Izzy’s New Music Emporium – Week 38: 16/03/2022 – Play List

 Telefis released their début album, ‘a hAnon’ on March 3rd. That album includes ‘We Need’.

Telefís is a collaboration between composer/mixer/producer Garret “Jacknife” Lee and singer-lyricist-composer Cathal Coughlan. (Telefís is the Irish Gaelic word for Television, pronounced Tele-feesh.)

Having known each other vaguely in Ireland’s early 80s post-punk scene, Jacknife is now based in L.A. and Cathal lives in London. A timely re-introduction by a mutual friend led to the two spending 2020 trading ideas and musical files during lockdown. They hatched plans for a satirical, mischievous examination of Irish history and the pop culture of their lifetimes. They have labelled it “a corrosive nostalgia“.

A series of remarkable singles and remixes, started with ‘We Need’ EP in mid-2021 and was followed by ‘Mister Imperator’. Now Coughlan and Lee de-construct the Ireland of their youth through the prism of politics, technology and religion. Complemented by arcane imagery and 60s/70s video footage that are both playfully ironic and endearingly melancholic, these singles have set the table for one of year’s most intriguing and adventurous début albums.

‘a hAon’ album is available on CD and Vinyl. Both come with two-sided lyric sheet insert, as well as across digital platforms. Telefis have a website, at telefis.ie, and are on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


Ryan Sheridan released his new single, ‘Get Yourself Together’ on March 4th.

As the County Monaghan man continues to rip it up with his upcoming “Americana” covers project, his latest single “Get Yourself Together” is out now.  First released by The Black Keys on their 2019 ‘Let’s Rock’ album, Ryan Sheridan brings his trademark killer guitar sound and inimitable vocals to this feel-good stomper.

Ryan is gearing up for a German tour in May. It will coincide with the release of the new album, as well as a string of Irish festival appearances this summer. He says the reaction so far to this new project has been amazing. He adds: “Since taking time out from my own catalogue to cover and have fun exploring these Americana tracks, the fans have been unbelievably supportive. And like The Black Keys, this is all self-produced and I’ve poured a huge amount of myself into it. It has been an amazing adventure and I just can’t wait to get the album released and get back out on tour.

‘Get Yourself Together’ is available now, and Ryan’s album, ‘Americana’ will be  released on LP / CD Friday 6th May.

Ryan has a website, at ryansheridanmusic.com and is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


On 4th March, Nick Hudson released ‘Lights/Svoboda’.

British avant pop artist Nick Hudson presents his new single, ‘Lights Svoboda’ (translates as ‘Lights Freedom’). Kianna Blue, his bandmate in The Academy of Sun recorded it with him. While the framework of the song ‘Lights Svoboda’ originated six years ago during the epic recording sessions for The Academy Of Sun’s 2020 opus album ‘The Quiet Earth’, it didn’t end up being included on that album. Now, global reality has tragically and uncannily come to resonate with the song’s poetically fractured scenes of dictatorship, nuclear threat and razed landscapes.

Returning from a month in Georgia and watching in horror as Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, Nick felt desperate to apply his skill set to a tangible purpose within the crisis. Here we have it; a desolate hymn woven with the plaintive vocals of Kianna Blue and the haunting schisms of the Faemi M1 analogue synth.

Nick says, “The opening features a recording I made in Georgia, into my Soviet cassette recorder, of my 20-year-old Russian exile friend who fled to Georgia to avoid facing criminal charges for protesting Navalny’s imprisonment. I had him say “freedom, hope and truth” in Russian. He’s headed to join the Ukrainian army this week.

It features myself on piano, voice, Soviet analogue synth, melodica and field recordings, and Kianna Blue on backing vocals and bass. Originally written for The Quiet Earth but now uncannily and undesirably relevant.

100% of Bandcamp proceeds will be donated in support of two charities carrying out humanitarian work on the ground in Ukraine – Red Cross Ukraine and Razom For Ukraine.

Nick is on FacebookBandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


Fundamental Truth have recently released ‘Sweetness of the Moment’.

We heard ‘Warning’ by Fundamental Truth back in January (Week31) and they have now released ‘Sweetness of the Moment’. Both tracks are taken from their début album which is due out later this year.

Fundamental Truth is the concept and creation of singer and songwriter Richard Wayler. The project was inspired by a long-held desire to express his feelings on life, love and the human condition.

In his career as a session vocalist, Richard has worked with various artists and producers. Now he has begun to fulfil his own potential as a writer, performer, and producer.

Fundamental Truth have a website, at fundamentaltruth.co.uk, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.


On March 7th, 6th Crowd released ‘Sokolonko’.

Ukraine-based electronic producer 6th Crowd (a.k.a. Dari Maksymova) presents her new single ‘Sokolonko’, inspired by an old harvest song. This is the first offering from the album ‘Step’ (the Ukrainian word for Steppe), which she was working on when Russia invaded Ukraine, turning the country into a war zone.

Dari says, “This is a Ukrainian song from Donbas, my dear home region, which Russia is tearing apart right now. I didn’t know if I’d have a chance to do it later. In my research, as I learned more about folk Ukrainian music, I noticed that modern culture has plenty of references to music from western and central parts of my country, but nothing from the east. Nothing from my home. Culturally it simply didn’t exist. So I decided I wanted to change that balance and bring songs from East Ukraine back to life, to remind myself and everyone that Donbas is a historical part of Ukraine, no matter how badly Putin wants to destroy it. If people don’t remember their own history, someone can rewrite it for them. And then come with guns to ‘defend’ Russian people in Ukraine, Moldova, or Serbia.

You can support 6th Crowd by downloading this single, available via Bandcamp or Apple Music. All proceeds will support the humanitarian work of Vostok SOS, which includes helping people evacuate and providing humanitarian aid and psychosocial support, including hotlines for affected people and a team on the ground in the region, coordinating aid. There are also many other ways you can help Ukraine and numerous options for supporting humanitarian aid efforts in the region.

6th Crowd are on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


Poppy Ajudha released her début album, ‘The Power in Us’ on 11th March. ‘Holiday from Reality’ is the single from that album.

To kick off the New Year the right way, jazz powerhouse Poppy Ajudha shares a stunning new single, ‘Holiday from Reality’. Written last year, the track is a raw and poignant tribute to the current state of the world right now – exhaustion, uncertainty and the pure wish for a pandemic-free life again. Poppy beautifully captured what many of us feel like after living through the past two years. ‘Holiday from Reality’ will also appear on Poppy’s highly anticipated début album ‘The Power In Us’ was released on March 11th.

When speaking about the new track, Poppy says, “I wrote this on my first trip to America. I was working non-stop playing shows in New York and then flew straight to LA for sessions every day for weeks. I was a lil green London girl giddy with excitement but super burnt out, and then a double booked session on the last day of my trip threw me over the edge, I thought I had nothing left to write… my mind was on empty but I wrote this song and it put it all into perspective. We’ve had such an intense and overwhelming 2 years and we’re all so exhausted – I think we need a holiday from reality now more than ever!

Poppy Ajudha has a website, at poppyajudha.co.uk, and is on Facebook and Twitter.


Bryony Purdue’s début single ‘Vexed’ is out now.

Originally a classically trained singer, Bryony’s love of 70s pop and the indie/alt scene has led her to concentrate on original music and performing. She is a well known session vocalist and has co-written with an incredible array of artists including TomiRae Brown. She has appeared on the ‘Under The Apple Tree’ sessions with legendary presenter ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris. When she’s not in the studio, is a regular voice on the London music scene.

Bryony’s début single, ‘Vexed’ is from her new EP of the same name. The EP was recorded at JBJ Studios. Conor Mangan plays bass and guitar and Steve Wattis is on drums. Bryony insisted on live strings which were recorded by close friends Niamh Sanders and Cristina Cooper-Puebla.

Talking about the new record and the song ‘Vexed’ in particular, Bryony explained, “About 10 years ago, I watched the film ‘Black Snake Moan’ and there is this scene where there is a horrible storm and Samuel L. Jackson and Cristina Ricci are forced to stay indoors while she ‘drys out’ from some serious substance abuse. He pulls out a steel lap guitar and plays this blues number ‘Black Snake Moan’ to soothe her or distract her and it is profound. I felt this other song coming out of me so I ran through to my room and recorded the first line of ‘Vexed’ then and there and it always feel like it has power in it because it was such a spark moment.

Bryony is touring in 2022. She has a website, at bryonypurdue.com, which lists all her tour dates and how to buy her EP. She is also on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


Hotel California have released ‘This World Wants Peace’.

Hotel California is a Country / Americana project by singer and songwriter Daniel Green. He lives in a small village in Northern Germany. Speaking about ‘This World Wants Peace’, Daniel says, “As a father, a husband, a teacher and citizen of a free country I am deeply troubled by the current events in Ukraine. First COVID and now an even worse crisis just around the corner in Europe. ‘This World Wants Peace’ tells my personal perspective on today’s situation. For my kids, the pupils I teach, all refugees and every person involved in Eastern Europe I deeply hope this ends and finally this world calms down for a while. Kids shouldn’t grow up in a world full of fear.

I’ll donate half of all income from this tune for the refugees!

Daniel has a website, at danielgreen.de, and is on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube and  Facebook.


Liza Pulman has released ‘I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling’.

We heard ‘I never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer’ by Liza Pulman back in October (week 17). She has now released ‘I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling’ as well as announcing a new tour with dates. She will be in London, through May, June and July to support her solo album ‘The Heart of It’; both tracks we’ve heard are from that album.

‘The Heart Of It’ was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, and produced by the legendary Chris Porter. It has Liza accompanied by some of the finest musicians the country has to offer.

Once again, in the company of her band of great musicians, Liza rediscovers and re-imagines timeless classics and lost gems that have no business being lost. Her funny, intelligent, and emotional connection to lyrics and melody goes straight to the heart of every song. Liza’s version of ‘Unchained Melody’, where she takes this classic song to a completely new dimension. It literally makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

As a live performer Liza has that rare ability to both break your heart and make it sing. Her show is rich in warmth and humour, sharing anecdotes that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next.

Liza is also one third of the hugely successful satirical comedy trio Fascinating Aida. They are currently on a sell-out UK tour and have just announced 2 nights at London’s prestigious Royal Festival Hall in May.

Liza has a website at lizapulman.com and is on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


James Zada’s new single, ‘Diamond Love’ is out now.

We’ve listened to a couple of James’ previous tracks; ‘Fame’ in November (Week 20) and his Christmas single, ‘A Christmas Love’, in December (week 25).

James Zada’s album ‘Fame’ is a stunning collection of songs that will get you onto the dance floor, or at least your kitchen “dance floor”. There’s also some deep, emotional songs which feel as though they’ve been written for the heart of every listener. His latest single ‘Diamond Love’ is a catchy upbeat 3.30 minutes of feel-good radio heaven. Listeners will immediately recognise the classic ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ opening melody but the track is refreshingly new and not a cover. It is a funky love song celebrating a special long-time commitment sadly lacking in so many relationships today. This could be set to become the anthem song for engaged couples and weddings. It is classy, happy, and vocally delivered with all James’ vocal trademarks…soft breathy smooth tones and awesome falsettos.

James has a website at jameszada.com and is on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube


The show is available on MixCloud

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