On 1st July, Tom Collins released ‘Another Cigarette’.

Tom Collins is a 24-year-old singer songwriter from nowhere town, North Wales. His heartfelt songs, infuse a youthful pop flavour with indie rock singalongs. Tom has become a regular feature on the North West music scene. He has released nine songs so far, showcasing his unique voice and heart on sleeve song writing.

Tom’s latest offering, ‘Another Cigarette’, is infused with a blistering indie rock attitude throughout. The track is a heartfelt ode to picking the wrong person. It leans on Tom’s personal experiences dating in the age of Tinder. ‘Another Cigarette’ is certainly one of Collins’ boldest tracks to date, with its lyrics fixated on love gone wrong, and its chorus primed for shouting along.

Tom is on Spotify, Facebook and AppleMusic.


Redrun Red released ‘The Way It went Down’ on 8th August.

This is the radio edit of this track. I couldn’t play the original version, due to the language, and Redrum Red kindly recorded a radio friendly version!

Redrum Red grew up in Staten Island N.Y. He learned to express himself through beatboxing on the streets for hours as young man and son of a single mother living in Stapleton. His wordplay in songs like ‘Crash Symphony’ garnered attention from DJs and fans alike while he was performing shows from New York and touring the U.S. His Video ‘Hide in Smiling Faces’, featuring actor Mark Borkowski, and video ‘When I’m With You’ featuring Ashley Loren are emotionally charged and inspirational.

Redrum Red has a website, at redrumred.com, and is on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


Klangstof released ‘Plastic Gun’ on 12th July.

Klangstof recently returned to attention with the ‘Ocean View’ EP. It was one of two projects they recorded simultaneously in 2021. Its release added to the anticipation for the bigger set that was recorded at the same time. That is, their third studio album ‘Godspeed To The Freaks’, which will be released on September 16th. The band have released the second single taken from that upcoming album ‘Plastic Gun’.

About the new single ‘Plastic Gun’ Koen van de Wardt says, “‘Plastic Gun was meant as an homage to my teenage self. I remember me walking along the streets in the middle of the night towards a lover but every time I got closer, I freaked out and walked back home. Still to this point I can get panic attacks when there are too many people around. I start to feel unwanted and just have to get out. I think now I can manage it better and avoid certain situations, but as a young dude this was incredibly frustrating.

Musically we started to write a lot of songs with bass and drums as a starting point. What’s great about that is that you don’t get stuck in this chord progression like you do when you write on a guitar or piano. There are just these single notes floating around and giving you a lot of possibilities to fill in the actual chords at a later stage. We ended up really digging that. Just get drum and bass – train going and figure out the chords later.

Klangstof have a website, at klangstof.com, which includes details of their current tour. ‘Godspeed to the Freaks’ can be pre-ordered now. The band are on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.


On 19th July MorMor released ‘Far Apart.

MorMor returns to share a new single and Camille Summers Valli-directed video, ‘Far Apart’. The release is his first offering in nearly two years and marks the first taste of more music to come. Recorded largely during the lockdown days of the pandemic, the self-written and produced ‘Far Apart’ is contemplative yet bright and funky, showcasing his signature falsetto.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, MorMor says, “[Far Apart] is a song about the toxicity that occurs in a relationship when both people haven’t yet faced their demons.

MorMor has a website, at mormormusic.com, and a website with all his down-load links and social media.



On 21st July, Jim Jagger released ‘Memories of Spring’.

Jim is based in Cambridge, and has been writing for 30 years. He launched a solo artist career 20 years ago, and has 2 EPs – ‘Feet in the Water’ & ‘Way Back’ – plus 2 singles; ‘Here Comes the Lord’ & ‘Cup of Coffee’. He is also one half of the duo Cloudshapes, with Rien De Keyser. In 2021 he founded Music Wrapped, a service which allows people to commission a personalized song for any occasion. He writes songs to therapeutically highlight people’s needs, to reduce anxiety and stress, and to intensify love, joy and compassion.

Speaking about ‘Memories of Spring’, Jim says, “I was raising money for the Motor Neuron Disease Association by doing an Ultra Marathon. Several people gave me extremely generous donations of over £100. Following this I wanted to do something nice for those people, so I offered to write a song about a topic of their choice. A friend told me she wanted a song for her friend (selfless), as she was going through some tough times and suffering from a loss of confidence. I asked for a few details about Jenn (not her real name). She told me she is an avid gardener with productive green fingers, has 3 kids and is a poet regularly attending a poetry club with friends.

Jim is donating at least 50% of earnings to the Motor Neuron Disease Association over the course of the lifetime of the song, to help fund vital research and find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease.

Jim is on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter.


On 27th July, Edna’s Kin released their new single ‘Hot Dog’.

‘Hot Dog’ is from Edna’s Kin’s second album, ‘Two Thumbs’, which was released on 12th June.

Edna’s Kin is a family band featuring brothers Dan and Andrew Koontz and their father, Warren Koontz. Dan is the songwriter of the group, and can be heard singing and playing guitar, piano, banjo, and accordion. Andrew is mostly on fiddle, but can sometimes be heard on bass, while Warren is mostly on bass, but can sometimes be heard singing and playing guitar. For this, their most recent recording, they were joined by drummer Bruce Beyer.

Edna’s Kin have a website, at ednaskin.gator.site, and are on Facebook and YouTube.


Herbie Frame has released his latest track, ‘Forever’, on 29th July. It features INGO and Urban Slap.

We’ve heard from Herbie Frame before (‘Strong’ in February (Week 33) and ‘Last Dance’ in March (Week 37)

‘Seen it Coming’ in April (Week 43)). His latest single, ‘Forever’ is a declaration of love that doesn’t need any tearjerker or traditional love song vibes: It is characterized above all by the simple, yet tidy and structured composition.

Herbie Frame is a music producer, songwriter and guitarist. INGO is a German based producer, drummer & orchestral percussionist. Danny Baldursson, alias ‘Urban Slap’, is an international, award-winning musician from the Faroe Islands.

Herbie is on Facebook and Instagram, plus he has a website with all his download links.


On 29th July, Marcus Mumford released ‘Grace’.

This is the second single from Marcus’ début album, ‘(self-titled)’, which will be released on 16th September. We’ve previously heard ‘Cannibal’ (Week 56, July 2022) which is also from this album.

Marcus is a founding member of Mumford & Sons, who have topped the Billboard 200 with three of their albums and sold 3.7 million albums in the UK, but this is Marcus’ first solo venture.

Marcus will tour the UK and Ireland in November, and has a website where you can see all the dates and order tickets. He will be at The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA, Norwich on 18th November

The album can now be pre-ordered and the single is available everywhere. Marcus has a website, at marcusmumford.com, and is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.


Tommy Stoneberg has recently released his new single, ‘Dance’.

Singer-songwriter Tommy Stoneberg is originally from Africa but now lives in London. He’s been evolving his music career since singing in the school choir at the age of 7. He has written a large number of songs in styles ranging from blues to jazzy soul to dance pop which he has showcased on a number of occasions on the live London music scene.

We’ve previously heard ‘This Time’ (Week 45, May 2022) and ‘Praying’ (Week 52, June 2022).

Tommy is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


JAWNY released ‘strawberry chainsaw’ on 1st August.

Indie maverick JAWNY is back with the energetic new single ‘strawberry chainsaw’. A breezy, lively slice of guitar-pop, the song encapsulates both the sweet and sinister sides of love. The track is an exuberant mix of sun-kissed guitars and JAWNY’s warm rasp. It’s meant to evoke both the pleasure and pain of romance.

JAWNY explains, “I had this concept that I wanted to toy with—that love is a two-sided coin.” With over insistent drum beats and urgent arrangements, he lays bare his desire and desperation

‘strawberry chainsaw’ is available now at all digital retailers and JAWNY have a  website with all their download links. JAWNY also has a website, at jawny.com and is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


The Cope released their début single & video, ‘True Romance’, on August 3rd.

Known within the music industry for their work behind the scenes but now stepping out with their own unique musical & visual project, electronic producers David Anthony Curley and Joe Furlong arrive with their début single and self-directed video for ‘True Romance’. They have also announced themselves as The Cope. Based in Dublin and Berlin, the song writing, producing, film making, audio-visual artist pair, have been crafting their sound since meeting at an impromptu karaoke party in late 2019.

About the single and video, director Curley says “Mirroring the themes of the track, the film is a meditation on love, isolation and control. We wanted to create a visual accompaniment to accentuate the listening experience and so we teamed up with acclaimed Belgian based Irish choreographer Zoë Ashe-Browne. Marrying film, music and dance elevates each art form to a higher plane, and this is something we are very passionate about.

The Cope have a website, at the-cope.com, and are on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


Boo Sutcliffe released his new EP, ‘You’re the Same As Me’ on 3rd August.

Yorkshire singer-songwriter Boo Sutcliffe is back with a new EP, some new collaborators and a new sound. His first EP of 2022 includes four tracks with very different moods and energies.

About the EP, Boo says, “I dont know what came over me. I must have been feeling happy when I recorded the title track, Youre The Same As Me. I managed to wrestle that back to broodingly optimistic for track 2, then doleful yet accepting on track 3. Track 4 scares the willies out of me.

The EP stirs up Americana, indie, pop and folk – with a fizz of electronica and a pinch of prog thrown in. Claire Helm provides delicious harmonies throughout and takes the lead on two songs.

Boo is on AppleMusic, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.


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