On June 21st Dayglow released ‘Then It All Goes Away’

Dayglow is back with details of life-affirming new album ‘People In Motion’. It will be out on October 7th. New single, ‘Then It All Goes Away’, introduces the album. Having sold out his first ever London show at Brixton Electric earlier this year, Dayglow returns to the UK with a main-stage appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival this August.

The 10 tracks of ‘People In Motion’ are, once again, conceptualized, written, played, and produced by Sloan Struble. End to end they are delightfully pure, hyper-melodic manifestations of Struble’s desire to steer clear of conflict or drama and offer someone something to love.

‘Then It All Goes Away’ is the album’s exuberant first single. Dayglow reflects, “I made ‘Then It All Goes Away’ after coming home from my 2021 U.S. Fall tour. I started writing the bassline during my morning coffee and I finished the full composition by the end of the day. It felt so fresh and natural to write – I was just having fun honestly. It felt like a year’s worth of unconscious ideas all came to the front of my brain at once and just spilled out.

I was really just thinking of my fans the whole time making it and imagining “how can I make a Dayglow song that feels so familiar, yet feels like a brand new experience entirely?” I want everything I create to continue to get better and expand in imagination holistically, from song writing to concept to production to video. Now I feel like I’m at a place as an artist where I know my fans, I know myself, and I know what I want to do with this gift I’ve been given – my vision is now clear and I’m seeing full color.

The album, ‘People In Motion’, will be released October 7th but can be pre-ordered now, and Dayglow have website with all the relevant links. The single, ‘Then It All Goes Away’ is available now, via Dayglow’s website with all the down-load links.


Vigilantes released ‘Drawing Auras’ on June 30th.

Following their début EP, ‘Ambedo Auras’ in 2021, new single ‘Drawing Auras’ takes Vigilantes into a new era. Emerging from the pandemic with a stronger and bolder sound, they will also be touring in the UK.

Intentionally released alongside the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, the band describe the driving metaphors that run through the lyrics. “Imagine Michael Schumacher in the 90s, having an existential crisis mid race about his relationship status that’s being sound-tracked by Smashing Pumpkins. The drive of racers to block out everything and hold the racing line and the auras that they have, encapsulate this song. We watched F1 religiously whilst recording ‘Drawing Auras’ and stopped recording drums mid take in the studio to witness Verstappen beat Hamilton.

Vigilantes are going on a UK headline tour with Music Venue Trust in July & August. Dates below

Mon, 25th July – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Tue, 26th July – The Louisiana, Bristol
Wed, 27th July – Drummonds, Worcester
Thu, 28th July – The Railway Inn, Winchester
Mon 1st Aug The Prince Albert – Brighton
Tue 2nd Aug – The Lexington, London
Wed 3rd Aug – Rough Trade, Nottingham
The Vigilantes are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, plus they have a website with all their down-load links. Tickets to their shows are available via Ticket Web.


Judy Pearson released ‘Blame’ on July 1st.

After honing her skills in song writing over the past few years, Judy Pearson now releases her new single ‘Blame’. It’s has a blend of emotive lyrics and soft but powerful vocals.

You can find more information on Judy Pearson by visiting her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


On July 1st Tommy Buller released ‘High Lonesome’.

Tommy Buller is from Tennessee, USA, and he has released his newest single ‘High Lonesome’. Written by Gretchen Peters, the single follows previous singles ‘6 Feet Under and Still Going Down’ and ‘Nothing Said It All’. Both of those reached the top 10 on multiple bluegrass charts.

Tommy says, “Randy Travis has been one of my heroes since I was about 5 years old. I remember when he released the ‘High Lonesome’ album, and I thought, that’s a great song. I played the song for years with my parents’ bluegrass band. It has always been one of my favourites.


L K Pryor has recently released ‘Cold Hard Truth’.

L K Pryor’s roots and touring background from the East Coast to the West Coast eventually brought her to Nashville’s ‘Third Coast’. It is now a place to call home with her husband, Wesley Pryor. She says, “Both of us wanted to be closer to the music industry and connect with the creative community in Nashville and over the years, we have felt like we made a good decision.

L K started this music project at a crazy time when the world was experiencing more uncertainty than most of us have ever known. She says, “I found a sense of purpose sitting still with a guitar and a notepad and writing songs that I felt I was being guided to write. That process involved real work, but recording the songs and completing the project was the ultimate goal and reward.

She has a website, at lkpryormusic.com, and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Lara Lark’s ‘Nature’s Way’ is out now.

Lara Lark is a US based singer, songwriter and producer who creates psychedelic/chill dream pop. In Lara’s own words, “The music is designed to stimulate the senses and cultivate feelings of peace and nostalgia.

Lara has a distinctive and unique ability for layering and panning music and vocals in a binaural vortex of psychedelic colour. Taking inspiration from some of the greatest artists on the planet, Lara wears her influences brightly. The result is a combination of lush harmonies, and beautiful musical arrangement that will appeal to your spiritual side

‘Nature’s Way’ is the brand-new single from Lara and is a cover from 60s/70s band Spirit.

Lara is on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube


Ralph Stanley II released ‘Back to Virginia’ on July 8th.

Ralph says, “When I hear this song, I think a lot about my dad and I think the listener will think about their loved ones who have passed on as well. Personally, I believe this is the best song I’ve ever recorded, both in song quality and my performance.

Ralph has a website, at ralph2.com, and is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


On 9th July, Jemima Thewes released her début album, ‘Calling’. ‘Moon’ is one of the two singles on that album.

Jemima is a singer/songwriter who grew up in the highlands of Scotland. It is an atmospheric landscape which continues to help fuel the bones of her material. She sings traditional songs and her own material. Too shy to share her ballads, it was 2013 before she found her voice and began writing songs in earnest. Jemima writes songs that are deeply textured with layers of grit, tenderness, mischief, humour and wisdom. Her début album ‘Calling’ is inspired by the fleetingness of life and the tragicomedy-ness of human existence.

The album holds new work written by Jemima, plus a traditional ballad and features various musician pals to create an enveloping folksy fusion of dark songs and bright, deep rhythms. With lyrics and melodies that creep up and catch you unawares and beats that get you moving in spirit and body. These cloud-hopping tales are told by warm, powerful vocals and carried on a bed of heavy, playful percussion and strings, evoking highland landscapes, the underworld and transformation.

Jemima has a website, at jemimathewes.co.uk and is on Facebook and YouTube.


Køash is releasing ‘Dominoes’ on 22nd July.

‘Dominoes’ is Welsh singer/songwriter, Køash’s début single.

Køash is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He has a website with all his download links.


Back in June, the Red Ant Band released ‘Lay Your Love on Me’.

The Red And Band have been writing original music since 2014 that has received airplay globally – and here on ICR! (We played ‘You’ve Been a Long Time Away’ in, February 2022 Week 32). They have built their reputation locally and beyond, and now release their new single ‘Lay Your Love On Me’.

Details on this along with further information on Red Ant Band can be found on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Dexter has recently released ‘Pressure’.

Talking about the song, Dexter said, “The song was the first song I had made in a while that I liked after a long period of really not enjoying making music. In the song I was talking about the way I feel like I’ve changed since leaving school and how I wanted to change the way I’d been feeling, as I’d felt so bad for quite a while. I think this is my fave song I have made so far I like it a lot.

And that’s all the information I’ve got!


On July 6th, Morning Midnight released ‘Blurry’.

Glasgow duo Morning Midnight have released their stunning new song ‘Blurry’. The bedroom-pop are a juxtaposition that makes sense from the start. They have created a sound where you constantly feel like you’re falling whilst being held. Singer/ songwriter Jordan Scott’s personal lyrics and soaring vocals captivate. While Jess Pascal’s background in production, piano playing and synthesis both ground and illuminate the group’s sound.

About their new single Scott says, “This song is just my attempt to understand my own mind. We have a history of mental health issues in our family and I wanted to try and find a through line from my own thoughts and feelings to the people who came before me. As a society we’re still coming to terms with trying to understand mental health and as a result the process can get quite messy, so I guess this is just me working through that in my own way.

Morning Midnight have a website, at morningmidnight.co.uk, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


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