Izzy’s New Music Emporium – Week 27: 29/12/2021 – Play List

The Autumn Killers have released their version of ‘Mad World’.

Last year The Autumn Killers decided to do something a little different. Instead of the usual Christmas single they decided to cover the old 80’s classic “The Power Of Love” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Roll on 12 months and they are at it again. This year they have a truly astonishing take on the old Tears For Fears classic “Mad World”.

The Autumn Killers have a website, at theautumnkillers.uk, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Back in November, Abudebi Zonjon released ‘I’ve Decided’.

Abudebi Zonjon’s new single, ‘I’ve Decided’ came to life after he boarded a flight from Copenhagen to his birthplace Ghana. He was seated next to a young couple and observed the way they expressed their love for each other. But what really caught his attention was their not-so-private no filter conversation.

Abudebi explains, “In their conversation it appeared, they were about to be apart from each other for the first time since they met. The; lady was relocating to further her education, but the man couldn’t relocate with her due to work, even though he so wished to. ‘I’ve Decided’ came from the point when the lady asked her lover: “Would you cheat on me while I’m away” and the guy answered, “No please I’ve decided I’ll wait”, in a cunning and funny way. The guy then asked her: “But If I cheated on you what would happen?” And she answered with a smile “I’ll burn your house to ashes” and then they laughed about it. In as much as they meant every bit of their conversation, they had a funny and comic way of expressing their emotions.

Armed with the lyrics he wrote on flight, Abudebi hooked up with producer Beatz Dakay. Beatz, along with two instrumentalists from a popular Ghanaian band called The Patch Bay Band, brought ‘I’ve Decided’ further to life with a rich, gleeful blend of reggae, blues and soul.

A promising upcoming Afrobeats artist, Abudebi sonically took a different route with the single. He says, “I chose a different sound because I wanted the melody to reflect the conversation between these couple and the different types of emotions during the moment of experience.

Abudebi is on Won Tune, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


In the autumn, Fingers & Sunshine released their album ‘Solar Plexus’ from which ‘Sharin’ the Light’ is taken.

This is the third track from the ‘Solar Plexus’ album we’ve heard – I played ‘Smile’ in Week 20 (10th November) and ‘Slow Down’ in Week 14 (29th September).

There have been many incarnations of Fingers & Sunshine through the years which have culminated in the present line-up featuring David and Ron McKibben on vocals and guitar and song-writing, Donald Steininger on bass and vocals, and Larry Stoltie on drums, percussion and vocals.

Fingers & Sunshine have a website at fingersandsunshine.com and have all their socials listed on linktr.ee/fingersandsunshine.


Anna Grindle has released a new album, ‘The Turning’ from which ‘Hold On’ is taken.

Anna Grindle comes from Belfast. She is an educator, coffee-drinker, cyclist and traveller. Anna began in music as a woodwind player, spending summers busking in Belfast as part of a saxophone quartet. Anna has written songs intermittently over the years, mainly for guitar and more recently keyboard.

Anna’s first album ‘Journey’ (2004) was in service to a cause, being self-released in support of fund-raising before several years of voluntary work in Uganda. A prolific journal writer, life observed and reflected is intrinsic to Anna, and is core to all her song-writing. Recent years have brought what Anna has described as a ‘flurry of song-writing’; ‘The Turning’, is the result. Begun as a purely creative endeavour, friends in the music world persuaded Anna that it deserved to be heard widely. It is consequently her first ‘properly available’ (physically and digitally) body of work.

Essentially a solitary project, the song-writing on ‘The Turning’ is an open, searching and honest interrogation of lived experiences and observations. Songs bear witness to questions, loss, process, memory and hope. The focus is on the lyrics, set against a mellow harmonic backdrop, and the words breathe on a simple and uncomplicated canvas.

Anna Grindle has a web site, at annagrindle.net


On 3rd December Sylvia G released ‘I’m Drowning’.

Swiss singer-songwriter Sylvia G shares her new single ‘I’m Drowning’. It is out now on all streaming platforms. The track is the fourth single to be taken from her upcoming sixth studio album ‘Brand New Day’, which is set for release in early 2022.

Speaking of the track, Sylvia G says, “A planet pushed to the edge, what will happen if we keep on destroying our environment? This song is about the dire impact we have on our planet. My heart fills with pain when I see forests burning, animals being tortured and plastic, toxic metals in our oceans. A pollution that knows no borders. Call it ‘Eco-anxiety’, I don’t know, but it is definitively an overwhelming feeling of sadness and anger to feel so useless year after year in the face of climate change. I know this subject can be too frightening, uncomfortable, too political or even unimportant for some people, but maybe there could be a way for each one of us to find actions that could work.

Alongside her singing career, Sylvia G works with non-profit organisations to protect animal rights and fight animal cruelty. As a passionate campaigner for the environment and advocate for animal rights, Sylvia uses music to raise awareness of the current environmental crisis and inspire others to take more care of the world we live in.

Sylvia G has a website, at sylviamariag.com and is on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and YouTube


Dick Aven released a new album, ‘Spin So Long’ on 3rd December. ‘Stirred Up’ is the first track from that album.

Dick Aven is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist studio musician and a touring saxophonist who currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Dick has been making music since he could reach the keys of his mother’s piano. In his teens he developed an interest in jazz music As a composer he has been described as a ‘troublemaking progressive’

Dick has been touring with Outlaw Country artist Jamey Johnson for the past few years as a baritone saxophonist. He also plays saxes in horn sections with a number of groups. He recently played tenor sax with The Big Band of Brothers

Dick  currently has four albums of original music available on all major music platforms. His new album, ‘Spin So Long’ features Dick’s song writing, singing, multi-instrumental arranging skills and stylized tenor saxophone soloing on a set of songs and videos which might be described as Alternative Soul or Modern American Blues based Rock

Dick has a website, at dickaven.com and is on Facebook and Bandcamp.


On 3rd December, The Jesus Bolt released their new album ‘The Kid Got Electric’, and this is the title track.

The Jesus Bolt are Hazel Winter and Gerard Starkie.

Hazel Winter has been described by Q Magazine as “The West Country’s first lady of noir-ish guitar blues”. She played guitar for The Blue Aeroplanes in the early 90’s and has since released a string of albums, produced numerous videos and published her first book of poetry, “I’m Scared Of The Pig On The City Farm” in Dec 2018.

When Gerard Starkie’s band Witness released their first of two albums, The Times described his vocals as “imbued with that nebulous quality of soul, fragile, sensitive and exuding a dignified stoicism doubtless born of experience.” Starkie has gone on to release two solo albums and toured extensively as guitarist in The Blue Aeroplanes.

Together as The Jesus Bolt, they have released two EP’s: ‘Error and Industry’ and ‘That Unwanted Present’. They have now completed work on their début album ‘The Kid Got Electric’.
The Jesus Bolt will be touring in 2022:

  • 15th Jan – Le Pub, Newport
  • 24th Feb – Vinyl Tap, Preston
  • 25th Feb – The Engine Room, North Shields
  • 26th Feb – Allenwater Brewhouse, Stirling
  • 25th March – The Thunderbolt (supporting The Wolfhounds)

They have a website, at thejesusbolt.co.uk and are on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Hobsons Bay Coast Guard released ‘Love Song’ on December 6th.

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are back with their second LP, ‘Tubular Swells’. Another buoyant pilgrimage into the twin worlds of experimental surf-rock and hyperactive dream-pop. The final single and stand out track of the release is ‘Love Song’. A cruise-ship surf classic that was made for hot nights and cool company, ‘Love Song’ is for dancing and thinking about your crush at the same time.

The band says: “Love Song was always a favourite in our live shows, it was the feeling of performing on some kind of cheap cruise-ship cabaret. We wanted to make sure we captured that fun and kind of kitschy essence. This meant Erik ended up doing about two hundred vocal takes before everyone was happy. He lost his voice for a month but it was worth it!

Tubular Swells is out independently on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.

Hobson Bay Coast Guard are on Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook.


The Causeways released ‘Come and Get It’ on 10th December.

Wirral-based alternative rock group The Causeways released their début single ‘Quietly’ in November 2020. They are walking a line between indie pop and mellow rock. The band consists of Will Cartmell (vocals/rhythm guitar), and Matthew John Wilson (bass guitar/backing vocals), who are both the principal songwriters. Ryan Robinson (lead guitar), and Sam Silver (drums) round-off the quartet. All four members draw inspiration from many different artists and genres, which is why they have a distinct sound that varies from song to song. Their second single,’ Come and Get It’ was released on the 10th of December 2021. It is the title track on an EP set to come out in 2022. With multiple headline shows lined up for the group, it’s clear the intent they have to mark themselves onto the North-West music scene, and subsequently further across the UK.

The Causeways are on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify


On 10th December Amfree & Stefane released ‘Passion’.

Amfree is one of the most successful DJs & producers of the last year with almost 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He had his breakthrough in summer 2020 with the successful Dance Cover of the 90s hit “Boom Boom Boom Boom”. Now he has teamed up with Stefane and, together, they have worked on the Italo-House classic ‘Passion’ and created a NuDisco hit.

They are on Spotify, Instagram and YouTube with ‘Passion’ being available on all the usual streaming platforms via zyxdance.


Palais Ideal released their new album, ‘Negative Space’ on 14th December. ‘Keeping the Faith’ is the third track on that album.

Palais Ideal see their mission as post-punk music for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment.

The third album from Palais Ideal, ‘Negative Space’, offers a collection of energetic, melodic, guitar-driven, song-oriented post-punk. The album is strongly inspired by ‘classic’ bands such as The Sound and Buzzcocks.

Following cancellation of the band’s 2020 European tour half way through, due to the rapid spread of the pandemic, John Edwards and Richard van Kruysdijk initially felt as if they were ‘in limbo’ – hence the album title. However, this became an opportunity to rethink the band’s sound, and inject a dose of musical and lyrical energy, optimism and hope; much needed in this difficult period. The release is supported by a European tour which kicks off in February 2022 (but doesn’t appear to include the UK).

Palais Ideal have a website, at palaisideal.net, and are on Facebook and Bandcamp.


FR3SH TrX released ‘Still Dream About U’ on 15th December.

After 3 successful collaborations – ‘Alien Queen‘ & ‘Universe‘ with B.Infinite and ‘You Got Me‘ with O’Neal, FR3SH TrX is back with his third solo single ‘Still Dream About U‘. The future pop/deep house track is bursting with emotion. Thanks to its warm sounds and catchy, soulful and thoughtful lyrics, it is ideal for the cold season.

FR3SH TrX are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok


The Star Prairie Project released their new album, ‘Shine a Little Light’ on 17th December. This is the title track.

Musicians from the United States to Portugal have joined forces to create a brand new album of amazing music courtesy of main singer-songwriter, Nolen R. Chew Jr. They’re called ‘The Star Prairie Project’ and it was Nolen who brought them together. Named after the village of Star Prairie (50 miles NE of Minneapolis / St Paul) and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day. Their music covers many genres and they have already achieved amazing success.

Their third album, ‘Rudiger’s Revenge’, was released in August 2021. We heard ‘The Right Life’ from that album back in week 6 (4th August). The album is already approaching 80,000 streams after just four months. Now they have released their fourth album ‘Shine A Little Light’.

They have a website at thestarprairieproject.net, and are on Facebook and Instagram.


My Friend the Chimpanzee released ‘Time Traveller’ on 17th December.

Two Viennese Chimpanzees found themselves a cave in the 16th district, in Thaliastraße to be more precise. To produce alternative music. With lots and lots and lots of analogue synths.

Founded in 2018, My Friend The Chimpanzee is the ongoing collaboration between producers Josef Umschaid (drums and fx) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths) from Vienna, Austria. In their music, the duo combines elements of different genres, reflecting their respective musical influences. Whilst the guitar and bass are very alt-rock, they are supplemented by indie pop synths and vocals. Also hip hop and trap beats provide the foundation.

‘Time Traveller’ is the first single to be taken from their upcoming album.

My Friend the Chimpanzee are on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


The show is available on MixCloud

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