The tracks played on Week 3 of Izzy’s New Emporium, and links to the artists, are as follows:

1) Little Finger released ‘Big Finish’ on 7th May, and ‘Fly’ is the first track on the album.

Little Finger is the new solo project of David Brooks, who, like every musician, found himself at a loose end during lockdown. While the name might not mean a lot to start with, dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover he’s been a member Cutting Crew and D:ream and became the keyboard player for Gary Numan in 1996. Since then, he’s done it all. He’s worked with a host of big names, from Smokey Robinson to Samuel L. Jackson, and everything in between, as well as being a DJ, songwriter, and a part of The Sway Allstars Orchestra. “Big Finish” sees him working alongside some of the talented and experienced musicians who he’s met along the way.

Little Finger have a website at


2) The Magic Epic released ‘Summer’ on 11th June.

The Magic Epic is a singer-songwriter from the UK, who grew up in the city then moved to the sea where he found his true calling. He writes songs about life, love and spiritual awakening. After the success of his last single ‘Sally’, The Magic Epic is back with the stunning single ‘Summer’ He says, “It’s about the Summer of 2013, which was a scorcher and where I met the people I know here now after moving to Brighton in 2011 from London. We had the summer of our lives and it was always the bench mark to have as good times that, when all of the stars aligned, from beach fires and acoustic guitar singalongs, to full scale epic nights in the clubs. It’s about chasing the euphoria of that summer in a nut shell. ”

Magic Epic have a website at and are on Facebook


3) John Leslie Hulcombe released ‘Love Found a Way’ on 21st June.

Aussie singer songwriter John Leslie Hulcombe is back with yet another inspiring and catchy single, ‘Love Found A Way’. His new track is a genre diverse representation covering Pop, Rock, and Folk that is heavy on the imagery-filled lyricism and uplifting instrumentation. Gaining universal acclaim with his music so far, John has been penning his album.. For now, Love Found A Way but an album awaits in the none too distant future.

He is on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook


4) The Hot Damn released ‘Dance Around’ on 2nd July.

The Hot Damn! are four hot damn ladies rocking a new sound. They released their debut single Dance Around on 2nd July. This energetic guitar-driven summer anthem is set to get you swinging / swaying Bruce Springsteen-style all over your kitchen floor. Engineered by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts) and Adam Thistlethwite (Massive Wagons) and produced by Melbourne Legend Ricki Rae, Dance Around is a light-hearted embodiment of positivity in the bleakest of times.

Gill Montgomery (guitar and vocals) comments: “Dance Around was written at the height of the first lockdown. It was a frustrated reaction to the immobile state of the world at that time with the only real motivation being the thought of better times… Some of us are lucky enough to escape into our own creativity and live vicariously through that. We were aiming for something uplifting and fun that you can dance to, I defy anyone not to move to this!”

They will be touring in the Autumn, with shows in London, Nottingham, Birmingham and more. Tickets are available from their website at


5) Tom Sonic, with Katja, release ‘Time is a Healer’ on 2nd July.

Tom Sonic is a mysterious male music producer from Hamburg, Germany. His face and age remain a mystery, but his music is quick to touch. The lyrics of his songs always reflect his own life shaped by ups and downs. Due to his American roots, he writes all of his texts in English. His first single “Time is a Healer”, sung by the well-known Hamburg singer Kathrin Biber aka Katja, quickly reminds one of the well-known artist Adele, but the sound is a modern, crossed sound with a live piano and an electric guitar.

He is on Spotify and Instagram, and the track is available from all the usual down-load sites.


6) Darren Parry released his new single, ‘Summer of Love’, on 4th July.

Welsh multi-award winning singer/songwriter Darren Parry encapsulates those much-needed carefree summer days out with his latest single, ‘Summer Of Love’. The song is co-written by Darren and Welsh singer/songwriter and ex Jesus Christ Superstar lead, Steve Balsamo. This collaboration between two great Welsh singer/songwriters sees them catalysing an upbeat, sultry, hook laden, driving, Country/Rock/Pop track into a very radio friendly 3 min 43 secs – perfect for the summer months ahead! In addition, with restrictions of lockdowns hopefully easing soon, it will allow people to become themselves again, get out and about, and enjoy life a little more.

Darren says, “Steve and I have written several songs during lockdown (via Zoom) over the last year or so and we wanted this song to be upbeat, positive, feel good and have a summer vibe, a total antidote to what we’ve all been through with tough times over the last 15 months. We’re delighted that ‘Summer Of Love’ may be able to spread some positive vibes over the coming summer ahead via the airwaves”.

Darren is on Facebook, Twitter, and all the usual social media channels.


7) Sylvia Bullett released ‘Area 52 Truck Stop’ on 7th July. From the album, ‘Fire and Ice’ has been released as a single.

Sylvia Bullett was born in Manhattan and raised in the Catskills. Her mother – a trained opera singer – was her first piano teacher. She continued her piano study with Theodore Prostokoff and with the first lady of jazz, Lee Shaw. While she attended college, she was writing songs and performing in coffee houses and clubs. She moved to New York in the 80’s and formed bands playing at CBGB and The Continental Divide, opening for the B-52’s. Sylvia moved back to Woodstock, working at Dreamland Recording Studios and had a running gig at the Joyous Lake while she worked extensively on recording in her home studio. She organized Summer concert series in Woodstock venues for Live Peace International starting with 2012 Summer of Peace. Then she began recording at Area 52 Studios owned and operated by the renowned Dave ”Love Shack” Cook, and it features a host of stars. Two tracks from “Area 52 Truck Stop” have been released as singles: “Fire & Ice” which features a rare recording of Robert Frost, and “Girls & Boys”. They are available on all the usual down-load sites. She is also on Facebook


8) Mista Strange released DSTNY on 9th July, and sent a radio edit version in. The explicit version is available on request!

In January 2020, UK drill rapper and songwriter Mista Strange made UK music history with his Blackbox Freestyle. Rather than just tired braggadocious lyricism, Strange would defiantly reveal his sexuality to the world. This revolutionary act set the internet alight. Soon after, Strange was appearing on National TV, talking candidly about his experiences as a gay rapper in a hostile homophobic industry. Now, Mista Strange calls out the genre once again on his brand new single ‘DSTNY’, which is accompanied by a self-directed music video, as premiered on GRM Daily. A song that is sure to stop people dead in their tracks and say: “Did he really just say that?!”. DSTNY is set to break boundaries in what Strange describes as his ‘destiny’ to become the first openly gay rapper in the UK. Very few have dared to be as bold and outlandish as Strange, and DSTNY is only the beginning.

He’s on YouTube



9) Boom Dice, with Sola, released ‘Embers’ on 9th July, and they sent in a clean edit!

Acclaimed, multi-Grammy-nominated, Brit Award-winning producer, songwriter and artist Bryan Wilson, aka Boom Dice, is back with his highly anticipated new single, ‘Embers. The Canadian producer, famed for his work with the likes of Stormzy, Wolf Alice, Disclosure and Plan B, Boom Dice truly has the ability to transcend all genres, with numerous gold and platinum sales certifications globally. On Embers, he has partnered with electronic RnB artist Sola, a captivating vocalist and performer who combines the electronic sounds of Banks and NAO with the emotional conviction of Emilie Nicolas. Embers is just one of the many exciting releases to come from the “Boom Dice Presents” platform in 2021 as Bryan shines a light on emerging talent across the globe… keep your eyes and ears open!

He has a website at


10) MP Grey released ‘Me & You’ on 9th July. The track features Rudiger.

With his new single ‘Me & You’, MP Grey proves his musical diversity. Usually based in Funk & Soul, he proves he can also write and produce great Rock ballads. ‘Me & You’ starts quietly with a serene piano and embarks on a constantly rising tension curve, which is discharged in a rousing guitar solo played by Markus Vollmer. The song has the right mix of emotionality and strength and presents itself as a musical thank you. “We have climbed high and crossed valleys. Throughout time we understand each other blindly!” lines that everyone understands and may fill with their own meaning.


Spotify: MP Grey | Spotify

Soundcloud: MP Grey | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud

Facebook: MP GREY | Facebook

Instagram: MP Grey ( • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

YouTube: Channel MP Grey


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