The tracks played on week 5 of Izzy’s New Music Emporium, and contact details for the artists, are as follows:

Larry Mindel released ‘Whisper the World Away’ on 11th June.

Whisper The World Away is the new single from singer-songwriter Larry Mindel, following on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, ‘Love in Troubled Times’. Larry Mindel makes evocative music for the ages that tells affectionate stories about grown-up people and their place in a complex world. Drawing on folk traditions and jazz harmonies, Larry explores the common ground that unites us to help us make sense of our times. Whisper The World Away is concerned with moving into mature adulthood and contentment – welcoming responsibility, family life – and assured love. Being simultaneously apprehensive and excited by that. It was recorded in lockdown in the Winter and Spring of 2021, in London and Barcelona

He has a website at and is on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


Ragsy’s ‘Safe from Harm’ was released on 18th June.

This is the third single from Ragsy’s eagerly awaited forthcoming album ‘One More For The Road’  Volume 1, which was recorded at Northhouse studios, co-produced with friend and producer Chris Peet and features the artwork of Ragsy’s partner Hannah Day. Ragsy, whose debut single ‘The First Time’ and second single ‘Under Clear Skies’, also taken from the album, said, “The album itself has been a long time coming, with a delay in its release in early 2020 due to the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic continue to have on the world, as well as the music industry”.

The third single ‘Safe From Harm’ is a passionate, bright and buoyant song revealing that deep desire of wanting to keep a loved one safe. Written about those moments when your loved one is at their most vulnerable, feeling insecure, as they continue to put on a brave face. Whether it be from a tough day, some bad news or even a bad dream. All you want to do is wrap them up in your arms and tell them ‘Hey it’s going to be ok. I’ve got you.’

He has a website at and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


J.Kas recently released ‘Jungle’, and it featured Bee.

Sheffield rap artist, J.KAS stokes the fire to keep the summer going with another double-single releases – ‘Tun Tun’ and ‘Jungle’ from his latest album, ‘Chula’. ‘Jungle’ talks of the steel city rapper surviving between the world today – where people will do anything for five minutes of fame – and the oversaturated music industry, suitably accompanied by the sporadically boisterous fusion of hip-hop and tropical/Afro house.

The album is available via Spotify


Rich Chambers released ‘Summer Looks So Good on You’ on July 1st

Summer is about fun, sun, the beach, and driving in your car with the windows down and the radio blaring. It’s also about new love, hope, and new beginnings. It’s a season filled with optimism, and Rich Chambers’ “Summer Looks So Good on You” celebrates this with a Beach Boys meets Katrina and the Waves toe tapping, sing-along-able Summer tune!

Rich Chambers has a website, at and he’s on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Osviss released ‘Trabajar’ on 11th July.

Osviss is on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify


Geoff Carne & The Raw Rox Band released their new album ‘Shakedown’ on 16th July.

They’ve also released a video for the first track from the album, “Break The Rules”. It’s a quirky animated video to go with a great rocking track.

Following a number of years outside the genre vocal/guitarist Geoff Carne returned to his blues driven British Rock roots. Geoff’s love of music came from attending biker disco’s as a teenager and that blues rock style of so many of the 70’s bands has stuck with him over the years. The new album “Shakedown” is a further progression from earlier releases and has given Geoff an opportunity to be more lyrically diverse whilst maintaining his “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” song writing style. The plans for the future involve creating a touring version of The Raw Rox Band for early 2022 and to return to solo acoustic shows.

Geoff Carne has a website at and is on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, YouTube


Y.A. Vegas released ‘Beautiful’ on July 23rd.

Philadelphia born rapper Y.A. Vegas’ new single ‘Beautiful’ is out now on all streaming platforms! Inspired by a mixture of Will Smith’s smash record ‘Summertime’ and memories of his ex-wife, Y.A. Vegas brings his own unique flavour to a song that has an early 90’s block party anthem feel. With its catchy beat and Y.A. Vegas’ distinctive flow, ‘Beautiful’ is a sure fire summer BBQ playlist hit!

Y.A. Vegas is on Facebook, Spotify and Apple Music


Northern Ireland singer songwriter CeeV is releasing her new single ‘Twenty Three’ on July 29th.

CeeV (pronounced like ‘leave’), whose real name is Caoimhe McAleavey, is based in Newry but began her music career in Manchester studying song-writing at BIMM. Although immersed in music in one of the most creative and music rich cities in the world, CeeV was reluctant to showcase her own songs and instead took a more backseat role while playing in several bands in some of the most recognisable venues in the city. Although she didn’t perform her own songs live while in Manchester, CeeV plucked up the courage and shared her work with real live people on Soundcloud and was astonished when her music reached over 30,000 listens. Now CeeV is finally releasing her songs to the world.

About her latest release, Twenty Three’. CeeV says, “Twenty Three is a story. But it’s also a lesson. It shows two different perspectives of leaving a relationship. One might think it’s the end of the world but the other knows there is a future out there for both of you even though it’s apart.

I wrote this song as a light-hearted reflection. With influences from musical storytellers like Picture This and The Jezebels, I felt this meaningful story was best told alongside uplifting melodies and heart-warming lyrics.”

CeeV is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Jacks Plan will be releasing ‘A Song That Sounds Like That’ on 30th July.

Chesterfield rock band, Jacks Plan, release their debut single ‘A Song That Sounds Like That’, on 30th July and it will be available on all the usual streaming platforms! Produced by Jim Pinder at Tree House Studios, ‘A Song That Sounds Like That’ is a high energy, fast paced, summer-soaked, rock n roll love anthem that perfectly describes the feeling of when you’ve fallen for someone, and you remember all the moments that led you to loving them.

The band say, “This song is about a night where you had no idea what was going to happen but it went on to change your life, forever.”

The band have been playing together for some time in various forms, but this is their first release as Jacks Plan. If you like the sounds, stay tuned for live dates and more new music news announcing soon!


Joshua Ben Joseph will be releasing his new EP, ‘I Want The Old World Back’ on 6th August. The first track, ‘Hidden Song of the Godhead’, was played.

Joshua is definitely a ‘what you see is what you get’ kinda guy. He’s certainly not one to mince his words either He says, “I’ve mainly been occupied in being down and out. I lost many years to drug and alcohol addiction, spent time in prisons, nut-houses and slept on the odd park bench. My songs are a sort of survivor art. All that sounds like a terrible cliché though. On the upside, my songs have come to the attention of several old school Manchester musos. Durutti Column have recorded my song ‘Biddy’, though it’s yet to be released. Most excitingly, I am currently recording an album with a couple of members of Nico and John Cale’s old backing band.” So with that in mind, as you can see, Joshua is the real deal, a Folk singing Mancunian poet, welcome to his wonderful and sometimes chaotic world.

He is on Facebook and YouTube


Michael Armstrong’s ‘Kirkwall’ will be released on 13th August.

London-born, UK singer songwriter Michael Armstrong, says, “It was a Saturday morning when, as usual, I woke up and switched on the TV. The lovely Carol Kirkwood was delivering the days weather and pointed to the top of the UK map where I spotted the name of Kirkwall. It was a place that I was unfamiliar with and it struck a chord with me, being placed at the ‘top of the world’ yet isolated. I was just on the verge of my breakthrough into the music business, having worked in construction for many years, and the whole thing just seemed symbolic. I googled Kirkwall on my phone and made a note of some facts, history, and landmarks, which I then wove into a song about following your dreams and reaching the pinnacle only to discover that it wasn’t quite what you thought it would be. I think it’s one of the best lyrics I’ve written and I have Carol to thank for it all!”

Michael has a website and is on YouTube with the ‘Kirkwall’ video and the ‘The Story So Far’ video.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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