Charity Stow released ‘Perfect Thought’ on 10th September.

Charity Stow is an upcoming singer-songwriter based in Nottingham. She comes from a musical family and has always worked with her father to create her own sound. Both are self-taught musicians and this has informed Charity’s intuitive attitude towards music. Music has always been a part of her life and as such she has taken influence from oldies such as Carole King, Bob Dylan and The Beatles to inspire her song writing. But she is constantly learning from new artists such as Billie Marten, Daughter and Lucy Rose in order to find her niche.

Charity’s hometown is the small, quaint town of Stamford and since leaving there to move to Nottingham she has taken much more of an interest in song writing. Sometimes a dramatic change is what it is needed to ignite a young songwriter working her way through a new phase in life and the inevitability of feeling lost without the bubble of home to guide you. Song writing is a form of therapy for Charity and you can hear this through the honesty of her lyrics and passion behind the tracks.

Charity is finding her own place in the music scene and is creating a unique sound through which to channel her experiences. Her debut, original single ‘Here’ gels her old-time, soulful influences with a modern and exciting feel. In 2020 she followed that up with the catchy, lazy groove of her second single ‘Fool’ and the electric guitar driven single ‘Wake Up’. Her debut EP, ‘Perfect Thought’, releases in September 2021.

Charity has a web site at and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.


Freya Wolfe has released ‘Meet Me At 8’.

Following on from the success of the debut single “This Man Is Mine” Freya Wolf returns with the stonishingly good new single “Meet Me At 8”. Freya’s music is a timeless reminder of the sensational sounds of the 60s and 70s drawing on influences such as Aretha Franklin & Nina Simone. For the promoter  “’This Man Is Mine’ reminds me of Sandy Shaw, Dusty Springfield and the pure soulful music of a bygone era brought to life in these modern times. Such a feel good track dropping just in time for the summer. ‘Meet Me At 8’ is a track you are going to love.”

Freya Wolfe is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Bragg & Hemsworth have released their new single, “The Dancer”.

There has been no time-wasting in isolation for musicians Tim Bragg and Ross Hemsworth who have been writing, producing and performing their brand new album remotely from studios in England and France, together with a host of special guest appearances from across the musical planet!

Tim Bragg is a multi-instrumentalist whose voice has been described as Van Morrison meets Phil

Lynott, with touches of Bob Seger added to taste! Ross Hemsworth is a songwriter, guitarist, producer and says he ‘dabbles at keyboards to irritate the neighbours’! He is also a voting member of the U.S. Songwriters Hall of Fame.

For further information check out Bragg & Hemsworth latest album “Tall Stories on Short Street”. Released last year it is a great introduction to the talents these gentlemen possess.

They are on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.


The electronic duo, Cyrillic are back with their new single, ‘Zero Gravitation’.

Following up on their previous single “Keep Fighting”, which gained more than 350.000 streams on Spotify, the brothers now serve up a commercial track with familiar production trademark, featuring the beautiful vocal of young and talented Lara. With its infectious groove and melody, “Zero Gravitation” sees Cyrillic deliver another future player and track destined for heavyweight support in the coming weeks.

Cyrillic are on Soundcloud.

Serious Child & Andy Ruddy released a new single, ‘All My friends are Famous’ on 3rd September.

Serious Child & Andy Ruddy released a new album, ‘Talk About the Weatheron 3rd September. It is a unique and fascinating project that has seen two artists of different generations and musical backgrounds, come together and explore what unites people of different age groups in British contemporary music. For the songs, they had a basic rule – each one had to be about something. A topic, or an emotion, that appealed them and would be of interest to other people of all different age groups.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the album was written completely interactively on Zoom and Google Docs across 8 months of Thursdays. The actual recording of the album also provided some challenges which included Andy having to sing his parts in a wardrobe surrounded by his partner’s coats! Rock n Roll!

The single ‘All My Friends Are Famous’ has been taken from that album.

Andy Ruddy explains its origins, ““I had the misfortune of catching a few TV talk shows over the Christmas period – all of the questions to the celebrities were basically asking them about other celebrities. The stories themselves were extremely boring but they were communicated and received as fascinating just because it involved famous people. I had a title ‘All Your Friends Are Famous’ in my phone for a couple of years because I’ve always found the sycophantry of celebrity interesting and irritating in equal measure. It was a coincidence because Alan had suggested writing a song about the concept of fame, so it was a good fit. Alan and I discussed the hierarchical nature of the music business. The way if you haven’t got 10000 followers and a blue tick you will be mostly ignored by people on social media if you ever reach out to them- the quality of your music is irrelevant in that world. As ever with our stuff we tried to do it in a gently poking fun way with Alan tempering my little resentments writing sarcastically from the point of view of a socialite celebrity.”

The album is available from and they each have their own website – and and they will be touring during September.


On September 3rd, Tim McGeary released ‘Around and Around’

Tim Mcgeary hails from Naples, Florida where he has lived for the past 20 years. Tim has been writing songs and performing since the 1980’s and was with the band “The Rescue”. He also toured with Billy Idol, Roxy Music, Depeche Mode, The Cure and many more. Recently Tim got a publishing deal in Nashville as a songwriter. His songs have been featured on TV shows and movies. His most recent band Wonderful Johnson, opened for bands including The Black Crows, David Ball, Sherrie Austin and Confederate Railroad. Tim plays shows in SW Florida, Nashville, New York and New Jersey. His tour dates are listed on his website. Tim has also been working with young song writers with their song writing and performances. Tim’s day gig is a fire fighter/Paramedic/Flight medic.

Tim has a website at and he’s on Facebook, Soundcloud and ReverbNation


Tally Koren released ‘Live For Ever’ on September 3rd.

‘Live Forever’ is the newest instalment by Fringe award winner for best singer songwriter; Tally Koren. It has already received critical acclaim throughout the industry despite remaining unreleased for so long. Despite many offers to take the track in different directions, Tally kept the song to herself in order for it to be released at the right moment.
Born in Israel, but living in London via Mexico and the USA, Tally’s track record as an independent artist includes, Fringe Award Winner for Best Singer Songwriter 2011, TV appearances on Virgin Media playlist, London Live, and recent performances at the Royal Albert Hall, The National Arboretum, The Belgrade Theatre (Coventry), singing at the MK Dons football match and The House of Lords.

Tally Koren has a website at and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube


On 3rd September, Midnight at 7 released ‘Never Be In Love Again’.

Midnight at 7 is proud to announce the release of their debut single ‘Never Be In Love Again’, a summery yet bittersweet tune about the joys and fears of falling in love. ‘Never Be In Love Again’ is a pop gem infused with pure summer vibes. Influenced by Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ and Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention’, the track’s upbeat piano chimes, catchy lyricism and dancey beat carries a heartfelt melody reflecting on a conflict between love and loneliness.

“The song is about the inherent fear of falling in love again because of past trauma and the baggage it carries” says singer Ryan de Ocampo. “It’s about feeling conflicted as to whether or not the search for that special someone is even worth it all. Yet the song also acknowledges that maybe a miracle can truly happen – or maybe one is only enticed by the idea of reciprocal love that truly matters.”

‘Never Be In Love Again’ marks the first of many tracks due for release by the trio. Watch this space!

Midnight 7 are on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Bandcamp


Sallzo released ‘Treasure Awaits’ on September 3rd.

Having worked in the background for some 25 years, music producer and hugely successful major label A&R director, Sallzo, is finally stepping out from the shadows with the announcement of this new single and a forthcoming album. He became a music industry professional in 1989 and, since then, has had a varied career, with many successes. In 2018 he decided to relocate to the Netherlands. It was here that he rediscovered his passion for writing and producing and began work on what would become a brand-new album to be released later in 2021. ‘Treasure Awaits’ is the first single to be taken from that album.

Sallzo is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and SoundCloud


Earlier this year, the Ashley Bean Band released ‘What You Deserve’.

The Ashley Bean Band is a rock band hailing from Peoria Illinois. Over the years, The Ashley Bean Band has had influences that have molded their career into what it is today. Cathy Reynolds, four-time CIA Gospel Artist of the Year, Mike Isenberg of the International acclaimed family band, The Jets, back-up musician, Rusty Hall, and John Coulter, Marshall Tuckers sound engineer, Journey, and Diana Meltzer founder of Seether, Evanescence, and Creed have helped direct this young energized rock band. In 2020, Ashley signed a major distribution deal with Rock Avenue Records USA.

The Bands music has been compared to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, as well as Alice In Chains and Nirvana. The Band would say it is Classical meets Rock with a heartfelt and unique style. All of the lyrics and music are Ashley’s original creations. Her voice style and genre is distinct, raw and gives her music an incredible commercial, but almost underground sound at the same timeless, not pretty and pink, but black on black.

The Ashley Bean Band have a website at and are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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