novello-nominated Slinger, Welsh musical innovator twst releases ‘Sugared Up’ – a sickly-sweet, satirical commentary on toxic masculinity in the music industry, dusted with Tchaikovsky’s imitable ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ melody.

Born and raised in Barry, Wales, twst grew up working at her father’s chicken factory. At 14, she left home and formal education and relocated to a recording studio in the South Wales Valleys where she self-taught herself music production and dug deep into pop culture. Now based in London, twst takes the lead on all her projects, writing and producing the music and directing her videos, but also seeking out the most exciting and revered collaborators from across the creative community, whether they’re producers, songwriters, photographers, or stylists.

In ‘Sugared Up’, twst hacks at the toxicity rife within parts of the music industry, exorcising her frustration at young female and non-binary musicians being sent to write with older, white cisgender men, through lacerating lyricism — “they try to send me to guys, “improve my writing”, but me and my girls created this world and trust you were never invited”. She further pokes fun at this sentiment, ironically writing the song over Romantic Era composer Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ melody. As she commandeers the hook, already dormant in many a consciousness, it is her way of reclaiming power from an industry full of writers that share no real-life experience with people like herself.

twst is on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.


Empty City Squares released ‘The Disappearing Architect’ on 4th January. ‘Going on Strike’ is the first track from the album.

Fresh from a round of accolades for 2019’s ‘337’ album, Empty City Squares shows no sign of slowing down in either craft or ambition. ECS main man, John Fotadis (AKA “Yanni” to his friends), has written a new Empty City Squares album, ‘The Disappearing Architect’. The album is largely a musical response to an astonishing media farce and bias he experienced first-hand in mid-2018.

ECS is the sometimes-full-band, sometimes virtual alias of Yanni. He is an architect by day, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist by night, and a renaissance man the rest of the time. Over the last 20+ years, when not designing buildings, or drawing and painting, he has written and recorded music for independent films, theatrical productions, TV shows and podcasts. Yanni loves old school rock and roll. He is hugely influenced by the decades of rock and pop music that have come out of the UK. His original music, at times, has been called a blend of power pop, indie and art rock. He likes to call it “thinking man’s rock”.

Empty City Squares are on Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and have a website which lists all their down-load sites.


The show is available on MixCloud.


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