Monique Barry released ‘Time’ on 30th May.

Monique Barry keeps her eye on the hourglass and her talents in music’s time zone with her latest single ‘Time’. Always a musical innovator and a tuneful risk taker, Monique has often been ahead of her time, and shows no sign of falling behind. Monique’s newest single, ‘Time’, is the eighth and latest in a series of singles that’s slated to culminate in a completed album entitled ‘HAAK’.

Monique’s previous albums have established her critically appreciated affinity for musical individualism and rich invention. Always drawing on a wide range of experiential and cultural influences, Monique’s innovative outlook has won her a reputation as one of the most distinctive pioneers of Toronto’s independent music scene.

Monique Barry is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


At midnight on June 2nd The Too Late released ‘One Hit Love (Acoustic)’.

‘One Hit Love (Acoustic)’ follows the bands second single ‘Hope I Never See You Again’. The talented Glaswegian duo don’t look to be resting on their laurels with a further single and EP due out this summer. With Spotify streaming figures exceeding 15K and over 26K TikTok views the band are growing from strength to strength, showing there is a place in the market for their genre-bending indie/pop music.

The Too Late are on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook


On 2nd June, Richard Evans released his new album ‘Sentinel’. ‘Brave New World’ is the single from that album.

Manchester-based synth-wave artist Richard Evans has released his début album ‘Sentinel’ both as a digital download and on CD. This superb eight-track collection tells the story of humanity at a tipping point and a world trapped in a climate crisis. He also presents the video for ‘Brave New World’ with a bold message about our planet.

Richard says, “This song explores future human evolution, alluding to Aldous Huxley’s novel of the same name. The first verse is about micro-plastics that contaminate the foetus in the womb, altering the genetics of a new generation. The second verse refers to CRISPR-Cas 9, a gene editing tool that allows us to alter physical traits in embryos. Together, pollutants and scientific progress are changing the path of human evolution.

For the music, I wanted to evoke a retro-future mood so placed these serious lyrics into an electropop mix of layered, evolving synths underpinned with pulsing sequences and rhythms.

Richard has a website, at, and is on Bandcamp, AppleMusic, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Emmo released ‘Lemon Sun’ on June 3rd.

Irish singer/songwriter Emmo (pronounced ‘M – O’), cements his position as one of Ireland’s most exciting upcoming artists with the release of second single ‘Lemon Sun’. An upbeat, contagiously optimistic track that ironically charts the end of a long-term relationship.

Fresh off the stage from The Marquee in Cork, opening for The Coronas, Emmo’s live rendition of ‘Lemon Sun’ has been receiving rapturous applause. Lyrically relatable and musically impressive ‘Lemon Sun’ by Emmo has a similar energy to Paul Simon’s’ ‘Call Me Al’, with an infectiously modern pop rap hook.

Speaking about the track Emmo (Emmet Crotty) said “I coined the term ‘Lemon Sun’ as the period of time you go through after a breakup. It’s basically the complete opposite of the Honeymoon Period. What’s the opposite of honey – the bitterness of a lemon and the opposite of moon is Sun. Hence Lemon Sun! We’ve all been through a ‘Lemon Sun phase’ and this track is my tribute to that.

Emmo is on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Chris Stanley released ‘Queen of the Blue Jeans’ on 3rd June.

This is the second single from Chris’ new album, which is due out in the Autumn 2022. We heard the first single – ‘This Isn’t Like the Radio’ – a couple of weeks ago (Week 48, 25th May 2022).

Chris Stanley is a singer-songwriter known equally for his commanding solo sets and energetic performances with The Prison Club Band. He draws his inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello and a variety of contemporary country music artists.

Chris has a website and is on Facebook and Spotify


On June 3rd, Benny Bizzie released ‘Window Frame’.

‘Window Frame’ is the third instalment from British singer, rapper, and songwriter Benny Bizzie. He gives us a smooth track about discovering love in the simple things in life. ‘Window Frame’ offers an appreciation for the abundant nature of life around us.

Bizzie calls on his younger self to deliver 8 bars of Grime emotion and energy, a surprise his older fans will be thrilled to experience. The track features Bass guitars by Darren Franklin, and electric guitar parts from heavy metal band ‘Less than Hollow’.

Benny has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.


On June 10th (Friday) Seal Party will release ‘Maison’.

Alternative art-rock outfit Seal Party presents their new single ‘Maison’. It is a rich and captivating taster of their forthcoming debut album ‘MMXXII’, which will be released this summer. An appearance by R&B organ wizard Chris Rob brings ‘Maison’ to a soulful, timeless place.

Filled with improvisation, fury, and lyrical beauty, ‘MMXXII’ evokes ‘70s soul, rock and R&B while maintaining a raw and exploratory approach. This eclectic work meshes unusual song writing and musicianship with a style that is at once playful and rebellious.

‘Maison’ will be available everywhere digitally from June 10th and the full ‘MMXXII’ album can be pre-ordered from the same places. The album will be released on 5th August.

Seal Party have a website, at, and are on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, AppleMusic and Spotify.


Ronan Furlong is releasing ‘Redeemer’ on Friday (June 10th).

Wexford is a small town on the South East coast of Ireland – founded by the Vikings around 800AD. So it’s very apt then that is should count amongst its 20,000 populace a man whose music is steeped in mystery and world history. He has a guitar style that nods not just to rock and folk, but heralds the strangest marriage of Mexican, flamenco and Celtic influences!

Ronan Furlong has forged a reputation as one of the most original singer-songwriters to be found anywhere on the planet! But of course it’s all about the song. From the wilder to a milder side, Ronan’s new single ‘Redeemer’ is a delightful foray into the more established pop / folk genre, with a charm and innocence that engages and endears.

Ronan says, “This is a song dear to my heart. It’s designed to sooth the soul and lift the spirit in these troubled times. It also has that ‘ear-worm’ factor normally confined to faceless pop.

Ronan Furlong has a website at and he’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Also on Friday (10th June) The Magic Epic will release ‘Take On Me’.

Growing up, Toby Juan (A.K.A The Magic Epic) loved the A-Ha single ‘Take On Me’, so it has always been a goal for him to release his version and put his own spin on it. So, with the new A-Ha film now in the cinemas, what better time to release this stunning version? Sorting it out with Sony has taken a long time, but he’s finally got there. The end result is nothing short of breath-taking. Toby’s version has a haunting feel in a different key and he’s also had a remix version by House producer Sherman De Vries. The song is taken from new album, ’36’, which is out now.

The Magic Epic is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


On 12th June George Porter will release ‘War Babies’.

Recording of ‘War Babies’ occurred last summer before events in Ukraine evolved into the situation we see today. It is part of a collection of six songs,  developed in 2021 by George Porter. Some have since been released under his ‘Empires That Dance’ studio project.

Since the recording sessions events have escalated in Ukraine. The images we are seeing and the effects of war resonate with this song so much that George felt he just had to release ‘War Babies’ as his next solo single. The accompanying video is heavily made up of the ITV news reports that are now an everyday occurrence. ‘War Babies’ is a soundtrack depicting love and hope against the back drop of war.

George is on Facebook and YouTube.


‘Unkind’ is the first single from Ernest Moon’s new album.

Liverpool-based indie rock outfit Ernest Moon will be releasing their new album ‘Skipping to Maloo’ on June 15, offering us a preview via the lead single ‘Unkind’ from 3rd June.

Ernest Moon are Steven Doran and Brian Murphy, two highly creative songsters with a gift for wise cracks and impactful one-liners, brought together by a liking for eggs on toast. They offer lush lyrics, heavy hands and a deep sincerity.

Recording and mixing of this album took place in the past few years, during lock-downs. Their songs are as meandering in style and sound as their musical taste, drawing on a wide range of.
Brian says, “The song ‘Unkind’ was born out of a chord progression that came to me over time. The mood of these chords and the sway of a slow 6/8 rhythm seemed to suggest the ardent theme and lyrics.

The song starts with general statements we are told and subsequently live by. The later verse moves from the general to the personal and my own moods and desires. I wanted the chorus to be as simply written as possible. An innocent plea in a narcissistic age.”

Ernest Moon are on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and AppleMusic.


The show is available on MixCloud.


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