Imperial Leisure released ‘Tomorrow Tomorrow’ on 13th February.

‘Tomorrow Tomorrow’ is the new single from Imperial Leisure. It’s from their 4th studio album, ‘Through the Mountain’ which was released on March 4th.

From their humble beginnings in London as a party band born out of school friendships, Imperial Leisure have continued to go from strength to strength. Forever evolving their style they have stayed true to their reputation for delivering fun and high energy live performances. In 2010, the bands’ début album, ‘The Art of Saying Nothing’, was launched in spectacular fashion. Two albums and 300 appearances followed between 2012 and 2016, with a European tour in 2018.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit and proved to be the shake-up Scott Vining and Denis Smith required: Imperial Leisure reformed. Oddly encouraged by the ensuing chaos, they arranged a series of recording sessions to be carried out only at the time of a full moon.

Suitably lubricated, they experimented with ideas, creating musical recipes to later draw upon. Those recipes manifest as a demo aptly named ‘The Full Moon Sessions’. That demo forms the structure from which the new album was built. ‘Through The Mountain’ is the 4th studio album by Imperial Leisure.

Upcoming Live Shows

4th March – The Attic, Bristol
10th March – The Chintz Bar, Falmouth
18th March – New Cross Inn, London
29th April – St Hildas College, Oxford
21st May – Cotham Hill Street Party Oxfam, Bristol
26th May – Cursus Cider and Music Festival, Salisbury
30th June – Settle Down Fest – Settle
1st July – Nibley Festival – North Nibley
1st July – Woodfest, Alresford
4th August – Knot Tied Festival – Sheffield

Imperial Leisure have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify.


Cole Bleu released ‘Heartbreakers’ on 14th February.

Cole Bleu celebrated Valentine’s Day with ‘Heartbreakers’. It’s an anti-romance anthem designed for loud singalongs in late night car rides, and a reintroduction to one of the most exciting artists in the UK. Formerly a member of duo The Let Go with her best friend Scout, Cole now strikes out on her own with ‘Heartbreakers’, an instant earworm with a bittersweet edge.

Speaking about the track, Cole explains “‘Heartbreakers’ is about breaking up with someone but then realising you regret it after seeing them with someone else. It’s a different kind of pain when you know it’s all your fault in the end.

Cloe Bleu has a website with all her social media and down-load links.


Anita Abram’s second single, ‘Stars Above’, is available now.

Anita was born in Ipswich in Suffolk and is a singer songwriter and producer with a passion for the visual arts. She performs solo and in a folk trio The Copper Foxes. She also sits on the board of an arts charity.

Anita says, “I wrote ‘Stars Above’ during the pandemic and it is dedicated to everyone who struggles with love and loss. I dedicate this song to NHS staff and those battling illness. It is a celebration of recognising true love and our purpose as human beings.

Anita has a website, at, and is on Facebook and YouTube.


On 14th February, Nightbus released ‘Way Past Three’.

Manchester-based Nightbus are a new eclectic indie three-piece band, who have released their début single and video ‘Way Past Three’.

Originally hailing from varying parts of the north of England, set behind a backdrop of haze with their mid-20s approaching, Nightbus (Olive, Jake and Zac) found common ground in their mutual music taste. To make and write late-night music soon became the ethos of the band: sound tracking, sleepless, frenzied nights out, the journey home and everything in between. Their début single, ‘Way Past Three’, beckons you into the mind-set of a twenty-something, immersed in the damp, grey, vice soaked North West of England.

Expanding on the single, Nightbus say: “We had this idea of making and creating alternative music that could either be played in the club or perhaps the journey home. Music that soundtracks the highs or even the lows – essentially music for the night time. Those early hours are and can be quite an exposing time, so we think this is the perfect introduction to Nightbus.

Nightbus are on Facebook, Twitter and myspace.


Cosmic Whiskey Brothers have recently released ‘Together Apart’.

‘Together Apart’ is the début single from cosmic Whiskey Brothers and is out now. It will be followed by their EP ‘Numquam Sero’ later this year.

Cosmic Whiskey Brothers formed in a valley in South Wales, during the great lockdown of 2020. Keryn asked Kevin to write a song which, with no previous experience, he dutifully did. From that experiment the first single was born.

The band is predominantly Kevin Mewies and Keryn Isaacs, the former being the lyricist and lead singer, with the latter being the multi-instrumental maestro and musical magician. They come from the hot bed of talent that is South Wales, where there’s plenty of gifted musicians to call on. And that’s the plan. Band members come and go, as their skills are desired, but once a Cosmic Whiskey Brother they’re always in the brotherhood!

When asked where their ambitions lie the boys just say, “If we catch a break we’ll take it, but if not, we’ll just keep on doing what we do, and keep doing it because we love it” You can’t say fairer than that!

The single is available via their record label, Bad Monkey Records.


Preston D Barnes released ‘I’ll Carry You’ on 21st February.

We’ve previously heard ‘Add a Little You’ from Preston D Barnes (November 2022, Week 74). Now, emerging UK country music star, Preston D Barnes, is back with his new single, ‘I’ll Carry You’. Since his début single hit the No.2 spot in the iTunes Country Music Charts within three days of its release, the former soldier from Lancashire has been on a whirlwind journey. Four subsequent singles have gone on to surpass all expectations, climbing to No.1. His rise to prominence has been quite unprecedented and he was recently nominated for the Best UK Male Vocalist at the BCMA Awards!

2023 UK Tour Dates

22nd March – Pizza Express, Holborn, London

27th March – The Half Moon, Putney, London

16th April – The Bedford, Balham, London

26th – 28th May – Buckle & Boots Festival, Manchester

Preston D Barnes has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and TikTok.


On 3rd March, Chris Davis will release ‘It’s Worth a Shot’.

We heard Chris Davis Christmas track, ‘Something Going On Down In Bethlehem’, back in December (Week 78). Now he’s back, with his new single, ‘It’s Worth a Shot’.

Chris Davis is originally from Fairborn, Ohio and now makes his home in Russell, Kentucky. He has been playing bluegrass music, professionally, for over 25 years with many artists. Currently, he plays with Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers. He has also played the Grand Ole Opry with country music’s Diamond Rio while member Gene Johnson was recovering from heath issues.

Speaking about his new single, Chris says, “I wanted to record this ‘It’s Worth A Shot’ because the melody sang to me right along with the lyrics. It speaks of a man willing to try anything to forget about lost love. Can’t blame him.

The single can be obtained from RBR Entertainment, who have a website at


Exploits have recently released ‘Somebody Else’.

All I know about Exploits is they are from Norwich, and are on Facebook and SoundCloud.


Tommy Buller will release ‘Headed for the Hills’ on 10th March.

Tommy Buller has released his newest single ‘Headed For The Hills’ It was written by Tommy Buller and Bart Hansen. The single follows up previous singles ‘High Lonesome’ – which we heard in July (Week 55) –  and ‘6 Feet Under and Still Going Down’ both of which reached the top 10 on multiple bluegrass charts.

Speaking about the track, Tommy says, “I liked that Bart and I had come up with a good, fast, grassy tune. It’s a fun tune to pick, leaves room for everyone in the band to pick on it, and it’s really easy to improvise on. Usually turns into a big jam session when we play it live.

When asked where was the song written, Tommy’s reply “Ha!!! Bart and I finished it the line at the Davidson county DMV. I had met him at his place earlier that day, we had the 1st verse and chorus done and he said he had to go renew his tags, so I just hopped in with him we finished it via text in line at the DMV.

The single can be obtained from RBR Entertainment, who have a website at


‘The Mouse and The Lion’ is the latest single from Feralman’s new album ‘Allegories’.

Feralman’s forthcoming album ‘Allegories’ is released on March 10th and boasts a number of spectacular singles, including ‘’Let It Heal You’, ‘The Ballad of Life & Death’ and more including ‘The Mouse & the Lion’. It is a tale of a sad and desperate lion, downbeat and in need of help. A tiny mouse, along with an other animals, rally round to offer him emotional support.

Once again, Feralman tells this story using metaphor. It is a song about looking out for each other. It is about recognising that it is OK to feel down sometimes, that we all do. It’s about offering support to those who need it. It is about the fact that ‘strong’ people need help too. Plus we can all be strong, even if we feel as tiny as a mouse.

Feralman have a page, with all their social media and down-load links.


I Monster will be releasing ‘Who Is She?’ on 17th March.

I Monster, is a Sheffield-based duo that arrived on the scene more than two decades ago. It is officially the latest act to experience a significant commercial boost from a TikTok trend.

‘Who Is She?’, which débuted as part of 2005’s Neveroddoreven, had remained relatively obscure until late autumn of last year. Now, after appearing in a multitude of TikTok videos and exploding in popularity outside the app it is being reissued. Dharma Records, the long-time label of I Monster, are presenting the re-issue complete “with a new sleeve, a new mix and a limited run of vinyl“.

I Monster members said of their song’s commercial ascent, “It turns out that doing absolutely nothing to promote a record is a more successful strategy than doing absolutely everything“.

More information about I Monster can be found on their label’s website, at


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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