‘Magic Dreamers’ by Milliel Featuring Acalântis opens the show.

Milliel does have a website, at milliel.com but it’s in Portuguese! He is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube.


On 18th February Paris Music Corp released ‘Light Speed’.

Texas-based electronic music artist Paris Music Corp. is the moniker of experimental and ambient composer John Andrew Paris. He has released a brilliantly fluid self-titled album and colourful chilled video for the lead track ‘Light Speed’. With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade. The previous release being the ‘Rewind’ LP in 2017.

John Andrew Paris hails from Austin, where he has spent decades creating music and collaborating with numerous artists. Paris has also scored 2 independent films: the historical documentary ‘Andy Paris: Bubble Gum King’ and the short horror film ‘Spectral Wind’. He has also created a clever electronic rework of ‘Lord of the Dance’ for the Austin Christmas Collection Album.

John says, “I wrote, recorded, and mastered this album in my home studio in Austin. While I have since relocated to Brownsville, this IS an Austin, TX record. Most of it was conceived during the pandemic. Some pieces pre-dated the pandemic in an embryonic state, but 2020 is when I got down to the business of getting those early pieces completed and the new ones written. My inspiration for these pieces is that you never really know when you will pass on so you best be doing your greatest now. There is a certain haunted feeling in some tunes and others just reflect the ambiguity I like in my writing style. It is a body of work I am very proud of. A lot of the ambient works are a result of on the spot improvisation. I am influenced by a lot of jazz musicians’ approach to music.”

Paris Music Corp. are on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud


Joseph Arthur has released ‘Rise’.

Joseph Arthur is an American singer-songwriter and artist from Akron, Ohio, United States. Arthur has built his reputation over the years through critically acclaimed releases and constant touring. His unique solo live performances often incorporate the use of a number of distortion and loop pedals. His shows are recorded live at the soundboard and made available to concert goers immediately following the show.

Joseph has a website, at josepharthur.com and is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


On 22nd February, 22 Oceans released ‘Home’

British indie pop artist 22 Oceans present their new single ‘Home’. It’s a beautiful slice of Americana-tinged minimalist electronica previewing their new 5-track ‘Home’ EP.

Since emerging on the indie music scene in 2020, 22 Oceans has been presenting a steady string of new music. While influenced by 80’s influenced synthpop, their new single brings this artist into new territory while retaining their trademark ethereal vocals. Based in Merseyside, this project is the brainchild of Mike Guy. While originally a solo project, 22 Oceans has blossomed into a fruitful trio, graced by the vocal and song writing talents of twin sisters Carys and Keeley Hughes. Their stellar tandem of vocal harmonies complement a backdrop of lush, layered sounds.

22 Oceans have a website, at 22oceans.com, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.



Beauty in Chaos released their LP ‘Behind the Veil’ and a video to ‘Grasp the Stars’ from that LP on 22nd February.

Beauty in Chaos have announced the release of ‘Behind The Veil’, their highly-anticipated new album. This all-female featured collection brings back three BIC alumni – Tish Ciravolo, Cinthya Hussey and Betsy Martin (who features on ‘Grasp the Stars) – as well as new family members Whitney Tai, Elena Alice Fossi and Pinky Turzo.

BIC curator Michael Ciravolo says “The concept of this all female release started to take form when we added “Stranger” (ft. Kat Leon) as the closing track of ‘The Storm Before The Calm’. It was a bit different than the rest of the album, but it turned into the perfect lead-in to the direction of this new record. Our past formula has been to follow up each of our two albums with a remix record.  This time I decided to change the script a bit and include a remix of each song on ‘Behind The Veil

‘Behind The Veil’ has been released on CD and limited-run vinyl. As with all BIC releases, a 25-track digital version is included with all physical copies. The Limited Edition 2-CD Set contains the bonus CD ‘Further Behind The Veil’

The album is available on streaming platforms, including Bandcamp. It can also be obtained, in all formats, directly from Beauty In Chaos’ on-line store.


Chloe Adams has released ‘Dirty Thoughts’.

Chloe Adams is a British pop singer & songwriter living in Leicester. After spending years covering songs online from her favourite artists, Chloe began self-releasing original music in collaboration with her long term partner and producer Matt Lonsdale.

Chloe says, “My songs tend to be about delicate subject matters, the lyrics tend to say the things that most people would choose to gloss over. Dirty Thoughts’ was an idea I had about the intimate thoughts you have about someone you’re attracted to, and how the more you try to suppress them, the stronger they get. I presented the idea of writing a song called ‘Dirty Thoughts’ to my co-writer / producer / fiancé Matt, he couldn’t believe how raw and to the point I wanted to be in the song. But that’s exactly why I loved the idea so much. Matt came up with the catchiest hook of the century, with the first lyrics being ‘I get dirty thoughts about you’ and I knew instantly it would become an attention grabber.

Chloe is on Instagram and TikTok.


A Permanent Shadow will be releasing ‘Speedtrain’ on 25th February.

A Permanent Shadow have been heralding the release of their second long play with a series of singles since September 2021. After three previous singles, ‘Speedtrain’ saw the light of day on February 25th. It is the final taster for the album ‘Humdrum’, which will be out on March 4th. The single version is slightly shorter than the full album version and will be made available digitally.

‘Speedtrain’ is a song about aging and lost opportunities which laments the passing of time and the inability to let go of the past. A Permanent Shadow singer CP Fletcher comments, “As you get older, you seem to cling to the past much more, because there’s less future left and you realize how finite your existence actually is. It is common for parents or grandparents to warn you that the older you get the faster time passes, which in your youthful arrogance you brush off light-heartedly. But as the years pass, you suddenly find that indeed, life is rolling like a speed train with no mercy, as the song’s chorus implies. And that’s when you start looking back on everything you have and have not done in life, and you ask yourself how much do you have left to make up for lost time.

A Permanent Shadow have a website, at apermanentshadow.com, and are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Ormidales have recently released ‘She’s Leaving for London’.

We’ve heard The Ormidales before – back in September (week 13) we heard ‘Crawlin’ On My Hands and Knees’, in November (week 24) we heard ‘Last Train Out’ and we heard ‘West of Eden’ in January (week 29).

The Ormidales say, “Some people arrive in our lives for a short stay, a charmed moment at a crossroads in time, and then make their swift departure seemingly lost to us as we each embark on the next leg of our journeys. Years later, a dust speck drifts across a room in the soft sunlight of a late winter afternoon. A name, a face, or an aroma connected to an elusive recollection emerges. That stray thread is retrieved and perhaps pondered over for a moment, to reflect on its relevance and the reasons for its recovery. With a wistful sigh and a faint smile, we add the thread to the weave of the tapestry that is each of our unique life stories.

The Ormidales are on Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube.


Michael & Michelle’s first single, ‘Calming Storm’ is out now.

Michael and Michelle first met on the set of hit TV period drama Downton Abbey. They soon discovered their shared passion for music. This led to a casual jam, in between shooting scenes. Connecting immediately, both on voice and guitar, Michael and Michelle started playing regularly as a duo. Now, six years later, they make it official with their first record deal and début EP. ‘The Watching Silence’ is due for release on 13th May this year. Their first ever official public show will shortly follow at Omeara London, on 6th June.

The busy pair will be juggling their music around their acting commitments. Michelle notes the juxtaposition in the approach needed for the two creative facets, “It’s a whole different set of skills and vulnerability. Acting tends to start with what’s already written on the page. Music can begin anywhere. It’s different and very freeing.

Michael adds, “I will always love acting but there is something about us, some part of our characters that we haven’t fully realised – and that’s happening now.

Tickets for their show can be purchased from myticket.co.uk. Michael & Michelle are on YouTube and Twitter and have a website with all their download links.


Factory have released ‘Free ‘n’ Easy, which is taken from their album ‘Aiming High’.

Back in October (week 16), we heard the title track from ‘Aiming High’. Then, in November (week 20), we heard ‘Mama Called Me’. Now Factory have released a third single from the album.

Factory have an Official Website and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


The show is available on MixCloud.

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