Released on 21st July, ‘Home’ is by Belau and features Mulay.

We’ve previously heard ‘Dreamstate’ (Week 46, May 2022), ‘Unimaginable’ (Week 76, December 2022) and ‘Ethereal’ (Week 106, July 2023) from Belau. Now they’ve teamed up with Japanese-German, alt-pop, R&B artist Mulay, to release ‘Home’.

Talking about the track, Belau say, “The ethereal nature of life here and now is not that unattainable if you realize that the answer to one’s questions comes from within, always and at all times. The struggle of the individual can be experienced in countless areas of life, but you are only able to finally arrive by ‘returning home’

The upcoming LP, ‘apriori’, will cover the whole subject. That is, the framework of the human journey from all directions, which Belau has come to know in their own experience. They add, “We think the new song will be a special, nostalgic, dreamy part of our upcoming LP. In this way, ‘Home’ is a special episode of this, which was brought together with one of the most inspiring and exotic Berlin-based singers of recent times: Mulay’s exotic organ complements the message of our song.

Hungarian based Belau are currently working on their third LP. Plus they will continue their European tour in 2023. It includes some clubs shows and summer festivals in France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Romania.

Belau has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Bandcamp and YouTube.


On 21st July, Francine Honey released ‘I’m Outta Here’.

Francine’s new single follows its acclaimed predecessor ‘Come Sit in My Chair’. It continues her aim to release a song a month. That earlier track was inspired by a personal influence in her life. Namely her father and his salon and the unique connection barbers and hairdressers have with clients in that intimate moment. Similarly, ‘I’m Outta Here’ draws on personal experience.

The song is inspired by experience working for someone that made a once loved job something to want to leave. Plus the feeling when taking that step to emotional freedom. It’s a track laying a supporting hand on the shoulder to say you do not need to suffer there are better possibilities out there.

About the song:

Francine says, “I traded in my high heels and business suit for a guitar and cowboy boots. This song celebrates that day along with the fact that I am still living my dream of making music. Now, I help people through life with music instead of as an IT Professional.

My boardroom is now a writing room, music studio and the stage. I use all the skills I learned in those business requirements and strategic planning sessions writing songs in groups, whether it be a theme song for an organization or a co-writing session of 2 writers. I’ve met so many amazing people and have zero regrets! By sharing my story, I hope this inspires others to live a life without regret and go for their dreams and get out of a bad situation that no longer serves them.

I wrote this song not long after leaving my job and having moved to Leamington. It was one of the first songs I wrote after becoming a full-time songwriter. I chose a more rocking style since the song calls for it. I re-recorded the song with Grammy-nominated Neilson Hubbard live off the floor in Nashville with musicians I’ve worked with for most of my recordings for my life-story in song project ‘Rockets In My Boots’ (due out this fall 2023). This one was an important one to include. I’m releasing it to radio worldwide since I think many people can relate to having this feeling and desire

Francine has a website, at, and is on Facebook, YouTube, Insta, Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and Apple.


Steve Steinman released ‘I Will Wear You Like a Crown’ on July 21st.

We’ve previously heard ‘Everything They Said is True’ (Week 46, May 2022) and ‘A Vampire’s Tale’ (Week 97, May 2023).

Rock Star, Steve Steinman is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and is a larger-than-life character! He is also a phenomenon, whose sizeable sell-out performances must be seen to be believed. Steve, who originally hails from Oldham, has toured the UK incessantly for the last 30 years, encompassing thousands of performances. He continues to front his own shows in large theatres and arenas across the UK plus internationally and has so far sold a total of over 7 million tickets. With enormous tenacity and constant hard graft, Steve has built up a massive following. His very loyal legion of fans who attend his vibrant live music shows are particularly enthusiastic during his performances and some of his hard-core fans even go as far as having permanent ‘Steve Steinman’ tattoos emblazoned on their body parts! Steve is often sent the photo evidence!

Steve’s latest single, ‘I Will Wear You Like A Crown’, is an epic emotional powerhouse of a track that will not disappoint his incredible following and is certain to gain him even more fans. The song is from his brand-new album ‘Eternal Love’ which he will be touring in 2024, with advance tickets already close to sell-out.

Steve will be touring throughout 2023, and will be at The Regent on 24th November. His tour dates are all on his website, which is He’s also on Facebook and YouTube.


Empires That Dance released ‘Seeing Out the Angel’ on 22nd July.

Being lifelong fans of Simple Minds the men behind Empires That Dance have created remarkable adaptations of monumental songs written by Simple Minds that will surely trigger your musical interest. Based in England and Scotland, they joined forces to produce innovative interpretations rather than just traditional cover versions. What was once a very wild and enthusiastic idea, took shape in the form of the Empires That Dance studio project that you can experience here.

Empires That Dance have a website and are on Facebook


Blair Davie released ‘Found My Person’ on 25th July.

Following on from the rousing response for their previously unveiled singles ‘To Miss You’ and ‘Lovely’ (which we heard recently – June 2023, Week 103) in recent months, Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie (they/them) announced their new EP, ‘It’ll be Lovely’ on July 25th, which will be released on 13th September. At the same time, they released their new single, ‘Found My Person’.

Capturing more of that warm and effervescent alt-pop aesthetic they have been cultivating since they first emerged, ‘It’ll Be Lovely’ stands as a statement of self-discovery and realisation about who they truly are, and the emotional turmoil that can be unearthed as a result. Kicking off the new collection with the lead single ‘Found My Person’, Davie showcases some of their most poetic song writing to date, delivering a wonderfully rich and immersive take on honest romance and heartfelt passion.

Speaking about the new EP, Blair said, “‘It’ll Be Lovely’ encapsulates everything I was going through last year. From stumbling into a beautiful yet gut-punching long distance relationship to coming out as a non binary person and figuring out how to deal with an anxiety that had a chokehold on me, writing these songs and sharing it with my community has been so wonderful.

It’s a collection of songs that helped me learn to love who I am and all the experiences that have shaped me. I hope people can find solace and comfort in the stories that I know are shared by so many.”

Blair Davie has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and TikTok.


‘Irreversible Trend’, by Early Spirit, is out now.

Early Spirit is a Canadian Celtic folk-rock quartet comprising of Jay Knutson on guitar & vocals, Gabriel Dubreuil on violin, Ben Kelly on percussion and Aidan Goheen on bass. Their musical virtuosity and eclectic backgrounds have brought forth an enthralling and stimulating live experience. Their music is a fusion of folk rock with Celtic & Canadian influences that is both distinct and captivating.

‘Irreversible Trend’ is from Early Spirit’s second album, ‘The Hollow Tree’, which dropped in 2022. It is a collaborative effort that showcases the band’s exceptional musical talent. The album boasts brilliant lyrics and vocals by Knutson, compelling arrangements and fiery fiddle parts from Dubreuil, and engaging bass lines and percussion by Goheen and Kelly. While remaining true to the band’s folk and traditional roots, the album explores new influences and includes exciting collaborations. This twelve-track collection of songs and instrumentals features guest appearances by renowned musicians such as Andy Hillhouse on guitar, François Houle on clarinet, Geoffrey Kelly on whistle, Michelle Campagne on vocals, and William Chernoff on bass, creating an immersive and vibrant musical landscape. The result is a musical masterpiece that will leave you smiling from ear to ear and tapping your toes.

More information is available from Early Spirit’s website, at


On 27th July, Francesca Luker released ‘Promise Land’.

Francesca Luker is a 19 year old singer-songwriter based in Bristol, originally from Bucks. Francesca was immersed from a young age in the sounds of the soul, jazz and blues greats alongside the funk and R&B sounds of the nineties. It was from these roots that her passion for singing emerged, as she absorbed and assimilated their rich, emotive vocals.

Her progression from the release of her debut EP ‘Take me Down’, which now has over 120k streams on Spotify, set her up with an exciting future ahead of her. Now she follows her distinctive, genre-crossing single ‘Some things Don’t Change’, with ‘Promise Land’.

Francesca has a website, at, and you can link to her socials and down-load sites from there.


Conquer Divide released ‘N E W H E A V E N’ on 27th July.

‘N E W H E A V E N’ is from Conquer Divide’s new album, ‘Slow Burn’. The album will drop on 8th September, via Mascot Records.

The band say, “‘N E W H E A V E N’ was born out of the idea that you’ll never be satisfied with what you have if you don’t define your expectations. We got together in Atlanta with Johnny Andrews for this one, and he’s a musical mad scientist. We played with religious metaphors, although the song is not about religion. You throw your whole life into something, and then you finally reach the pinnacle and get to pull the proverbial curtain back, but it’s not what you expected at all. So now you need a new high to chase. We did crowd-sourced gang vocals on this one, and it was fun to make that come together.

Conquer Divide will be touring in the USA this Autumn, supporting Electric Callboy in late August to mid-September and with Icon For Hire in September and to late October. Details of their tour, as well as more information about the band, is available on their website, which is at They are also on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


The Cides released ‘This Being Human’ on 27th July.

Paul Hayward, says, “I founded The Cides in Bristol UK in 2019 as a means of vocalising my anger at the number of people experiencing homelessness. The Cides’ mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental injustices we suffer at the hands of a small group of people to whom we have gradually surrendered our power. We advocate that communities, where everyone is valued, should have the power to decide on the structures, laws and values to adopt: not have edicts forced on us by some monarchy, oligarchy or the tip of a hierarchical government that does not act in our interests.
By definition, being anti these ‘archys’, I am proud to say, makes me an anarchist. The Cides is not a fixed line-up. Amazing musicians contribute from around the world but with the core ‘family’ drawn from the UK and France. One thing we all have in common is anger against the corrupt unelected individuals who sit at the top of a power pyramid we have allowed to be created.

The Cides are on Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and Twitter.


On July 28th, Vincent J Rigney released ‘Beautiful Human’.

Blues artist Vincent J Rigney is based in Northamptonshire, England. Highly regarded in his hometown of Corby, Vincent has now released his first single, ‘Beautiful Human’. It features on his long awaited EP, ‘Songs From The Water Tower’. His music has a cool picked retro blues riff with heart-warming lyrics of personal love and tragedy.

You can follow Vincent J Rigney Insta, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.


Aphex Twin’s ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’ is out now.

‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’ / ‘In a Room7 F760’ by Aphex Twin dropped on the 28th July via Warp Records. ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f is out now. This is the first new music from Aphex Twin in five years.

He headlines a number of festivals this Summer.

Tour Dates

19 August Field Day, London, UK
01 September Kalorama Festival, Lisbon, PT
03 September Forwards Festival, Bristol, UK

Aphex Twin has a website, at, and is on YouTube.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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