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Dillon has produced ‘Get Out of My World’.

Dillon is an unsigned, original artist from the UK, So, if you liked that one, e-mail him at [email protected]

Please note: Only part of this track was broadcast, due to a technical problem at the start of the show. It will be played, in full, next week.


On 16th July Intergalactic Brasstronauts released their album, ‘Music For The People’, on which ‘Al Baba’ is the third track.

With their trans-global rhythms, beefy dual bass (provided by sousaphone and contrabass clarinet), blistering solos and sci-fi theme, Intergalactic Brasstronauts are far from your typical brass band. This 12-piece outfit from Yorkshire, UK draw on a wide range of influences including Dub, Reggae, Jazz and Electronica.Since the project was conceived in the deepest, darkest months of the Covid-19 pandemic, live shows were not immediately possible. Instead, the band took to YouTube, creating a parallel reality in a series of weekly videos leading up to their début release. Here they described their arrival on a deserted Planet Earth, their discovery of a bunker full of strange conical, mechanical, and electronic instruments left behind by the enigmatic human race, and their quest to recreate and preserve the phenomena that humans called “music”.

They are on Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp, and – of course – YouTube.


Back on 23rd July Dan Heale released TLC.

UK DJ and Producer Dan Heale delivers a fresh take on dance music, combining catchy pop vocal hooks with energetic sounds and summer energy. 2021 is set to be a huge year for Dan as he releases TLC on FRCST Records. Dan says, “TLC is an uplifting and empowering summer anthem about having the confidence to make the first move and tell somebody how you really feel about them.”

Dan is on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Beatport


On 30th July, Dust Monk released ‘Choppy Waters’.

Coming off the back of their critically acclaimed first single, Dust Monk have decided to throw a curve ball with their latest offering ‘Choppy Waters’. It has as interesting a subject matter as it does a sonic sound-scape, as it’s written about people choosing a more difficult path in life when an easier route was available all along. This, coupled with its unhinged and off hook production surely makes Dust Monk one of the most interesting prospects in an often stale and predictable music industry

Dust Monk are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music


TheGoddesMusic released ‘Too Close’ on 6th August. The track features Jenny Adesanya.

Female producer/songwriter/engineer Renae Rain – aka TheGoddessMusic has released her second single ‘Too Close’ on 6th August. The track features singer-songwriter Jenny Adesanya. The song has been written and Produced by TheGoddessMusic and is a fun up-tempo track with sassy striking vocals from the lovely and talented Jenny Adesanya. TheGoddessMusic has been seeking out female artists to feature and collaborate with and Jenny was just the perfect match for this track. TheGoddessMusic’s ethos is to influence and to be a positive role model within the music industry, inspiring other females and to show them that it is possible to succeed and be seen in such a role.

The Goddess Music is on SoundCloud and Beatport.


LOF released ‘Desire’ on August 9th.

Ukrainian indie-rock band LOF share their debut single ‘Desire’, which is out now on all streaming platforms. The band was originally formed at high school under the name ‘Leap of Faith’, but later evolved to ‘LOF’ when they regrouped ten years later. LOF now bring their own unique style to the Indie genre, combining alternative vibes with a melancholic mood. LOF say, “Desire is a song about wanting to be heard, and using creative freedom to make music the way we always wanted to make it: without boundaries, just a blank canvas to paint our innermost desires and ideas in the form of music.” LOF are currently working on their first LP release, and they are on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram


On August 12th, BECAH will release ‘Reminders’.

Lurgan based indie alternative artist BECAH is releasing a stunning single and accompanying video ‘Reminders’ tomorrow. The second single from her upcoming début EP ‘Freak’, due out later this year, ‘Reminders’ uses BECAH’s hypnotically tender vocal, backed up by electronic synths, electric guitar and vulnerable lyrics to tell of her experiences, digging deep and drawing into those darker parts of us we like to keep hidden away. About the song BECAH says “I wrote ‘Reminders’ in the aftermath of a very toxic relationship with a past girlfriend. The coinciding music video presents a glimpse into that story – the good times I had with her in the beginning, to its violent turn. The lyrics speak of the struggle I had to feel like myself again, and how all my attempts to push away all the little details and memories of that time felt futile.”

She has a website at https://becah.co.uk/ and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube


On 13th August, Kill The Kid will be releasing their self-titled EP. The first track on the EP is ‘Don’t Follow’.

Forged in the heat of the 2020 lockdowns, Kill the Kid was formed by singer songwriter Jed Kid and joined by Andy Mad-Axe Basiola on guitars. Heavily influenced by bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Johnny Cash, Queen and alike Kill the Kid is not your ordinary Rock band, playing a fusion of Hard Rock, Country, Irish Punk and Rock and Roll with their own original twist.

They are on Facebook and Instagram


The show is available on MixCloud.

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