Bianca released ‘Forever’ on 14th February.

This is being released through THPSongs who were formed in the winter of 2010. Their sole purpose is creating new exciting music including Dance, Pop and R&B under the backdrop of cold grey Glasgow skies. It has proved to be an ideal musical collaboration for Torrance and Hollywood and legendary Producer Drew Phillips who had previously been in charge of the C Sharp recording studio in Glasgow. THPSongs are releasing music by a variety of different artists, of which Bianca is one.

THPSongs have a website, at, and are on Facebook.


The Ardents have released their new album, “A”, from which ‘Someday’ is taken.

The Ardents have created their most eclectic, dynamic, and thought provoking collection of songs to date. This track, called ‘Someday’, from their new album is optimistic and full of jazzy flourishes. It reveals the depth and versatility of the band. The album is available from the bands website,

Ipswich Community Radio can offer you 10% off the album price by quoting “radio” at checkout as long as you do it before the end of February.

The Ardents are on Facebook but they are not streaming their music on Spotify or other download sites, and are relying on album sales for income. So go to their website and buy the album!


Superfecta have recently released their version of the Led Zeppelin classic, ‘Immigrant Song’.

After being locked away on a computer hard drive for nearly two years, Superfecta finally decided to release ‘Immigrant Song’. Initially planned to be part of a three song and video strategy in 2020, that strategy was shelved with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the new singles ‘Breathe In’ and ‘November Pain’ made it out to the airwaves, Immigrant Song was left to gather dust.

Guitarist Danun Todd explains, “The pandemic really threw a spanner in the works, as most bands will testify to. We got the first two tracks out but never got an opportunity with Immigrant Song. With our drummer Matt being landlocked in Malta, getting it released and making a video was impossible. We’ve always been hesitant to record covers but we decided why the hell not. The new version was recorded a step down from the original and in a different key. It`s given it a real pulsating vibe, almost a phasing effect. We think the second part of the track will especially turn heads and cause a bit of a stir. But we didn’t want to release a cover that was just an obvious rehash of the original. We`ll have to wait and see how it’s received.

The band is busy writing and rehearsing new material but will be playing at The Black Heart on April 22nd with support from Blue Stragglers and Levee. Then it’s out to Ukraine and Russia for festival dates and a three week tour. The band hope to release their third album before the end of 2022.

Superfecta have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Obsidian Cane has released ‘Juice’ which features Lyriqé.

UK music producer Obsidian Cane has reunited with Birmingham’s R&B singer/songwriter Lyriqé for their second collaborative single, ‘Juice’. Putting a fresh twist on Mtume’s 80’s soul classic, ‘Juicy Fruit’, Obsidian provides a hefty yet sensuous bass-line to allow way for Lyriqé’s alluringly flirtatious vocals to weave into the smooth after-hours arrangements.

‘Juice’ follows the pair’s well-received first single, ‘I’m Good’ which we heard back in October (week 18).

Obsidian Cane is on Instagram and has a linktr page with all his download links. Lyriqé is on Facebook.


On 14th February, Empires That Dance released ‘Someone Somewhere in Summertime’.

Empires That Dance is a studio project created by Andy Inniss & George Porter. ‘Someone Somewhere In Summertime’ is their 7th single. The track resonates with Empires That Dance more than ever. It’s a song that alludes to a soul mate, lover, friend or family who is distant in some way, shape or form due to circumstances beyond our control. Yet their being is etched into us like burning gold.

Empires That Dance have a website and are on Facebook and Twitter.


Murmurs of Earth released ‘Someone Who Sees Me’ on 14th February.

Murmurs Of Earth released the excellent new single ‘Someone Who Sees Me’ just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is the band’s latest single, following last year’s successful singles ‘Edge Of My Dreams’, ‘The Girl With The Turquoise Eyes’ and ‘Unwind’. Murmurs Of Earth plan to release their new album ‘Fragments Of Stolen Light’ in July. Refreshed and revitalised, Richard & Geoff are busy in the studio recording songs towards their next album release in 2022.

Murmurs Of Earth are Richard Sinclair and Geoff Pickney. Richard has been writing and recording since the early ‘80s and as a solo artist since ‘03. He teamed up with Geoff Pinckney in 2015 and Murmurs Of Earth was born.

Murmurs of Earth have a website, at and are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


Upsize have released ‘Love Only Gets in the Way’.

Upsize hail from Brisbane, Australia and have headlined at many premier venues in Southeast Queensland. They’ve also toured the east coast of Australia taking in venues on the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne and have also played at festivals such as Mitchell Creek Rock ‘n’ Blues Fest.

A modern rock anthem, ‘Love Only Gets in the Way’ is the latest in Upsize’s continuing hunger for creating classic rock music with a twist of melody for the modern day music audience.

Upsize are on Spotify, songkick, Instagram, ReverbNation, Twitter and YouTube.


ALÉ have recently released ‘Spiritual Refinement’.

ALÉ are a rock / electronic / bi-lingual band from Los Angeles, California. They have a website and are on Facebook.


The Pocket Gods have released their new album, ‘Nobody Makes Money Anymore’ which includes the single ‘0.002’.

We heard The Pocket Gods, ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Noise Christmas’ in December (week 25).

The Pocket Gods have now released their new album ‘1000×30 – Nobody Makes Money Anymore’. The album consists of 1,000 songs, each around 30 seconds long. The reason for the songs being only 30 seconds is this is the length after which Spotify pays out a royalty in full. The album is a protest against the lack of fair royalties from music streaming services to artists, songwriters, and performers. The band state that they earn around 0.2p from each stream of a song from Spotify. It used to be around 0.7p, which was still a pittance, but since Spotify became a listed company in 2018 payments to artists have reduced dramatically. Hence, ‘0.002’ is the single from the album. The B-side is ‘Nobody Makes Money Anymore’.

The band are Noel Storey (keys) and Mark Christopher Lee Vocals and Guitar (both founding members) ex Searchers drummer Scott Ottaway and Simon Herries on Bass. They have been campaigning for fairer royalties since their first (in a series of 9) albums of 100 songs all 30 seconds long back in 2015.

The Pocket Gods are on Facebook and Twitter.


On 18th February, Danny G & The Major & 7ths will release their new album, ‘The Lookout’, from which ‘Believing’ is taken.

Danny G is one of the founding fathers of Irish neo-soul. Début Love Joints (2014) introduced a smooth, throwback album of personal songs and harmonies. With the help of producer Ken McCabe the sound has evolved to become a deeper, richer, more mature-evoking the classic neo-soul artists of the 2000s.

The Major 7ths are a team of top funk and jazz players, including Niall Horan, Loah, Mary Coughlan, Zaska, Ensemble Eriu, Selk and LaGracia. Their second album, ‘The Lookout, will be launched, live in The Sugar Club on February 18th 2022.

The group have a website, at, and are on Facebook.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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