The Cathodes have released ‘Dr Fell’.

The Cathodes are a synth-rock band based near Manchester. They officially came up with the band name on 21st March 2020, two days before the first lock-down here in the UK. The band primarily consists of Dave Forward (vocals and guitar), Barbara Verrall (keyboards) and Paul Cargill (bass). Guests Vince Walton (drums) and Dave Townson (lead guitar) sometimes join the band.

The Cathodes have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The Pat Win Combo have recently released ‘I Told You’.

Taking a little time out from the vinyl album factory that is the Holloway Echoes, Shake The Tree is the third album for Pat and his Combo. ‘I Told You’ is taken from that album. Carl Perkins and Eddie Cochran themes throughout, with head of the Loonies, Screaming Lord Such making an appearance too. Talking of all things British, ‘I Told You’ was written for Johnny Kidd for when he decides to return to the earth, and take up his rightful place as King of British Rock n Roll. Serious musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously. As Simon Nott recently said in UK Rock n Roll Magazine, “let’s hope the ranks of the self-important rockabilly police have a good sense of humour, as well as perfect turn ups.

The Pat Win Combo are on Facebook.


Out now is ‘Shotgun’ by Soccer Mommy.

‘Shotgun’ is the first peek into Sophie Allison’s new, full-length album ‘Sometimes, Forever’. ‘Shotgun’ is the boldest and most aesthetically adventurous work yet. It likens romance to a chemical high without the gnarly comedown. Sophie explains, “‘Shotgun’ is all about the joys of losing yourself in love. I wanted it to capture the little moments in a relationship that stick with you.

The push and pull between Allison’s desire to make meaningful art and her scepticism about the mechanics of careerism, as well as the artless administrative chaos that comes with it has partly inspired ‘Sometimes, Forever’.

‘Sometimes, Forever’ will be released on June 24th via Loma Vista. It can be pre-ordered on-line. Soccer Mommy is currently touring in the USA but has announced new tour dates in the UK and EU. Tickets went on sale on 30th March and can be purchased via TicketMaster


Cat’s Eye has just released a two-track record, ‘Night and Soul’. One of those tracks is ‘Strange fall’.

Fulfilling an old dream to record with legendary Steve Albini, Cat’s Eye (AKA Benoît Perriard) packed up his music gear last Autumn to join bass player Ben Zwerin and Yuval and entered Electrical Audio in Chicago. They recorded songs on 16-track tape, like in the old days. ‘Strange Fall’ is a folk tune in which his sweet vocals are blended with Sarah Perrotta’s backing vocals. Sarah is a singer pianist from New York State. Organic and authentic drum sounds, wandering bass, acoustic tones, the song is also filled up with different colours coming from some surf guitar.

Cat’s Eye has a website, at, and is on Facebook.


Skinner released ‘The Slump’ on 23rd March.

Skinner is a 24-year-old DIY, slouch rock musician based in Dublin, Ireland. He writes, records and produces songs about growing up and overcoming a dirt-flecked 21st century existence. ‘The Slump’ is his first release on Ireland’s Faction Records.

Skinner says of the song, “The song channels a feeling of nothingness and attempts to see the humour in it. Everyone goes through periods where every day feels like a slap in the face so I wrote this weird disco song to distract myself from the monotony of it all. I was trying to escape everything and make something fun, something you could dance to.

Skinner has a linktr page with all his social and download links.


‘The Wilderness’ by Sarah Perrotta is out now.

We’ve previously heard ‘The Other Side’ by Sarah earlier in March (week 37). But her European tour – with dates in Switzerland, Italy and France – will be starting in April.

Hudson Valley, NY chanteuse Sarah Perrotta’s alluring voice and thoughtful piano driven songs navigate the depths of jazz complexity dressed in pop sensibility. Sarah has released her fourth album of art-rock/dream-pop entitled ‘Blue to Gold’ from which both ‘The Other Side’ and ‘The Wilderness’ are taken. Several years were spent crafting the sonics and songs of this stellar album with legendary drummer/producer Jerry Marotta at the iconic Dreamland Recording Studios in the Catskill Mountains.

Sarah has a website, at, where details of her tour are given. She is also on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.


Stacey Cohen her album, ‘Wild Service’ on 24th March.  That album includes ‘The Tower’.

Stacey Cohen is an experimental music artist from London & Snowdonia who makes Bass Folk. Her distinctive, playful, & quirky sound, is inspired by nature, sustainability, folk music, & the urban music landscape. A passionate sound hunter & producer, Stacey incorporates recording experiments, found sound, & experimental electronic elements, within her tracks and beats, to help to convey their stories.

Wild Service was produced by Stacey Cohen, & mixed by legendary producer Jon Kelly. The album follows the wheel of the year. The time of the year of its release is associated with each track, in sound and story.

Stacey is on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


Local artist, Carys, released ‘When Lily Comes to Town’ on April 1st.

Carys’ previous track, ‘Max The Pirate Cat’, proved to be so popular it was inevitable she would revisit the ‘Max’ universe and regale us with more swashbuckling tales of daring do. Indeed, using her considerable storytelling skills, Carys not only expands Max’s world, but she gives us a story about his family as well, specifically his sister Lily.

In this imaginative tale, we hear how Lily sets off in search of adventure, not following her seafarer brother Max, but on land, where she eventually finds her place in a world of Smugglers and Excise men.

The song is a joyous, colourful romp, full of humour and it’s a wonderful addition to Carys’s canon and indeed to what appears to be a growing ‘Max the Pirate Cat’ musical (and animated) world. As with Max, there is a delightful video, with sketches drawn by Carys, to accompany the ‘Lily Come to Town’ single. The video is available to see on her website, which is at

Carys is on YouTube and Facebook. Downloads are available from AD Music and all the usual on-line stores.


‘Alone at Midnight’ comes from the Trainyard Blues Band début album ‘Last Call to Memphis’ which is out now.

Steven, the bass man of the Trainyard Blues Band says, “I would like to introduce you to a new up and coming blues band from Hamburg, Germany. Since the time was scary and Corona tried to take over, we decided to keep jamming in a small studio in Hamburg. 2 months later we started recording the songs I call ‘Corona Jewellery’. We didn’t expect anything when our album ‘Last Call to Memphis’ came out…but we had a little rocket launch. We are proud and would like to invite you to hear and feel the album.

Trainyard Blues Band have a website, at, and are on Facebook. They will be playing live, on 8th April, but in Hamburg!


Kid Alina released his new single, ‘Best Friends Forever’ on March 25th.

Kid Alina, who is only 12 years old, comes up with another hot track with a strong hook and strong dropline.

‘Best Friends Forever!’ This is another promising song after already releasing 5 singles. We heard one of those ‘The 4in1 Mix’ back in January (week 31).

Kid Alina has a page of links to all her socials and download sites


Claudia Valentina released her new single, ‘Extra Agenda’ on 25th March.

Claudia Valentina is one of the music industry’s fastest emerging stars. She is well on her way to becoming one of the most in-demand names across popular culture. Having released her self-titled début EP in 2020 to huge critical and commercial success, the Guernsey-born artist followed it up with the equally brilliant single,‘C’est La Vie’, released in 2021. To date, she has amassed 20 million streams across all released music. Numerous ‘Ones To Watch’ lists have included her. Now Claudia returns with hotly anticipated brand-new music. Recorded as she travelled between London, Los Angeles, and Guernsey, ‘Extra Agenda’ explores the relationships, situations and experiences that the majority of young women encounter. As life’s journey unravels, complications inevitably occur. On her new single Claudia recognises her pattern of going from one complex relationship or circumstance to the next

Speaking about her single, Claudia said, “Extra agenda for me such a high energy moment. The song is basically about flipping the script and letting me as a girl have no shame in my game of not wanting any strings attached when I wanna have fun. It embraces love in every way and it doesn’t have to be that deep sometimes. It’s got a kinda weekend vibe to it and the baseline gets me every time.

Claudia is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The show is available on MixCloud

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