FILM Suffolk is excited to announce the launch of a crowd-funding campaign for its latest project, ‘Once Upon a Time in Suffolk‘. Local writers have penned this enchanting anthology film, which will feature a collection of nine myths and legends. Set in Suffolk, these diverse tales will weave into a cohesive narrative. It will also celebrate the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The anthology will feature established local myths and legends, as well as newly imagined ones all set across Suffolk. A different local writer penned each story segment. They will be lead by a brilliant team of nine, hand-picked, directors from East Anglia.

Conceived by the FILM Suffolk team of Nick Woolgar, Matthew McGuchan, and Julien Mery, along with a talented pool of creative professionals from Suffolk and the broader East Anglian region. The film promises to be a testament to the creative prowess found within this vibrant community. In a pioneering move, ‘Once Upon a Time in Suffolk‘ is committed to casting and crewing exclusively from the region. It will showcase the incredible talent, bringing genuine representation of East Anglian creativity to the forefront.

The film has already recruited local producer Richard Johns, whose latest film The Shepherd starring John Travolta hit the screens at Christmas on Disney+. It has also garnered support from script editor and Red Nose Day director Emma Freud and her husband Richard Curtis.

The goal of the forthcoming crowd-funding campaign is to raise £20,000. These funds will supplement the initial budget sourced from the proceeds of previous film releases. Contributors can look forward to a variety of rewards. These include unique mementos, DVDs, digital downloads, walk-on roles, and even executive producer credits.

The film’s production will commence in mid-July, and it’s release will occur in the summer of 2025. This volunteer-driven endeavour facilitates remarkable collaboration among industry veterans and newcomers alike. It also provides a platform for emerging talents to shine, reflecting the essence of community and collective creativity.

Once Upon a Time in Suffolk‘ is more than just a film; it’s an invitation to explore the stunning landscapes and rich folklore of Suffolk. With a track record of reaching an international audience, with their previous films With Love from Suffolk and The Haunted Hotel reaching millions of viewers, the project offers a unique opportunity for local talents to gain global recognition. Showcasing Suffolk’s finest on both the big and small screens worldwide, the film will captivate millions.

For those interested in learning more or contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, information can be found on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X, as well as on the Film Suffolk website at . Join us in bringing the magic of Suffolk’s myths and legends to audiences around the globe.