Calyco have recently released ‘Dance With U’.

Calyco are a fresh new 5-piece pop/RnB girl group based in the UK. With 5 lead singers and 5 strong personalities, Calyco write and perform their own songs. They provide quality RnB/pop music, real diversity and are positive role models for a younger and older audience. Calyco continue to do things in their own style; they entertain their fans (known as Calyco Soldiers) with a mixture of original songs, reviews, languages and very entertaining 60-second vlogs on social media. A tour in 2022 is being already being planned. After performing some live cover version of classic RnB songs ‘My heart belongs to U’ by Jodeci and ‘What about your friends’ by TLC, Calyco released their first single LMK in August. They have now released their latest single called ‘Dance With U.’

Calyco are on Instagram, YouTube  and Facebook.


‘Off the Grid’ is the single from The Mangfather Bob Katz new album, ‘Six Cans of Olives’

Socially conscious indie hip-hop/pop artist The Mangfather Bob Katz, ‘Caught in a Butt Sandwich’ fame, is here again with a new album ‘Six Cans of Olives’. Bob says, “Releasing an album during the COVID crisis has been a real challenge.

The Mangfather Bob Katz is one of The Deli’s 2020 Top 300 Hip-Hop Artists whose last album, ‘Caught in a Butt Sandwich’, was a viral underground hit. It had over 100K clicks on Google+, great reviews, extensive worldwide radio play, and global year-end best-of lists .

Mixing moods and genres in the way that only TMFBK can, working alone in his home studio, he offers raw, unvarnished truths that will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time. The Mangfather Bob Katz has appeared with members of Twisted Sister on TV and radio; he made his European début on Finland’s MTV3. Rough, quirky, passionate, sometimes hilarious, sometimes brutally grim, he’s a hot and utterly unique new voice.

He has a website at and is on Soundcloud, and YouTube.


Chris Wenner released ‘Naked and Blind’ on 19th November.

‘Naked and Blind’ follows on from Chris’ previous singles, ‘Could it be’ which we heard in week 15, ‘Lover 4 Lover’ from Week 11 ‘Back in my Valley’, from Week 2!

A love song to ring in a good morning, ‘Naked and Blind’ describes the closeness and security in the day to day life of two lovers. The shared experience becomes the central element here; from waking up to times of struggle: “Our love is my lighthouse” “Without you I would be naked and blind“. With every lyric Chris Wenner interweaves his message with the music.

The stripped down acoustic guitar intro immediately creates a friendly atmosphere. The calm voice of Chris carries through the song and creates an incredible closeness and security. Together with his producer Guido Craveiro, Chris stays true to his musical line; acoustic songs with a real message at their core. In this way, hi-fi sound, singer-songwriter, music and the guitar combine to create a unique feel-good song. “Naked and Blind” thus becomes a quintessence of Chris Wenner music; a quintessence that is light and upbeat but is accompanied by the depth of lifelong experience.

Chris has a website at and is on Facebook and Instagram.


On 19th November Errunhrd released her new album ‘You Can Be You, I Can Be Me’ from which ‘Ruminate (Meditate)’ is taken.

Errunhrd is a dream pop project created by multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter Shirin Ghoujalou. She is notable for her intimate vocals and ambient sound.

After having previously been a part of several bands, Shirin decided to go her own way to explore her own musical and lyrical creativity. Influenced heavily by experimental synth-pop bands such as New Order and Grimes, as well as alternative bands Daughter and London Grammar, she set out to articulate her own musical perspective, encompassing alternative rock and experimental electronic music and formed Errunhrd in early 2016.

Errunhrd’s music is very dark, but also light and meditative: a style that Shirin refers to as “some kind of melancholy hope.” Shirin’s lyrics come directly from her experiences in life. She does not create any fictional settings – what you hear is an honest reflection of her strongest, innermost emotions.

Errunhrd has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Out now is Ben Reel’s album ‘Live @ JJ Smyth’s Dublin’, on which ‘Darkness & the Light’ is the first track.

‘Live @ JJ Smyths’ is a concert that was recorded in 2013 in the legendary, iconic but sadly now closed Dublin jazz & blues venue. Ben mixed the album during COVID lockdown when he had plenty of time on his hands. This album might never have seen the light of day during normal times with Ben’s usual busy touring schedule. The live album features mostly songs from that period, his 2013 album ‘Darkness & the Light’ plus some of his finest songs from the previous five albums. It also includes two great cover versions, Bob Dylan’s, ‘The Times They are a Changin’ and The Beatles, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. It is now available on CD and all digital platforms.

Since his debut album `This Is the Movie’ back in 1999, Ben has reinvented himself from album to album, influenced by different styles of music over the years. As one critic said, “He’s not afraid to throw in some in folk, soul, reggae vibes, which in turn call to mind John Hiatt at his best.

Ben says, “I’m delighted that I finally got to release ‘Live @JJ Smyths in Dublin’ and share it with you. This recording was made on Nov 30th 2013. It captures The Ben Reel Band at a moment in time, in full flow with all engines purring after the release of my Darkness & the Light album (2013).

Ben has a website at from which you can reach all his social media.


The Ormidales have recently released ‘Last Train Out’.

Back in September, in week 13, we heard the Ormidales ‘Crawlin’ On My Hands and Knees’.

The Ormidales are from Vancouver, and are on Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube.


On 23rd November beaux released his new EP ‘memories written down, so I won’t forget them’ from which his new single ‘Fall Forward’ is taken.

An eclectic mix of tracks that lean into beaux’s musicality more than ever before, ‘memories written down, so I won’t forget them’ explores the worlds of jangling bedroom pop guitars, laidback ruminations on life and huge choral moments that signpost beaux’s earnest artistic aspirations. Following two captivating standalone summer singles, ‘it’s a landslide’ and ‘guard down’ which showcased beaux’s undeniable pop proficiency ‘memories written down, so I won’t forget them’ was written in beaux’s home studio and is his third EP.

beaux 2021 live dates: Saturday 11th December – Sonic Wave Festival, Birmingham

He is on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.


‘The New American Dream’ is taken from Angelshade’s album, ‘Conspiracy’.

Angelshade have a website, at and are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Sofia Talvik will release ‘Memories of Snow’ on November 24th.

Back in week 1 of the New Music Emporium we listened to Sofia’s track ‘Take Me Home’. Known for her darker take on the theme, Sofia Talvik is surprising us this year by not releasing a single about someone dying or children getting robbed of their dreams at Christmas. Instead it’s a rather soothing tale of lost love and memories of a snow covered Copenhagen; a story that is told in both English and Swedish. Though not entirely autobiographical, Sofia did spend the winter of 1998 in Copenhagen studying art at a local college. It was indeed a snowy winter, though the rest can have been anyone’s story.

Sofia says, “That’s what I like about writing my Christmas songs, they’re more detached from my personal life than my other songs. I feel like I have more freedom to fable in a way”.

On the road promoting her critically acclaimed fresh album ‘Paws of a Bear’ in early 2020, the pandemic cut her tour short. Sofia immediately went to the online concert platform, performing for her audience through Facebook and YouTube. In the summer of 2020 she released an unplugged version of ‘Paws of a Bear’ featuring two previously unreleased tracks. A year and a half later she’s getting back on the road in Europe. She is also doing a full month Christmas tour in Germany where she’ll be performing a variety of her own Christmas songs. ‘A Memory of Snow’ will definitely be on the repertoire.

Sofia Talvoik has a website at and is on Facebook.


Recently Guy Richey Gibbons has released ‘Back To The Days’.

Guy is on Facebook and Spotify and that’s all the information I’ve got.


The show is available on MixCloud.



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