Charlie Baker released ‘Better With Me’ on July 1st.

At midnight, on Thursday 1st July, in Essex, Charlie Baker released his brand new début single “Better With Me”. Charlie (21) from Essex is a singer, songwriter and rapper who blurs the lines of genres with R&B, rap and pop tinged self-written tracks.

“Better With Me” tells the story of a woman in a dead end relationship who is treated badly by her partner. As a long term admirer and friend of the woman, “Better with Me” pushes on women’s’ positivity and knowing their self-worth whilst explaining what they mean to Charlie. Speaking about “ Better With Me,” Charlie says “Women should be treated with respect in the right way and shouldn’t waste their time on anyone who isn’t on their wavelength ” Charlie goes on to explain, “I want my music to provide uplifting confidence and for people to be themselves and know their worth.”

Charlie has an Official website and is on Spotify, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. He can also be contacted via email


Chris Wenner released ‘Lover 4 Lover’ in August.

Chris Wenner on the mathematics of togetherness: “1 and 1 is more than 2!” As a poet and singer, he always puts the seemingly simplest insights into a new, warmly illuminated light. In ‘Lover 4 Lover’ he sings about life as a couple – a rejection of loneliness and an ode to the future of two lovers!

Together with Guido Craveiro he realizes his soulfully authentic sound – skilfully with acoustic-instrumental accents, sonorous repetition and always fresh musical ideas. The song and Chris Wenner’s voice are always standing out. Easy listening!

As an artist he can look back on numerous successes: The album “New Born Man”, his cooperation with the band “Venice”, radio appearances in Germany, UK and North America as well as a high Spotify presence underline the profile of Chris Wenner and show: He has a loyal, steadily growing audience.

Chris has a website at and is on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


Sarah McQuaid’s new album ‘The St Buryan Sessions’ will be released in October, but “Last Song”, a track from that album, is out now.

Born out of the pandemic and due for release on October 15, ‘The St Buryan Sessions’ will be the sixth solo album by award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid, and is her most powerful and emotive offering yet. With pre-orders for the much-anticipated CD and limited-edition double LP now open, a new track from the album is being released to radio – the poignant “Last Song.”

“It’s a really special song for me,” explains Sarah. “It’s been in my live set forever and always gets a really strong reaction – I see people crying, and then a lot of the time I wind up crying, too! Which is why I tend to save it for the encore, so it doesn’t matter if my mascara starts running. I wrote it back when I was still living in Ireland and my kids were toddlers – I used to try and fit in some guitar practice and get them to sleep at the same time by sitting and playing outside their room after I put them to bed, and it took me right back to when I was little and my mother used to do the same thing.I have such a clear memory of lying in bed, looking at the ribbon of light shining through the door and calling out requests for songs I wanted to hear. She’d answer “Are you still awake? Go to sleep!” And one night I heard myself saying exactly the same thing to my kids, and it was like my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth.”

Thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign, Sarah was able to finance a live solo recording (sans audience) in the lovely medieval church of St Buryan, not far from her home in rural West Cornwall.

Sarah has a website at The album can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon and Spotify.

Sarah will be playing at St Peter’s by the Waterfront, College Street, Ipswich on Friday 22 October 2021 at 7:30 (doors open at 7pm). Tickets £12 in advance, £15 on door

Tel 01473 225269 or go to for tickets. Sarah’s other tour dates are on her website.


On 20th August Axel Thesleff released ‘Timeflow’.

Multi-talented electronic artist Axel Thesleff released his latest double A-side single, ‘Timeflow’ on the 20th August, with an accompanying instrumental version. The single follows the release of his reworked version of ShiShi’s ‘Sajani 2.0 (feat. Ben Parag)’.

Born and based in Helsinki, Finland, Axel Thesleff finds inspiration in the variegated likes of Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Burial, Gold Panda to name a few, as he creates a sound that traverses musical borders. ‘Timeflow’ calls to mind trendsetting artists such as M.I.A., Fakear and CloZee.

The Finish musician shares further insight. “My latest single, ‘Timeflow’ is an introspective techno banger that takes the listener on a ride through the very fabric of space-time. It features a poem I wrote and narrated by voice-over artist extraordinaire Jonathan Hutchings. This cross-arts piece articulates the fleetingness of the present moment as well as the mysterious nature of the future and the obliviousness of the past. It’s a constantly evolving and metamorphosing adventure that shifts through a mutating landscape of lush chords, pulsating bass, thumping drums and gritty synths as well as cascading melodies and evocative cadences that bring the listener to the point of sheer vertigo and catharsis in the end.”

Axel has a website at and is on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and Bandcamp


Thomas Cole is back with a new single, ‘Cringe’.

Thomas Cole, the New York-based electro-pop singer-songwriter, has released a new single, ‘Cringe,’ on which he collaborates with producer Electropoint.

‘Cringe’ is a song written and recorded by Thomas and his best buddy, EJ Garlands, a jazz vocalist. It’s a pride song, and this dynamic duo dedicate it to all the haters and bigots who can’t embrace diversity. Music can say a thousand words, and Thomas and EJ prove their poetic skills can climb to new heights with this narrative.

Thomas has a website at and is on Instagram and Facebook


Back on 17th August, Jessy Howe released a new single, ‘Song for Us’

‘Song for Us’ was written by Jessy Howe for a couple who wanted their own wedding anniversary present in form of a handmade song. Jessy says, “I am romantic and I believe in love. To see soulmates happy together makes me happy too. So I have started to write songs for couples. This one is called “Song for Us”. And to those who are going through rocky times – play this song and dance together.”

The track is available on a pay what you want basis, and you’ll receive your personal download link directly from Jessy. Payment is made via Jessy Howe Singer on PayPal

Jessy has a website at and is on YouTube and Facebook


On 27th August, I Am Boleyn released ‘Until the Summer ends’.

Synth pop artist I Am Boleyn reveals a spine-tingling new release, ‘Until The Summer Ends’. She teamed up with producers Johannes Willinder and Robin Padam for this upbeat offering

I Am Boleyn described the release as, “This song captures the feeling of longing and excitement that the summer brings – especially at a time when we’ve all been missing, and craving human connection”.

I Am Boleyn has a website at and is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Brigitte Bardini released her debut album, ‘Stellar Lights’ on 30th August, from which ‘Heartbreaker’ is the first track.

Brigitte reports, “It all started with an apocalyptic dream. The sky was falling. The whole world was at stake. I woke up in a sweat,” she recalls, “and I just remember understanding how vulnerable I was; how vulnerable we all are as human beings. I was kind of at a crossroads at that point. That’s when I decided to make music the sole thing in my life.”

Stellar Lights is the début album by the 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne’s inner south in Victoria, Australia. Sonically, it’s more dream-scape than apocalypse, but the momentum in its grooves, the reckless abandon to lush creative possibilities and the urgency of its emotions are all hard to miss.

“I had a lot that I needed to get down and I remember the songs coming out really fast,” she says. “There would be consecutive days where I would be like, ‘I’ve got a new one’. It felt weird when I was slowing down. I was like, ‘Have I lost it?'” No, was the answer. That first rush of writing and home recording spanned the arrival of her first guitar in late 2018 to completed demo’s less than a year later. An instinctive interweaving of imagination and experimentation with chiming, watery guitars and pillows of vintage keyboards gliding oceanic swells of strings. Then came the great silence of 2020. A time of isolation and reflection that took Brigitte deeper, to new textures and emotional dimensions. From the disorienting rhythmic layers of the opening track, Heartbreaker, to the slowly entwining updraughts of Breathe, the result is an album that inhabits its own expansive world of dreams made sound.

Brigitte has a website, at and is on Facebook and Twitter.


In the late Summer, the new album, “Ataraxia” will be released by Ronan Furlong. The single, “The Easy Way Out”, is from that album.

There is no stopping Irish artist Ronan Furlong. Following on from the critically acclaimed “King Of Leaves” album (from which we have played the title track on the Burnt Crumpet Show), Ronan has been hard at work in the studio on the follow up to be released late summer “Ataraxia”. “The Easy Way Out” is the first second single from that studio album. Ataraxia is shaping up to be a diverse and powerful collection of highly unique songs. “The Easy Way Out” is a fine example of what lies in store.

“The Easy Way Out” displays all of Ronan’s usual qualities in abundance – an edgy driving riff, excellent lyrics, a committed vocal delivery, high level musicianship and an acoustic middle eight that brings the song in new unexpected directions. Thoroughly original and highly recommended.

Ronan has a website at and he is on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Music and Spotify.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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