‘London’ by The Vanities is out now.

‘London’ is the first single to be taken from the brand-new album by The Vanities entitled ‘2001’. Originally formed in Cardiff back in 2001 by Rhys Bradley (vox/guitars) & Adam Hill (bass/keyboards), The Vanities are an electro-rock duo combining a love of 90s grunge & 80s synth-pop. The band were a staple of the burgeoning South Wales music scene at the turn of the millennium. The new album ‘2001’ was started in earnest in 2016 after the band had taken a lengthy hiatus following several years of extensive touring. It remained unfinished until now but it has been well worth the wait. Exploring themes of love & war, madness & mortality, the result is a record that brings a more mature sound, with the influences of Bowie, Nirvana, Mode and U2 to the fore.

The Vanities have a website, at thevanities2001.com, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


 At midnight, on Thursday 24th March 2022 Charlie Baker will release his latest self-penned track ‘Thinking Twice’.

‘Thinking Twice’ instantly hits you with the Spanish classical guitar elevating the mood of the song whilst delivering a romantic and sexy undertone. It tells the story of meeting the right person at the wrong time and to take every day as it comes. The lyrics accompanied by the hip shaking drum pattern create a heightened mood as Charlie’s distinct and instantly recognisable tone and voice create a mood of letting go and one of total release.

Charlie (21) from Essex is a singer, songwriter and rapper who self pens his R&B / pop / rap genre bending tracks. Charlie’s voice lends itself to several genres and with an instantly recognisable sound can truly make a career within music worldwide. Charlie’s début release ‘Better With Me’ and second single ‘Didn’t Know’ received strong Spotify backing and landed him airplay on online radio stations across the UK, Europe, America and reached as far as Australia.

Charlie will be playing at the Mascara Bar in London on Friday 29th April. He is on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter


Sea Girls have released the single ‘Lonely’ from their new album ‘Homesick’ which comes out on 25th March.

The track delivers lyrics that are as raw and honest as any track on the record. Opening with a poignant whistle, the track pivots to acutely observed lines like “playing Fat of the Land by the Cash ‘n’ Carry / I nearly cried / On the back of my hand / Did a doodle you used to do when we were five”.

Sea Girls are Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson and Oli Khan. About ‘Lonely’ Henry comments, “It was written the day Ennio Morricone died, so was initially in honour of him, a nod to the good, the bad and the ugly – hence the whistle and the line ‘OK Corral’. It’s about the best friend I probably should have gone out with, but never did. We both moved on and the band happened and life got in the way for the both of us.”
Sea Girls will be touring across Europe in 2022 and will be in the UK in May and November.

They have a website, at seagirls.net, a lnk.to site with all their down-load links and are on YouTube and Facebook.


Lucy Blue has released ‘Postman’.

Lucy Blue continues her cinematic soundscape of releases with latest EP ‘Suburban Hollywood’ and the brand-new single ‘Postman’. Her new EP showcases Lucy’s song writing pedigree even further and 2022 has already seen Lucy cement her place as one to watch

Describing the EP in her own words Lucy says, “Suburban Hollywood is my celebration of the ordinary. I wanted to create a world that in a way romanticises everyday life and people. I think there’s pieces of Hollywood everywhere if you look whether it be in people or places, taxi drivers or pilots. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Hollywood and what it means to people. The way we glamorise things and icons. Gift shops that sell tacky souvenirs of anything and everyone. I’ve always been so fascinated by it. When I think of suburban Hollywood I think of streets I grew up on and people I knew. It feels like a suburban version of Hollywood. I want to write songs that celebrate that and those type of people.”

Lucy Blue is on Twitter and TikTok and has a page with all her down-load links.


‘Two Left Feet’ by Tayo Sound featuring Oscar Scheller is out now.

Up-and-coming Nigerian/Scottish musician Tayo Sound has released the brand new single ‘Two Left Feet’. It features guest vocals from songwriter and producer Oscar Scheller. ‘Two Left Feet’ is Tayo’s first new music since the critically acclaimed Runaway EP and single ‘Nervous’. It shows a young artist pushing forward as a songwriter and collaborator; with him and Scheller perfecting their happy/sad dynamic over a soundtrack of shimmering guitars and melancholy melodies. Tayo and Oscar have been friends and collaborators for a while now, their left leaning pop sensibilities as well as their varying outside influences complimenting each other perfectly.

On the track and collaborating with Oscar, Tayo said, “I actually wrote Two Left Feet’ with Oscar ages ago but had kinda forgotten about it until I heard his latest album. It was a similar vibe to ‘Two Left Feet’ and I thought, “I’d really like to make something like this” until I remembered I already had and with none other than the man himself. The song is about physical belongings from past relationships and how they can be the hardest but most satisfying to get rid of.”

Tayo Sound is on Facebook and YouTube and has a page for his digital downloads.


Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam are releasing ‘New York City Groove’ on March 28th.

In October 2021 Robert took his band Project Grand Slam (PGS) back into the studio to record a “live in the studio” album replicating PGS’s benefit concert this past summer for Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox, MA. The album is called “The Shakespeare Concert”. It features 15 songs played one after another in concert style, without any overdubs or fixes. It captures the band at the very top of their game

PGS is the brainchild of acclaimed leader/bassist/composer Robert Miller. With his 8-piece ensemble, featuring players from around the world – currently Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba, Canada and the U.S. Robert and PGS have enjoyed enormous critical and worldwide success.

Project Grand Slam have a website, at projectgrandslam.com, and are on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.


‘Till The Sun Goes Down’ comes from Will Ludford’s recently released album ‘All I Wanted is You’.

We heard the title track from this album in December (week 26) and ‘I don’t Care’ (week 29). Plus ‘Show Me The Love’ (week 30) earlier in January and ‘Slow Down’ in February (week 33).

Will is a Blues guitarist who hails from Leighton Buzzard. He has had a successful career working with some of the top names in the UK music industry. He’s on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


HAIM’s ‘Lost track’ is out now.

HAIM have shared a brand-new song titled ‘Lost Track’ with a video directed by longstanding collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. The song was written by HAIM and produced by Danielle Haim, John DeBold and Ariel Rechtshaid.

‘Lost Track’ is the first new music released by the sister trio following their screen début in ‘Licorice Pizza’. They appeared alongside their parents, in this Paul Thomas Anderson’s Academy Award-nominated film.

The video for HAIM’s ‘Lost Track’ is shared widely following its cinematic release in cinemas in the US. It was previewed to audiences ahead of screenings of ‘Licorice Pizza’. It is the ninth video that Paul Thomas Anderson has directed for the Grammy-nominated sisters.

HAIM return to the UK & Ireland in July for their first live shows here playing songs from their critically acclaimed album ‘Women In Music, Part III’. The tour includes a date at London’s O2 Arena, the BRIT Award-winning group’s biggest headline UK show to date.

HAIM have a website, at haimtheband.com, and are on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.


On 1st April The Bloodstreams will release ‘Clockwork Man’.

South London glam-goth alt-rock band The Bloodstreams are set to release their new single ‘Clockwork Man’ on 1st April 2022. It is a follow up to début single ‘Columbine’, which was released to critical acclaim back in Dec 2021. This time, Danny (bass) takes centre stage and leads the vocal charge with Beatles-like harmonies and backing vocals from Jasmine (Keys) & James (lead guitar). ‘Clockwork Man’ is a scream of frustration, of loneliness and despair in a routine formed around the concept of time, in the modern World.  It is taken from their forthcoming début album (released late 2022),

The band also have a heap of London and “out of town” shows on the cards in the coming months. So it’s set to be a busy year ahead.

The Bloodstreams are on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


SEB has released ‘I’m The Man’.

LA-based artist SEB has just shared ‘I’m the man’. On it the nascent pop artist evokes a home-fi spin on the 80’s Quincy Jones sound. The song follows last year’s ‘God of the Sunsets’ single and the ‘It’s Okay, We’re Dreaming’ EP. These were dual manifestations of his genre-eschewing sound.

SEB states, “This song is about standing on your own and living your life according to you and only you. After a blowout argument, I ended up having to permanently cut off family members who did nothing but tell me how much of a disappointment I was. In the chorus I’m trying to be exuberant and confident but that’s only to mask the pain I’m feeling in the verses. From talking to people around me, I know I’m definitely not the only one who’s gone through this. I want fans who are living through that, to feel empowered to do them, regardless of what anybody has to say.


Pork Pie are promoting their début album ‘Pterodactyl’ from which this is the title track.

Pork Pie is an Irish 4-piece contemporary alternative eclectic rock outfit, with strong elements of funk and psychedelia. They play almost exclusively original songs. The band have played together for many years. Since 2018 have consisted of all four original members: Shane Brett (Drums), Michael Laverty (Bass), Michael Stafford (Vocals and Guitar), and Peter Laverty (Lead Guitar).
In 2021 Pork Pie recorded their début album ‘Pterodactyl’. It is now available on all leading platforms, as well as on CD and Vinyl. They are now recording new material for their second album which will be released later in 2022.

Pork Pie are on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.



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