The At the end of last year Alpha Neutral released ‘Too Posh’.

Choosing their name so they could be as inclusive as possible for everyone in the new century, Alpha Neutral have since been making huge inroads on the UK music scene. With members having worked with a number of famous artists in the past, Alpha Neutral have now released their new single and video ‘Too Posh’.

Alpha Neutral have a website, at, and are on Bandcamp and YouTube.


The Bridget Kelly Band have recently released ‘Heartbreakin’ Blues.

The Bridget Kelly Band are based in Florida, USA. Inspired by classic blues and electric blues, they have placed their own unique stamp on this genre after becoming two-time IBC semi-finalists and number one RMR Electric Blues charting artists. They have now released their new single ‘Heartbreakin’ Blues’.

The Bridget Kelly band have a website, at and are on Facebook, YouTube and Insta.


‘Gone’ is from The Magic Es new EP, ‘Talk in Tongues’ which came out in December.

Since 2015, The Magic Es have released 2 critically acclaimed albums, 2 EPs and 6 singles. They’ve received radio play across the globe on 100s of stations and they’ve done this without the backing of any label; pure, hard work and a love for making and playing music.

The band states, “In a world where image is everything, we are the antidote to the mainstream. You’ll find substance, melody, meaning and longevity in the music we write.

As well as releasing music at a remarkable rate they’re no slouches when it comes to performing. They tour the UK and gigging up and down the country on a regular basis.

Talk in Tongues Tour 2023

Feb 25th – Queen St Brewhouse, Colchester
March 10th – The Smokehouse, Ipswich
March 11th – Percy’s, Whitchurch
April 14th – Northern Guitars, Leeds
April 15th – NE Volume Bar, Stockton-On-Tees
May 5th – The Brunswick, Brighton
May 6th – The Hobbit – Southampton

The Magic Es have a website, at and are on Facebook, Insta, Bandcamp, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


At the end of December Brian Iannucci released ‘Pour One Out’.

I’d just like to say ICR supports responsible drinking!

Up and coming artist Brian Iannucci is from Saint Johns, Florida. Brian is a singer/songwriter with an eclectic musical background. He combines aspects of country, pop, and blues to produce a unique sound. As a piano player, Brian brings a different feel to the genre of country music. His lyrics and vocals provide a deep, thoughtful, and entertaining musical experience! Brian is an award-winning artist and performer who recently released is latest album, ‘Double Felony’.

Brian has a website, at and is on YouTube.


Ryan MacKenzie and Luca Manning released ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ on 3rd January.

January 2023 sees the release of a unique musical collaboration for Burn’s Night between two of Scotland’s brightest emerging musicians; jazz vocalist Luca Manning and pianist/arranger Ryan MacKenzie, with a special, new version of Robert Burn’s classic love song ‘Ae Fond Kiss’. The contemporary arrangement by MacKenzie is inspired by their shared love of Burn’s work and a desire to bring his most poignant song to new audiences. “Peace, enjoyment, love and pleasure…

Blending Burn’s folk tradition with an aching contemporary arrangement for piano, strings, bass and drums, ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ features Manning on vocals alongside Mackenzie on piano and top session players from the worlds of jazz and pop.

‘Ae Fond Kiss’ is available from Ryan’s website, at, and he is on Facebook and Insta.


Tara Bandito’s self-titled album includes ‘Blerr’.

Wrestler’s daughter, Tara Bandito, the artist and the self-titled album is the result and documentation of a journey that began with death and voyaged through self-sabotage and self-realisation.

8 week old Tara Bethan was babysat in the dressing room by Giant Haystacks whilst her father, legendary El Bandito, took to the ring and her mother manned the ‘merch’ stall. With ‘show business’ in her DNA, Tara’s own career began at age 5 performing in a summer season in the Welsh fairground resort of Rhyl.

In 2009, in the throes of the grief of losing her father, Tara wrote her first ever song – ‘6 Feet Under’. 13 years later, that would become the opening track to her début album. This was the catalyst for a journey of soul searching and despair that would end in the birth of the artist and the album ‘Tara Bandito’. ‘Blerr’ – which is Welsh for messy – is the first single from that album. The album is due for release on 10th February.

This album is the autobiographical experience of a woman trying to find her truth through all its joy and discomfort. “The Queen of Spectrum Extreme” bares her soul and wants us to feel every bit of that journey with her on this musical roller-coaster. As she put it “I am a cataclysm of ups and downs, that’s my journey and therefore that’s my album. Expect a bumpy ride.


Major Kami released ‘Major Jones’ on 6th January.

How can a French collective gather artists from all over the world to release an album without ever having met each other? This collective, named DAMde8, born in 2019, based in Bordeaux (France), gathers about thirty people (artists and contributors from different countries). Fifteen of these people have put into practice their skills and the principles of collaboration instilled by DAMde8. Today they present the album ‘Major Jones’, sung by Major Kami and their guest, Sarah Jay Hawley from Massive Attack.

The challenge they set themselves for this electropop album, visited by the spirit of David Bowie, was to talk about his life without his name ever being mentioned in the lyrics.

This double-A side – ‘Major Jones’ and ‘Coco Dancing’ – is the latest release taken from the ‘Major Jones’ album.

Major Kami is on Spotify, Insta and Facebook.


On January 6th, Rhys Lewis released ‘To Be Alive’.

Rising star Rhys Lewis faces his biggest fear in a nail-biting video entitled ‘To Be Alive’. The video follows Rhys’ long-standing phobia of heights and a 15,000 feet drop from an aeroplane. Documented by film-maker, friend and assigned encourager, Harvey Wilson, the ‘To Be Alive’ video sees Rhys literally jump out of his comfort zone to continue his mission: find out what it means to be alive in 2023.

Rhys explains the decision to sky dive for his brand-new video by saying, “Around the time I wrote this song, I realised I’d been letting my anxieties have too much of a say in where I was heading in life. Every time I had an urge to do something new and scary, my fears talked me out of it. I felt like I was just coasting, stuck on autopilot, afraid to commit to a leap of faith. Then at some point, I don’t know when, the fear of change was outweighed by the need for it, and I decided to jump.

‘To Be Alive’ is taken from Rhys Lewis’ upcoming album entitled ‘Corner of the Sky’. That album will be released via Decca Records on January 20th. Now, Rhys looks forward to kicking off 2023 by performing the album across the country at his first run of in store dates from Southampton to London. A month later, Rhys will embark on his biggest headline tour yet, stopping at London’s Lafayette as well as much-loved venues in Dublin, Berlin, Copenhagen, and more.

Rhys Lewis’ Headline 2023 tour dates:

23rd Jan: Vinilo, Southampton – UK (in store)
24th Jan: Rough Trade, Nottingham – UK (in store)
26th Jan: Rough Trade, East London – UK (in store)
1st Feb: Whelan’s, Dublin – Ireland
3rd Feb: King Tut’s, Glasgow – UK
4th Feb: Gorilla, Manchester – UK
6th Feb: Thekla, Bristol – UK
7th Feb: 02 Academy, Oxford – UK
8th Feb: Lafayette, London – UK
10th Feb: Melkweg, Amsterdam – Netherlands
11th Feb: Artheater, Cologne – Germany
13th Feb: Maschinehaus, Berlin – Germany
15th Feb: Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen – Denmark
16th Feb: Parkteatret, Oslo – Norway

Rhys is on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Theo Fitzgibbon released ‘Waterfall’ on 6th January.

Dublin singer/songwriter Theo Fitzgibbon released his début single, ‘Waterfall’, on January 6th.. Theo is no stranger to performing. He has played at every major gig venue in Dublin and was previously lead vocalist and songwriter for the band League of Nation. He is now stepping out on his own and with this perfect radio tune he is announcing himself to the world!

On the release of his début single, Theo comments: “I am thrilled to be releasing my début single. Waterfall is a tune I am really proud of, it’s what my music is all about: punchy, catchy music with a belter of a chorus and amazing production, in this case from the incredibly talented Marc Carolan.

Theo is on YouTube, Insta, TikTok and Twitter.


On January 9th, Motorcycle Display Team released ‘Chain Links’.

‘The Chain Links’ is the second single from, London/Irish band, Motorcycle Display Team’s new album ‘Wereman’.

A slight direction change for them, with its strong Latin rhythms within, but the sound is clearly classic MDT. Pretty guitars and Brazilian-esque beats merge. They then build into an explosive coda that only MDT can pull off without the change of stride feeling out of place.

According to the band, “This song uses the familiar patterns of an abusive personal relationship as a prism through which to view the ancient dynamic between an entitled elite, and the majority forever in tow”.  While definitely a stand-out moment on the Wereman album, its themes fit perfectly with the attitude and mood of the album.

The video, which accompanies the track, was shot in 5 hours flat. Filming took place on location in the beautiful Asylum Chapel in Peckham, South East London. It features a curious relationship between two priests and a performance they devise for their favourite band. Unsurprisingly, MDT are on YouTube.

MDT is expected to announce a UK and Irish tour for spring 2023. Make sure to follow them in the usual places for updates. To make it easy, they have a page with links to all their social media and down-loads.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud


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