We Three Kings released ‘The Criminal’ on 22nd July.

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, with a sound that blends fuzzed up blues-rock into three minute mini miracles of pure joy. With Rich on vocals and guitar, Ben on bass and Pete on drums, their riff-driven guitar-heavy sound is perfect for any play-list An unpretentious, high-energy live act, their music is a razor-sharp reminder of the power of monstrous riffs turned up to 11. The band’s entire back catalogue, encompassing two five-track EPs and a string of singles is available to stream or download across all digital platforms. We heard a previous single – ‘Running Out (Give It Up)’ back in December 2021 (Week 23).

We Three Kings have a website and a linktr page with links to all their social media and download sites.


Alex Kate released ‘Summer Wagon’ on 22nd July.

Alex Kate is on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Oliver Malcom’s new EP, ‘Act One’ is out now. ‘Baby Don’t Go’ is from this EP.

With his breakthrough track ‘Switched Up’ and his début tape ‘Are You Living In The Real World?’, Oliver Malcolm made the leap from go-to producer to an artist with infinite potential. Quickly establishing a wave of early tastemaker attention and 30 million+ streams, Oliver is now poised for a bigger breakthrough as he shares his brand-new EP ‘Act One’.

The ‘Act One’ tape shows that the 22-year-old has raised the bar in all the best ways. The songs are to-the-point, concise, and still maintain his flair for exploratory sounds despite his sharper pop leanings. ‘Baby Don’t Go’, the first song on the new tape, lives up to his ambition. It’s a lunatically fun burst of soul-pop that feels as if Motown hurtled into the present day. Confident enough to expose the imperfections of his voice, Oliver is on fire throughout, his call-and-response hook and exuberant top-line bursting with personality and a broad pop appeal.

Oliver was at Latitude, and will be touring through the rest of the Summer.


7th – Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
11th – Sziget Festival, Budapest (HU)
14th – Klubben, Stockholm (SE)
16th – Kesselhaus, Berlin (DE)
17th – Rock Cafe, Prague (CZ)
19th – Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
20th – FM4 Frequency Festival, St. Pölten (AT)
23rd – Feiheitshalle, Munich (DE)
29th – O2 Forum, London (UK)
31st – O2 Ritz, Manchester (UK)


1st – O2 Institute 2, Birmingham (UK)
2nd – O2 Forum, London (UK)
4th – O2 Academy, Bristol (UK)
6th – Le Trabendo, Paris (FR)
7th – Plaza, Zurich (CH)
10th – Sala La De Apolo, Barcelona (SP)

Oliver is on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.


The Barefoot Bandit released ‘At The River’ on 29th July.

The Barefoot Bandit released their brand new single ‘At The River’ featuring Charlene Soraia on the 26th July 2022. The Groove Armada cover is the perfect summer anthem for 2022. The scintillating vocals of the singer-songwriter are matched with the delicious trombone. ‘At The River’ delivers on all fronts with a fresh Reggae spin on the anthem.

The Barefoot Bandit are a heavyweight ensemble based in the South West. The band mixes various musical styles, incorporating elements of Reggae, Punk Rock, Dub and World music. They have just announced their first ever European Festival in France and are gearing up to release their début album later this year.

The Barefoot Bandit are on Facebook.


Benny Bizzie shared the single ‘On The Double’ from his new EP ‘Chrysalis’.

London-born singer, rapper, and songwriter Benny Bizzie returns with a new EP ‘Chrysalis’, which was released on July 29th 2022. The music artist and record producer is independently releasing his 10th EP, supported by Help Musicians/MOBO Awards. The EP features previous released, singles ‘Drunk N Naked’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Window Frame’ which already have over 500k TikTok views.

Benny says about the creation of the EP, “I did not imagine any of this when I started making music back in Tottenham, writing bars in my Science and Maths exercise books. I had no clue what I was doing and where it would lead. All I knew was I had to keep moving forward, I had to do the one thing I knew how to do, which was to create music and help people where I could. ‘Chrysalis’ is my 10th EP and saying that is mind-blowing. It literally has been a journey of self and artistic discovery and the best part about it all, is there is still more to discover and become.

Benny has a website, at bennybizzie.com, and is on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.


On 30th July Francine Honey released ‘Girls Weekend’.

About the song, Francine says, “This song celebrates friendship!  Especially the special connection women have with our BFFs! I started ‘Girls’ Weekend’ when I was getting ready for one of my own Girls’ Weekend Getaways. I love my gal pals and time away with them is really special. We always laugh and cry and get into all kinds of shenanigans! But most of all we build each other up! I asked my girlfriend and fellow singer-songwriter Patti Dixon from Austin to finish it with me. We have a great time when we are together and I wanted that gal pal comraderie to come through in the song. Given what a great singer Patti is, I asked her to contribute some background vocals to the song. So get out with your girlfriends, crank up this song and be the Queen Bees you are!

Francine is on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter.


On 2nd August, Kyla Tilley released her new album, ‘Bloom & Grow’.

Kyla Tilley is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for her intimate and emotionally turbulent live performances, her gymnastic guitar playing, and her fabulous shoe collection. Musically, her songs are heavily coloured by a youth spent playing the classical guitar, singing Celtic songs, and listening to prog-rock. Lyrically, Kyla Tilley can and will write about absolutely anything from dishes, or the lives of birds and bees, to existential crises and obscure post-apocalyptic 80s film. Kyla’s live audiences are made to feel like guests of honour as she treats them to an array of alluring melodies, dissonant harmonies, and dynamic rhythms while regaling them with tales true and tall of fantastic exploits, mundane tasks, and moderate misadventure. While some of her songs may induce unwelcome introspection, others uplift and empower with unrestrained joie de vivre.

Kyla Tilley currently lives in Newfoundland & Labrador where she can be found making a spectacle of herself on Twitch. She also has a website, at kylatilley.com, and the album can be pre-ordered from Bandcamp.


Precious Pepala has recently released ‘My Eyes Only’.

Precious Pepala today shares her début single ‘My Eyes Only’. It’s a bold arrival and opening statement from a huge new voice in UK pop. At just seventeen, Precious’ lyrics manage to contain universal sentiments that speak to her generation. ‘My Eyes Only’ is a soaring vocal showcase about vulnerability in private, wanting to hide her emotions from those closest to her.

Speaking about the track, Precious explains, “‘My Eyes Only’ is a song about guarding your emotions and not wanting other people to see you’re vulnerable, especially in romantic relationships. The lyrics are a true and honest confession about how the way I want to be perceived sometimes contrasts with how I really am.

Precious Pepala has a website with all her down-load links.


‘Never Good Enough’ comes from Tom A. Smith’s new EP, ‘EP2’, which is being released on August 5th.

After releasing his explosive single ‘Could I Live With Being Fake’ earlier this year, 18-year-old, fast-rising, Sunderland artist Tom A. Smith has now confirmed the details of his sophomore collection ‘EP2’ He is also releasing his latest offering ‘Never Good Enough’.

Following on from the release of his début ‘EP1’ last year, ‘EP2’ continues his broad and inventive approach to the indie-rock sound.

Throughout the last year, Tom A. Smith has cemented himself as one of the more progressive and passionate artists working right now, and ‘Never Good Enough’ is another perfect example of his already maturing direction. Brimming with rich and vibrant textures throughout, he is quickly setting himself up as a brilliantly captivating name bringing something fresh and adventurous to the scene.

Speaking about the new EP, Tom said, “I think ‘EP2’ is a really nice progression from ‘EP1’. I’m really proud of all the tracks and already know ‘Toronto’ will become a fan favourite as it goes down so well live. The lyrics to ‘Man Overboard’ are my best work so far in my opinion, I love how it skips along, producer Larry described it as crying at the disco. We love putting a homemade demo at the end of every EP and ‘If I Was’ just works so well. The last verse has a reference to Elton John, I didn’t realise he’d become a fan of my work when I wrote it.

Tom is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Stolen From the Sky will be releasing ‘Neon Spires (in the church of the excess)’ on 19th August.

This is the third single to be taken from Stolen From the Sky ‘Mistakes were Made’ EP. The EP was released on 29th July.

Stolen from the Sky is one man writing whatever kind of music they feel like at any given time without constraining themselves to the limitations of genre. Working out of a home studio near Birmingham, an avid music fan, and predominantly a rock and metal fan, they are also inspired by genres ranging all the way from pop to hip hop, jazz, funk and classical music. This wide range of sources to draw inspiration from and their straight to recording and improvisational attitude gives them a unique outlook to creating music that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stolen From the Sky have a website with links to all their social media and down-load sites.


Collie Wattz will release his EP ‘Down South’ on 26th August. ‘Old Man Down South’ is on that EP.

Collie Wattz is an independent singer songwriter born and raised in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. He spent his youth living all across the United States from Southern California to the crystal clear beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. He spent his teens and 20’s exploring his musical roots resulting in his own unique sound.

Call it whatever you want, but he would describe it as Lo-Fi Folk/ Electronica Bedroom Pop. During the pandemic he turned his spare bedroom into a recording studio and started making magic. He released his début EP titled ‘Down South’ telling his tales from along the way.

Collie is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Lorraine Silver has released ‘Sunny Day’.

Northern Soul legend Lorraine Silver recorded ‘Lost Summer Love’ in August 1965, when she was just 13 years old. Whilst not a chart hit on its release, the track did become a massive anthem at the iconic Wigan Casino. It was reissued on the Casino Classics label in the late 70s.

Now, at the age of 70, Lorraine continues to perform, record, and release new material. Her brand-new singles ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Two Way Street’ were produced by legendary Northern Soul DJ Ian Levine and are out now.

For more information, visit Lorraine’s website at lorrainesilver.com

A recording of the show is now available on MixCloud.


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