Lolo Zouaï has released ‘Give me a Kiss’ on 27th April.

Fresh off the Future Nostalgia Tour, with Dua Lipa and Caroline Polachek, Lolo Zouaï has released her new single ‘Give Me a Kiss’. A track fitting to carry the pop princess into a new era of her artistry, Lolo channels a moody, hypnotic and seductive energy, while evoking a romance that twists blurred lines into tunnel vision.

Speaking about the new single, Lolo says, “’Give Me A Kiss’ is the sound of a whirlwind romance that puts you in a haze. It’s the seasons changing, the feeling of being out of control and reckless but embracing it.

Lola is on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.


Parabola West released ‘Stars Will Light the Way’ on 29th April. (Track is Hannah)

Parabola West is back with a new album, ‘Stars Will Light the Way’, released on April 29th. Ahead of this, she shared the lead track ‘Hannah’. It is an ethereal tale of the thin veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, heightened by the use of the medieval hurdy-gurdy and the haunting Swedish folk instrument Nyckelharpa. Parabola West is the artist persona of New Zealand-based American singer & songwriter Amy Tucker West. Drawing inspiration from Celtic and Nordic folk, as well as electronica, her organic sound is a lush soundscape of layered melodies and piano with a dash of fantasy.

Living completely off-grid in an eco-home up a misty mountain, Parabola West is entirely self and fan-funded as a 100% independent artist with no label affiliation.

Parabola West has a website, at, and is on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify, SoundCloud and AppleMusic.


Peter Baron released his new album, ‘Another Life’ on 29th April. ‘In Another Life’ is the first track from that album.

About this album, Peter says, “Another life is what I got in 2016, when after nearly thirty years Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes decided to call it a day. It had been a great time in a fine band. We toured and recorded relentlessly during that period.

For many years it had been my intention to record a solo album, but I had never before been able to afford the necessary time. Following a fortuitous meeting with my old friend, guitarist and producer Kevin Healy it was decided we would work together on this project. In addition to contributing some great playing, Kevin engineered, arranged and produced Another Life at his Grace Notes Studio.

The album contains fourteen tracks, six of which I wrote with former Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes’ keyboard player Mike Bell. We are both thrilled that they have finally seen the light of day. The other tracks are either covers of lesser known, or previously unreleased songs by friends, colleagues and musicians who have been very dear to my heart.”

The album is available from Heroic Records.


Herbie Frame released ‘Light as a Feather’ on 29th April.

We’ve heard some previous tracks by Herbie Frame – ‘Strong’ (week 33, February), ‘Last Dance’ (week 37, March) and ‘Seen it Coming’ (week 43, April). He has now released ‘Light as a Feather’.

‘ Light as a Feather’, Herbie Frame’s current single, tells the story of two backpackers who meet on their journey and are stranded at a remote train station due to a storm. The encounter turns into intense, shared travel days full of experiences and adventures. A brief memory, viewed through a sepia filter.

The instrumental of the song is lively, chilled and electronic. It skilfully emphasizes the positive attitude towards life and the lightness of the protagonists in the piece. Relaxed EDM beats underline the scene created in the lyrics, light, flowing melodies provide acoustic variety. The vocalists, The Fold and Sarah Lahn, complete the story told in the composition with character and authenticity. They harmonize beautifully, without their timbres bleeding into each other.

Herbie is on Facebook and Instagram, plus he has a website with all his download links.


Erica Manzoli has released her new single ‘Rock Bottom’ on 29th April.

We’ve heard from Erica before – we heard her début single ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ a couple of weeks ago (week 43, 20th April). But she has now released her début EP – ‘I’m OK I Promise’ – which includes both her début single and this – ‘Rock Bottom’ – her second single.

‘I’m Okay, I Promise’was written solely by Erica in her bedroom during lockdown; a time she spent immersing herself in her own thoughts and weaving those thoughts into music. Across the EP, Erica diarises intimate ruminations of her own inner-workings through her remarkable knack for relatable, emotive and gripping lyricism, weaved through infectious hooks and enthralling melodies.

Discussing the EP, Erica says “Writing this EP was a personal dive into the inner workings of my brain during a dark spot. I realised people tend to struggle inwardly and pretending you’re okay when you’re not is so normalised. I took a lot of time to work on my brain and am grateful I’m in a much better place now, but I wasn’t at the time and it felt important not to shy away from that.

Erica will be appearing at the Lyric Video Headline Show on May 5th at The Waiting Room, London. And She is on TikTok and Instagram


Sano Hill released ‘Starting Over’ on 29th April.

Sano Hill is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter based in Galway (Ireland) currently recording his début album. His songs are inspired by life, love and loss and he has played to audiences in the US and Ireland. ‘Starting Over’ is the second single release from his début album (following his critically acclaimed début single ‘The Climb’).

Sano Hill is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.


Tommy Stoneberg has recently released ‘This Time’.

Singer-songwriter Tommy Stoneberg is originally from Africa but now lives in London. He’s been evolving his music career since singing in the school choir at the age of 7. He has written a large number of songs in styles ranging from blues to jazzy soul to dance pop. Tommy has showcased these on a number of occasions on the live London music scene. He has now released his new single ‘This Time’.

Tommy is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


J67 have recently released ‘Summertime’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Heaven (week 2, July 2021) and ‘Strangers’ (week 10, September 2021) by J67. ‘Summertime’ is their latest single.

Both originating from the UK, Julie Infanti and Pete Denton are a female/male vocal/guitar duo, based in Cyprus. Towards the end of 2020 and into 2021 Jules & Pete began writing their own original material and decided on the name J67 to promote this new project.

J67 are on Facebook and can be reached via e-mail.


Lee Gilbert released ‘Soldier On’ on Sunday (1st May).

Hot on the heels of the release of his latest album, ‘Take Me As I Am,’ and sell out show at the Parc and Dare Theatre, Rhondda, Welsh performer, singer and now songwriter Lee Gilbert has a brand new single waiting to be embraced by the listeners entitled ‘Soldier On’.

This emotional, multi-layered, pop song was co-written between Lee and a new international song writing collaboration called The Grand Cru! The Grand Cru get their name from the French words, meaning “a wine of the most superior grade“. These songwriters are certainly that!

Lee says, “The new song ‘Soldier On’ was written via Zoom during the lockdown periods, initially for a Hollywood film. Unfortunately, due to lockdown restrictions in the US and some problems the film did not go ahead (for now anyway) but the song still remains. We dug into our own emotional wells for this song. We wanted to express the struggle that people go through in overcoming adversity in everyday life, how they soldier on. Written long before Ukrainian conflicts, this song now has a new meaning due to that we suppose but the song is hopefully universal in its message, it’s about rising above problems to a better place, it can mean different things to different people.

Lee is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.


On May 6th Captain of the Lost Waves is releasing his new album, ‘Mysterium Tremendum’, from which ‘A Million Lightbulbs’ comes.

The Captain is a troubadour, storyteller and free thinking renegade.  His musical offerings are inspired by the great songwriters and philosophers of yesteryear. This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life affirming choruses and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world and ambient sounds. He’s not just the figurehead of his musical vessel, he’s ringmaster, bard, master of ceremonies and sage.

Making music is a communion to the Captain. Much of his work has taken place in a music therapy guise. Playing in secure units, prisons, mental health units and hospitals. The connection is always about the most authentic exchanges between an artist and his audience, based on a shared humanity.

The Captain was chosen by English Folk Expo as just one of 12 English artists to represent team England in the inaugural Global Music Match 2020. This was an exercise where 96 artists from 14 countries were featured world-wide. He will also be touring throughout the year.

Captain of the Lost Waves is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, plus he has a web page with all his downloads


Jo-Jo & The Teeth will be releasing ‘Don’t Get Too Heavy’ on May 6th.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Isle of Wight via Dublin, before settling in London, Jo-Jo & The Teeth are a glamorous art rock mix. They’re a collision; a forging of two Canadians, an Isle of Wight duo and a Surrey man. This transatlantic marriage à-la Fleetwood Mac, blend and bend inspirations. Citing influences from Queen & Fleetwood Mac, to the Rolling Stones & Aerosmith.

‘Don’t get too heavy’ has an upbeat, forward driving sound. Anthemic, uplifting, with sing-along pop hooks and crescendos so thrillingly perfect. Intimately rooted in good old fashioned guitar rock and roll.

A single launch event will be held at Camden Assembly on the release date of 6th May with special guests Bang & Tizane.

Jo-Jo & The Teeth have a website, at, which has links to all their socials and download sites.


The show is now available on MixCloud.

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