Attention ex-Northgate Grammar School students!

If you attended Northgate from 1976 to 1981 or were a part of the sixth form year group who left in 1983, mark your calendars. The eagerly awaited reunion, which faced two unfortunate postponements due to the pandemic, is finally set to take place. Join us at the Curve Bar in Ipswich at 8pm on 7 October 2023.

Trish Tomlin (nee Batten), a key member of the Reunion Team, expressed her anticipation: “After over two years of delays, our 40 year reunion is upon us. This may be our last big gathering, so we are eager to see every familiar face. It’s going to be a one-night-only time machine, offering a chance to reminisce, reconnect, and revel in the memories.

If you know of a friend or relative who left Northgate in either 1981 or the sixth form in 1983, please send them to this link to get tickets:

A special request: We’re seeking vintage photos from our school days! If you possess any snapshots from that time, please photograph them with your phone and email them to us. These images will be showcased on the reunion evening, allowing everyone a visual trip down memory lane.

For further details, connect with our team on Facebook or email us at [email protected]