‘Piper Perri’ is from Watch Clark’s EP ’Assimilation’ which is out now.

Seattle electronic musician Watch Clark presents the final release of a trilogy of planned EPs for the years 2020-2021, ‘Assimilation’. Following the previous EPs “Generator Room” and “Backscatter Effect”, this newest release brings four songs about insecurity, unrealistic relationships, and our crumbling social contract.

Paul Furio, the musician behind Watch Clark,said, “The highlight of 2021 has been setting up in our new Seattle based studio, Studio Corvidae. Here, we were able to rapidly bring nearly a year of unrealized ideas out as new tracks for this EP. I wanted to wrap up this trilogy of EPs with some strong statements on who we still are, even after coming out of a global crisis that should have been a time for reflection and change.”

The first track, “Our Passion, Our Demise,” is a retro-industrial anthem about the persistently worse impulses of humanity. “Piper Perri” is a longing ode to the unrealistic expectations around relationships and sex that are put forth by adult entertainment. Track three, “Metastasis,” is a brief instrumental foray into the impermanence of all relationships. The EP closes out with “Variation,” a sombre realization of our place in civilization, and a question of our ultimate purpose and relationship.

‘Assimilation’ is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, and most other major streaming services, and Watch Clark are on Facebook, Bandcamp and Twitter


‘Lunchtime’ was released on 21st September by Scott Candage.

Scott is a local artist, supporter of Ipswich Town and contributor to TWTD!

He’s also on YouTube, Spotify, AppleMusic and Amazon.


On 24th September, Mystery Rose released her new album, ‘Socially Distant’ from which ‘Picture Perfect’ is the second single.

Mystery Rose is a young artist who writes poignant, heartfelt songs. They range from Amy Winehouse torch ballads to catchy, pop-punk tunes a la Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex) and Joan Jett with a voice as powerful as Olivia Rodrigo or a tougher Taylor Swift.

Mystery Rose released three singles in 2019: “Gossip”, “Eternity”, and “Arranged” to an overwhelmingly positive reaction. In 2020, she returned with “Passing Notes” and “Sunset Boulevard”. The latter with an accompanying music video directed by Steve Hanft. Now Mystery Rose releases her début album ‘Socially Distant’ in both digital and vinyl formats on September 24, 2021. The album’s first single “Stability” is a song that focuses on vulnerability after a break up that anyone who has a heart will sing along to. Hanft’s accompanying video is a joyful, free fallin’ motorcycle crusade through California. (But it contains the F-word, so isn’t suitable for a day-time radio show). “Picture Perfect” is a majestic, lush ballad that takes you on a Beach Boys journey with its climactic twists and turns of melodic exuberance that eventually lands deep in the pit of one’s heart.

Socially Distant is a fully realized, emotionally charged platter showcasing Mystery Rose’s versatility. Mystery Rose states, “My interest is in the creation of the song and my hope is that the listener will be affected by the poignancy. I hope my work is universal in its appeal and that it may inspire others to sing along, and perhaps eventually want to perform it.”

Mystery Rose have a website at mysteryrosemusic.com and is on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud.


Eric Bolton released ‘The Home Light’ on 24th September.

Following the success of his début solo release ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’ which I played in Week 9, Canadian rock singer and songwriter Eric Bolton returns with his brand new single ‘The Home Light’. It came out on all streaming platforms on 24th September.

The release of ‘Genesis’ marked Eric’s coming out as gay and beginning to celebrate the big life and big love he always knew he was meant to live. ‘The Home Light’ is the song where he bares his soul about the struggle of having to hide who he was for all those years. Showcasing Eric’s talent for storytelling, ‘The Home Light’ presents simple yet beautifully raw lyrics, expressing that even though he was suppressing who he was, the real Eric Bolton was always there pushing him to become the man that he proudly is today.

Eric says, “I wrote this song back in 2015/2016 in a time of leaving the church world I’d been brought up in. I began trying to pursue that inner light that was real and honest. After coming out and learning to build a life that is authentic to me and my true self, now felt like the right time to release this song. It was like past Eric wrote it for this present Eric.”

Eric has a website, at ericbolton.ca, and is on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



On 25th September Factory released their second album, ‘Aiming High’ from which this is the title track.

“Aiming High” is Factory’s follow-up to their 2016 album “Back In The Time Machine”. Again the songs are all based on original songs written in their earlier incarnation in the 1970s. All the original members are involved: Tony Qunta, lead guitar, electric violin & vocals; Andy Qunta, keyboards, electric 12-string guitar, vocals; Laurie Cooksey, drums & vocals; Jaffa Peckham, bass & vocals plus Jaffa’s replacement from ‘74-‘76, bassist Steve Kinch. As usual with Factory, there is a lot of variety in the material, from shorter more commercial songs, to longer, more adventurous ones. This is an album for all music-lovers who appreciate 1970s creativity brought up to date.

Factory have an Official Website and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Lauren Ann released ‘Lucy’ on 30th September

Northern Ireland alt indie-pop artist Lauren Ann released her first single with the label ‘Lucy’ Sept 30th.

Having built a following with songs she released herself while still in school, Lauren Ann began working with producer Declan Legge, who helped shape her raw song writing talent into fully realised productions. By the summer of 2021, music was clearly Lauren Ann’s destiny. So she put plans to study law on pause and signed to Dublin label Faction.

A song about a love triangle among friends, ‘Lucy’ reaches new heights in her song writing in every aspect – from the wider range and deeper emotion of Lauren Ann’s vocal to the gnarly rush of the guitars and a stripped-back breakdown.

Lauren explains, “It’s about being in a relationship and then one of your friends is getting involved. You’re not angry at them but you’re also not happy about it and don’t know what to do. There’s also a bit of envy in there too, because they’re cooler than you and you’re scared that they might take this person that you like.”

Lauren Ann is on Facebook and Instagram.


EEVAH released ‘Take Me To Bed’ on 30th September.

EEVAH are back with a brand new single ‘Take Me To Bed’ which is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP. The pair are made up of vocalist Nicole Hope Smith and Embrace guitarist Richard McNamara. Coming from the north of England, and clocking in north of 160 bpm, it’s an energetic, high speed chase into a guitar driven, dream pop world.

Breaking out of the studio with 100 live streamed shows and a sold out lock-down live CD, as well as a range of merch that’d make Kiss blush, EEVAH return as the live scene slowly comes back to life.

EEVAH have a website, at inktr.ee/eevah and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Chanetelle released ‘Better Days’ on October 1st.

R&B/Pop singer and songwriter Chantelle shares her new single ‘Better Days’, which is out on all streaming platforms on October 1st.

Chantelle thrives on being able to experiment with her music and the concepts and emotions she’s able to portray, totally owning her own brand of bold R&B/Pop Like many, the past 18 months has given Chantelle the chance to really think about race, mental health, sexuality, social status and family struggles, and channel that into her music.

She says, “I just want listeners to know that you don’t have to pretend to be okay. It’s so easy to suppress, but I’ve learnt that being honest with yourself at least is so worthwhile.”

Written and recorded in her DIY home studio in Brighton, the track focuses on her R&B roots. Chantelle grew up surrounded by music, however it was never seen as a real career prospect by her family. It was only after Chantelle had a mental health episode at 19 years old that she was introduced to a company called Keychanges who give mentally ill artists opportunities to make music and perform in-front of others. Once she had a taste of studio life and collaborating with other artists, she knew she had to pursue music as a career.

“I want to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health, LGBT and race”, Chantelle states determinedly.

Chantelle is on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.


Nathan Smith is back with his new album, ‘Here’s to the No’ from which this is the title track.

Nathan Smith hails from South Africa originally. He was born into a musical family and is a well known figure in the music industry for his session work. While the session work pays the bills Nathan is more at home developing his original material. In 2006 he launched his first solo album “Songs from a Diary”. Plus, in 2009, he released an experimental album with Mark Heydenrych, Paddy Smith and Kyle Rutten called “The Nathan Smith Project – The Sum of All Things.”

The latest album “Here’s To The Now” Nathan describes as his greatest achievement to date. 12 beautifully crafted tracks that make up a fabulous album is a testament to both his song writing and musicianship

Nathan has a website at nathansmithvibes.com and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube


The show is available on MixCloud.

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