Judy Pearson released ‘My Guiding Key’ at the end of April.

After honing her skills in song writing over the past few years, Judy Pearson now releases her new single ‘My Guiding Key’. Judy is a singer-songwriter, who is based in London. She has been described as having a blend of emotive lyrics and soft but powerful vocals

Judy Pearson is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Belau has recently released ‘Dreamstate’. It features Akacia.

Belau has a website, at belaumusic.com, and is on Facebook and YouTube.

Akacia is also on Facebook and SoundCloud.


Anne Blum released her new single, ‘Won’t Let Myself Down’ on May 5th.

The song ‘Won’t Let Myself Down’ is the latest single by singer Anne Blum. It is about staying strong in life. Anne sings about the moments when it is difficult to hold on and start all over again.

Anne recorded ‘Won’t Let Myself Down’ with her musician friends. The French violinist, Heloise Lefebvre, came to their attention on the internet and they were able to win her for the song.

Anne has a website, at blum-musik.de, which is in German!


On May 5th, Sea Girls released ‘DNA’.

Off the back of cementing their second Top 3 record in a row, Sea Girls waste no time in delivering another slice of guitar-driven pop brilliance with brand new single ‘DNA’. After arriving as a special, one off, limited edition, blue 7″ vinyl for Record Store Day on April 23rd, the track has been added to their album ‘Homesick’ as a special bonus track on all DSPs . We heard ‘Lonely’ from the same album, back in March (week 39).

Frontman Henry Camamile says, “We felt that there was one last story to tell from the Homesick era, an itch that DNA scratches. This track is an outpouring of positivity celebrating strangeness – holding nothing back about how you feel about someone.”

Sea Girls will be touring across Europe in 2022 and will be in the UK in May and November. The closet they get to us is the Alexandra Palace, London on 25th November.

They have a website, at seagirls.net, a lnk.to site with all their down-load links and are on YouTube and Facebook.


On 6th May Steve Steinman released ‘Everything They Said is True’.

Back in 1982, legendary singer songwriter John Parr was working with his close friend and collaborator Meat Loaf on his album ‘Blind Before I Stop’. Whilst together they wrote a track called ‘Everything They Said Was True’. The track was never recorded by Meat Loaf, but upon hearing Steve Steinman’s No.1 album ‘Leap Of Faith’ during the 2020 lock-down, both John and Meat Loaf knew they had found a home for the song. With the blessing of them both, Steve recorded the ‘lost song’ and released it on 6th May.

Steve said, “It’s a dream to be working with John Parr and made all the more special after Meat Loaf’s recent passing. I am honoured that they both gave me their blessings to record it. It’s the song Meat never got to sing…and he gave it to me!

Steve will be touring throughout 2022, and will be at The Regent on 10th November. His tour dates are all on his website, which is stevesteinmanproductions.com. He’s also on Facebook and YouTube.


Rise Bailey Rise has just released ‘Inside’.

Rise Bailey Rise has been making huge inroads on the UK music scene following the successful release of a number of singles and EPs over the years. With gigs behind him ranging from supporting the likes of Dodgy, to performing at private parties, it is expected you will be hearing more from Rise Bailey Rise following the recent release of his new single ‘Inside’.

Rise Bailey Rise has a website at risebaileyrise.com and is on Facebook and Twitter.


On 5th May, Orchester Der Kulturen released their new album, ‘A World Symphony’. ‘Kon Tiki’ is the first track on that album.

Founded in Stuttgart in 2010, Orchester der Kulturen are a global collective of multi-talented musicians from many different countries and ethnic backgrounds. Their aim is musically uniting different cultures, and creating a new and unprecedented listening experience. The blending of musical styles in innovative ways creates something that is modern, yet at the same time draws on a wealth of tradition. German hymns carry the same weight as African sounds and Latin American rhythms. The virtuosity of the musicians and the very special sound of the Orchester der Kulturen makes for a unique listening experience, taking the audience on a fascinating journey, illuminating what is possible when cultures meet on an equal footing.

Orchester Der Kulturn have a website, at orchesterderkulturen.de, and are on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.


Caulbearers have released ‘Synching (Bubbling Spring Remix)’ on May 5th.

Manchester’s Caulbearers presents ‘Synching (Bubbling Spring Remix)’. It’s a spacious yet vivacious and sanguine offering. Plus it’s a celebration of the simplicity and wonder of silent meditation practice. The original version, released on the band’s ‘More Lie Deep’ EP, is the B-side of Caulbearers’ new funk-rock single ‘Twisted Cord’. That is an infectious high-frequency funk-rock offering with Stone Roses-eque bass and bitter-sweet, multi-layered laments. It’s also a vibrant and grounded celebration of this earth and humanity’s interconnectedness

Frontman, Damien Mahoney says, “This song is about how observing our own natural breath and physical sensations in the body can be so effective to access & transform buried emotions. Often we have learnt to ignore our true feelings from a young age and rely on external coping mechanisms to numb pain or to ‘get out if it’, so we can feel disassociated from our bodies at times of stress and anxiety. As the psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk says, ‘The Body Keeps The Score!’ .The song asks ‘what’s gonna be your dummy next?’ In my experience, we often subtly try to swap one ‘dummy’ or addiction for another, rather than staying present to really feel what is happening in our bodies. If we can ‘turn the noise down’ enough to listen, they are an incredible source of wisdom for us.

In the next month, Caulbearers will be playing their first live shows since 2019. A stripped back line-up featuring vocals, cello, keys, percussion and guitars will play in an intimate setting at two secret venues in the Manchester area.

The Caulbearers have a website, at caulbearers.com, and are on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.


Kaapstaad released ‘Aula’ on 6th May.

Not long after releasing his chill and immersive début single ‘Night’ (which we heard in April (week 44)), Sweden-based Australian artist Kaapstaad has released ‘Aula’. It’s the latest offering in his quest to bring distinct lofi chamber beats from the Baltic and beyond.

After accumulating more than 1 million views on YouTube and 800K streams on Spotify with his band Tiny Fighter, Tim Spelman used the downtime imposed by COVID lockdowns to indulge his original passion for film & game scores. Moving between his two homes of Sweden and Australia, Kaapstaad took on a life of its own.

‘Aula’ is out now, available everywhere online, including Spotify and Apple Music, but is available to order directly from the artist via Bandcamp. Kaapstaad is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Esc released his album and film ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ on May 6th, from which ‘Fading Choices’ comes.

Esc (aka Danny Manor) is an accomplished guitarist and film composer, who creates cinematic music themes combined with rock guitar riffs and anthems. But his creativity doesn’t end there; Esc illustrates his vision by adding visual art and animation to his music.

This album contains eclectic music, combining rock guitar riffs and solos, with orchestral and piano compositions, as well as electronic elements. While these music genres may seem detached, they are connected by thematic ideas and at times complimenting each other. ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ is Esc’s first experience as a film maker and animator. In the film, nominated for the KalaKari Film Fest and a Semi-finalist in the Phoenix Shorts Film Festival, a white glowing character is confronted by a dragon-like villain, as they travel though alter dimensions, in a constantly changing, elastic and surreal journey.

Esc is on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.


Artemas has released ‘I’m Sorry’. He also announced the release of his mix-tape ‘I’m Sorry I’m Like This’ on May 6th.

Originally hailing from Oxford 22 year old artist Artemas is now residing in London. He brings a refreshingly self-aware feeling to the sound of alt-pop. Across a handful of singles, his unique energy has already made an impressive impact; earning him a burgeoning legion of die-hard fans. Obsessed as a teen by the confessional stylings of Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sublime, Artemas provides a contemporary update to their candid approach to lyricism; creating honest music about modern existence, while injecting an infectious optimism into it.

Alongside the release of ‘I’m Sorry’, Artemas has also announced his début mix-tape ‘I’m Sorry I’m Like This’. It was released on May 6th. The project encapsulates the formative stages of Artemas’ career, spanning his own signature blend of styles as he pushes the outer reaches of his sound alongside regular collaborator Two Inch Punch.

Artemas is on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The show is now available on MixCloud.

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