JeffMajors’ version of ‘Everything Must Change’, featuring Raphael Tate, is out now.

American gospel jazz musician and harpist JeffMajors has paid homage to the late singer Benard Ighner by revamping his 1974 single, ‘Everything Must Change’. JeffMajors’ version of ‘Everything Must Change’ features fast-rising soulful powerhouse. It also features Raphael Tate who gives an outstanding heartfelt vocal performance, adding a glowingly magical touch to the record.

Giving the festive season a magical touch, JeffMajors’ latest offering ‘Everything Must Change’ ft. Raphael Tate, is out now on all digital platforms.

JeffMajors has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Raphael Tate has a website and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.


Ryan Sheridan’s cover of ‘Walking in the Air’ has been re-released.

It’s been 10 years since Ryan Sheridan’s breath-taking cover of ‘Walking in the Air’ was a Christmas Day iTunes number one. To celebrate it’s been re-released. With almost a million views on YouTube the song still sounds as good today.

Ryan has a website, at, and is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The Smog Brothers have recently released ‘3 Bar Blues’.

A modern approach to the traditional 12 bar blues……..the 3 bars are in reference to jail, pubs and music bars, many early blues-men would have visited all three. The central character in the song is teetering on mental collapse, and locked in a minor blues; his only salvation would be a Major Key.

The full and lively opening bars (using a harpsichord which is unusual for a traditional 12 bar blues), give way to a jazzy hypnotic bass riff with the minimum accompaniment; this is where the story begins. The song incorporates many musical double meanings; it cumulates with the disturbing statement, “I’m gonna be lonely if I get old”

The Smog Brothers are a Brisbane based duo. They perform individually with several local blues outfits, only occasionally taking the stage as a duo.

The Smog Brothers are on YouTube.


Will Ludford has recently released ‘All I wanted is You’.

Will is a Blues guitarist who hails from the south of England. He has had a successful career, working with some of the top names in the UK music industry. “All I Wanted Is You” is taken from the forthcoming new album of the same name. Featuring 10 brand new tracks, lovingly crafted to deliver.

Will is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Grace Carter is releasing ‘Dark Matter’ on 24th December.

One of the most dazzling and vulnerable British voices in years, singer/songwriter Grace Carter is back with brand new single ‘Dark Matter’. Profoundly personal yet dealing with universal feelings of grief and loss, the track contains all the intimate lyricism that Grace has come to be known for.

Dark Matter marks the first offering from Grace since last year’s ‘Blame’ (ft. Jacob Banks) as the artist has spent the past year focusing on writing her unannounced forthcoming new project. While no stranger to using her song writing as an outlet for the trauma she’s encountered in her past, Grace’s new material is her most intensely personal yet. She continues to touch on topics around her personal relationships; she also delves deeper into themes surrounding identity, race. Plus the exploration of her dual racial identity as a mixed-race woman attempting to fit into multiple communities. This introspection has led to a collection of beautiful new material; it focuses on protest and community to create her most compelling work to be released thus far.

Speaking on the track, Grace says “Dark matter is a song I wrote at a time where I was beginning to let go of a lifetime of seeking approval from someone who was never gonna give it to me. It’s kind of sarcastic but also me thanking this person for being so awful that it made me so much better and with time, realise I was so much more without them”.

Links to all the download sites for ‘Dark Matter’ are at the PR website.


Sinead O’Brien will release ‘Girlkind’ on 24th December.

Irish artist Sinead O’Brien releases her brand new single ‘Girlkind’, out now via Chess Club Records. Dan Carey produced the metronomic ‘Girlkind’. It is accompanied by a mesmerising video directed by Saskia Dixie.

Sinead will be touring, and has website, which has links to all her social media and download links.


‘Mantra’ by Rodney Earl Clarke is out now.

British Baritone Rodney Earl Clarke used his 2-minute slot on ITV’s music show ‘Walk The Line’ in a powerful way to spread an inspiring message this festive season with his original song ‘Mantra’. The song was written as a way to overcome prejudice through the idea of togetherness. It highlights an important narrative, which discusses discrimination, racism and prejudice. It aims to focus the light on a beauty within and calls for us all to raise our heads with pride.

Rodney comments, “The experience of being on the Walk The Line taught me that the classically trained voice is still a phenomenon that can make some people feel unsure and divided in opinion. Although the structure of the show predominantly catered for pop musicians, it was great to have been included as a classical singer. However, it was a shame not to have had someone on the panel who could have offered constructive criticism from a classical point of view. In celebrating what we all have to offer, it was disappointing not to have known what the audience felt as no physical numbers of votes were shared but I hope that the nation heard my message and felt driven to spread it far and wide.

Rodney’s song ‘Mantra’ is available to download and stream now on all musical platforms. He has a website, at, and is on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Obsidian Cane is releasing a three-track EP, ‘RESET II’ on 24th December; ‘Mr Creep’ is the first of those tracks, and features Joy Ami.

Following on from his début UK Garage EP, ‘RESET’, Obsidian Cane continues the journey with his upcoming EP, ‘RESET II’. It will be available on 24th December 2021. The three-set EP features singles, ‘Mr, Creep’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Secret Place’.

As he did for his debut ‘RESET’ EP, the London producer features a stellar line-up of three songstresses. They are carving their names in the UK music scene.

London’s singer-songwriter Joy Ami introduces the EP with ‘Mr. Creep’, which possesses a deep gusty soulful/UKG sound – a perfect platform for her outstanding vocal range. Following in her parent’s footsteps Joy has been singing since she learned the alphabet. Career highlights include performing at the Royal Albert Hall, plus music festivals in France and Canada. Accompanied with a piano, her live performances are often described as minimal sound with a big emotional impact.

East London’s creative singer-songwriter, Ferraz, keeps the vibes going, with ‘Shine’, gracing her sugary sweet soulful vocal performance over a smooth funky arrangement.

Stacey Pierre concludes the ‘RESET II’ EP with ‘Secret Place’, whose alluringly soulful vocals, together with the infectiously tranquil four-on-the-four tones, provides the ultimate ending to the set.

Obsidian Cane is on Instagram.

Joy Ami is also on Instagram and also Facebook.

The EP is available via DistroKid.


Kerosene Stars released ‘Law of Resistance’ on 1st December.

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Kerosene Stars is an American power pop band formed in Chicago, Illinois. The group is composed of Scott Schaafsma (bass, vocals), Andy Seagram (guitars, backing vocals), Jim Adair (drums), and Tom Sorich (percussion). They have a steady stream of releases beginning with a self-titled debut in 2014 followed by “Burn the Evidence” in 2016. Their newest endeavour is bi-monthly releases of A/B side digital singles throughout 2021. They began with ‘Where Have You Been / Don’t Pass Me By’ and have now released ‘Law of Resistance / Get up’.

Kerosene Stars have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Bandcamp and Twitter.


On 2nd December Karhide released their new album, ‘Abort’ from which ‘Display Angles’ is the first track.

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Karhide, AKA Tim Waterfield, has been programming beats for as long as DJ Shadow. But, where Josh Davis came from a background of hip hop culture and breakbeats, Tim’s electronic upbringing in the East Midlands was through the industrial-strength beats of Godflesh and Frontline Assembly. Tim has been refining and distilling a long lineage of electronica and guitar music for more than a decade, reaching his purest statement of intent with Karhide. What’s even more remarkable is that every instrument on the record is played by Tim (who only brings in the best drummers he can find to attempt to match his devilish programming). He can even pull this stuff off live too. Years of playing alongside bands have turned Tim – and Karhide – into a seasoned live outfit, easily outmatching most bands’ volume and intensity with his one-man show.

Karhide have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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