Tracks played on Week 2 of Izzy’s New Emporium, and links to the artists, are as follows:

 1) Get back to Love by Hardy Becker was released on 11th

Hardy Becker has his home base in Aachen, Germany. He has been a DJ since 2010 and is now also a producer. In 2018 he released his début single ‘Everyday’ via lickin ‘records, another very catchy track. Hardy wants to “produce music that spreads a good mood and moves people”. He reached that goal with ‘Get Back To Love’, and also created a unique summer anthem.

He is on Instagram and Facebook


2) Lady by Bugzy Lee, featuring Terry G, Great Adamz and Emma Nhamburo was released on 11th

Bugzy Lee is a leading figure in Europe’s exploding Afrobeats scene. He is a music promoter, DJ, record producer, songwriter, and label executive from Milton Keynes. ‘Lady’ is his first official release as a music producer and artist. The song was created in collaboration with Emma Nhamburo, Nigerian rapper-singer-songwriter Terry G and award-winning songwriter Great Adamz. It was written, produced and recorded at No Star studios, London during lock-down. Since it was his first release, Bugzy wanted to collaborate with the right artists. He drew up a shortlist and, to his amazement, all artists he approached loved the concept and accepted the offer. The core message is female empowerment and it is delivered through a fusion of Tribal House music and a distinctive Afrobeats sound.

DJ Bugzy Lee is on Facebook. As is Great Adamz and Emma


3) Hit The Flame, by Nave & the Ghost Collectors was released on 18th

Nave & the Ghost Collectors are an explosive new band on the indie rock scene, hailing from Bergen, Norway. Their new single Hit the Flame takes inspiration from several musical worlds; navigating the powerful rhythms of rock, soul, funk, hints of blues, and combining all of these to make their signature sound. They draw inspiration from everything: The questions on climate change, science, space, politics, relationships, and love. ‘Hit the Flame’ is a sexy Rock and Roll song about desire, inspired by Nave’s own “good feelings and life experiences”. The track combines the feel-good vibes of the old, with the modern and innovative energy of today.

They have a web page at


4) Corrj released Lost in my Mind on 24th

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Corrj presents his debut single Lost In My Mind’, as featured on his upcoming concept album. The album is themed around the timeline of a relationship, with ‘Lost In My Mind’ being described as “arrogant, confident, and catchy; representing what being single feels like”. Born in Australia, Corrj loves experimenting with new sounds, breaking the mould by working on the edge of genres thanks to an upbringing that exposed him to Mozart, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, and everything in between. “I want to create music that enhances your emotions, with songs for when the night is about to become something special; when you’ve got a drink in one hand and the other hand just wants to move with the vibe.” Corrj explains.


5) Medicine Boy by Natalie Shay was released on 24th

Natalie Shay is an indie pop artist hailing from North London. The multi award-winning musician now releases her new single ‘Medicine Boy’, presenting an indie-synth-pop sound which oozes passion. The track compares a dysfunctional relationship with a drug. Natalie explains, “The lyrics are written so that if I told you the whole song was about an addictive relationship, it would make sense. But if I also told you the whole song was about recreational drug use, every line would still make sense.”

Natalie has a website at


6) Heaven by J67 was released on June 25th

Both originating from the UK, Julie Infanti and Pete Denton are a female/male vocal/guitar duo, based in Cyprus. Towards the end of 2020 and into 2021 Jules & Pete began writing their own original material and decided on the name J67 to promote this new project. Blind Dog Records released their début double A side single ‘Heaven’ and ‘Good Times’ was released on June 25th and it is available for download across all major platforms. Follow J67 on Instagram, Twitter or  Facebook


7) Gypsy Kiss’ new album, ‘74’ was released at the end of June, and track 5, “Smoke and Mirrors” was played.

Formed way back in the mists of time Gypsy’s Kiss as a band sit firmly atop the Iron Maiden family tree. Since reforming the band have gone on to release a single and their critically acclaimed “début” EP. During lock-down the band have completed work on the brand new album “74” which is full of original material

They are currently touring the UK, and have a website at where the album can be pre-ordered and gig tickets purchased.


8) Pine he Pilcrow released their new single, Black Hills, on July 1st

Ambient folk collective Pine he Pilcrow present their latest track “Black Hills”. It follows the bands April 2020 single “If It’s True”, a postcard from their journey into seismicsonic territory. As a further departure from the quartet’s minimal beginnings, Black Hills deploys a  host of new instruments and techniques. Peppered generously with producer Alex Borwick’s impish wizardry, the piece is alive with percussive pulsing rhythms from pizzicato strings to foot stomps, sparkles of piano to banging hunks of metal… like a tapestry woven from nature’s chaotic fabric

Pine he Pilcrow are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


9) Singer / songwriter, Chris Wenner released Back in my Valley on 2nd July

Chris Wenner describes the separation of two lovers sensitively and in detail. From the initial pain, to the agonizing question of how the other person might be feeling, and finally a clear statement of closure: “You’re not going to find me, back in my valley.”

He is on Facebook and Instagram and has a website at


10) The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show released Boomtown on July 2nd

7 piece Dorset folk Punk bohemians ‘The Two Man Travelling Medicine show’ are proud to present their brand new single ‘Boomtown’ from their upcoming album ‘Going Nowhere Fast’. A tale of frustration and hope about being booked twice for the legendary UK festival only to have it pulled due to Covid. Recorded entirely in a barn in Dorset over 2020 the album deals with everything that strange year offered and more. The forthcoming album is full of dark lyrics sang to joyous melodies. It’s humour and sadness wrapped up in 12 songs and ‘Boomtown’ is the lead single to be taken from it.

They are on Facebook


The whole show is now available on MixCloud.

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