L J Coon has released ‘Pretty Blue Eyes – Pretty Blue Eyes’.

L J Coons says, “The Local Print use to post songs with chords above the lyrics every Sunday morning. So, Go ahead … Get out The Guitar, Sing and Play along!!” and the e-mail he sent included the lyrics and chords for this track!

L J Coon has a website with the links to all his down-load sites.


The Late Arrivals Club released ‘Citybound’ in early August.

The band of five musicians from Yorkshire came together to record original songs written by the keyboard player, Peter O’Grady. Peter has, and does still, work with many bands playing various styles. The lead vocalist is Andy Smith who also plays acoustic guitar on this track. The other members are Charles Oxtoby (electric guitar) Chris Swindells (bass) and Iain Clarke (drums).

The track, ‘Citybound’ is the first single from their forthcoming album, ‘the dessert sure is a lonely place…’. ‘Citybound’ is the age old story of young people from small towns leaving home to go to the big city where the streets are, supposedly, ‘paved with gold’. Actually this was Peter’s own story! He left school in Richmond, North Yorkshire, to catch the midnight train from Darlington to London.

The Late Arrivals Club are on Facebook.


Motihari Brigade will release their new album on September 8th.

‘Algorithm & Blues’ comes from Motihari Brigade’s new album of the same name. U.K. born singer, songwriter and guitarist Eric Winston is the philosopher-serf behind Motihari Brigade’s unique sound and concept.

The 2022 album release ‘Algorithm & Blues’ features defibrillating, electric guitar, tachycardia rhythms on bass and drums played by an octopus on stimulants. Layered keyboard, horn and vocal arrangements combine to produce the magic of a highly-caffeinated rock band thumping on all ventricles. Twelve original songs and one cover provide an energetic soundtrack for listeners to move happily navigate the dystopian reality show that we are now all busily sharing.

Speaking about the album, Eric says, “Escape zombie dystopia. Take the coloured pill of your choice. Blink your eyes and smile. The musical theme for the great disintegration has arrived – just in time for something new to rise from the ashes. Or perhaps not. We’ll see.

Motihari Brigade have a website, at mbrigade.com.


Haytor released ‘In The Morning’ on August 5th.

Combining high energy, eccentric performances with soaring melodic vocals and lively arrangements to produce their own blend of charismatic indie rock, Haytor is made up of vocalist Austin Robison and brother Cameron Robison on bass, along with guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins and drummer Cal Verney. Based in Exeter, Devon, Haytor pull together introspective cynical lyrics with dynamic driven indie rock, complete with jangly guitar and anthemic choruses.

Speaking about ‘In the Morning’, Austin says, “I wrote this song as a big, fun, bouncy, rock song about the monotony of the daily grind, and the way it makes you feel, trudging through the 9-5 day after day with nothing to show for it. We recorded this track at Momentum Studios in December last year and this is our second single release from that week in the studio, the first being our last single ‘15’.

Haytor have a website, at haytorband.com, and are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


x-blu released ‘Time and Tide’ on 5th August.

x-blu was formed in 2021 and are avant-garde punkists with influences including Velvet Underground, New Order, Sam Fender, the Doves and 70s disco/funk. They play out like Joy Division meets Nico. x-blu are Gary Parker (guitar, keyboards, vocals and production), Dani Tagen (vocals, production and Creative Director) and Sybil Mayard (vocals, keyboards, production and Digital Director).

x-blu have a website, at x-blu.com, and are on Facebook


Christopher Taylor’s ‘Ink’ is out now.

Singer-Songwriter Christopher Taylor is based in Yorkshire, England. Having been writing songs for many years, Christopher reached a new career-high when his EP ‘Chasing Rainbows’ was awarded The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock EP. Two singles from it also picked up awards. He now releases his new single ‘Ink’.

Details on this can be found on his website, at christaylormusic.net or you can follow him on Facebook


Braidwood have released ‘Nothing Could Make Up For You’.

‘Nothing Could Make Up For You’ is from their third album, ‘Obstacle Illusion’. We’ve previously heard ‘Sunshineland’ from the same album (Week 51, June 2022), as well as tracks from their previous album ‘Second Cacophony’. (‘Down Along the Road’ (Week 37, March 2022) and ‘Cat’s Got Your Tongue (Week 21, November 2021)).

Braidwood is from Vancouver, and brings 40 years of musical experience to the table. Like a perfectly aged wine, his songs have mellowed into fine & fun, highly melodic pieces of classic-style pop rock ready to pour. As a singer-songwriter, Braidwood’s songs fall within the classic pop rock genre, but stylistically, they’re pretty varied — a little bit of something for everyone.

Braidwood has a website at braidwoodsongs.com.


Cindy Alter has released ‘Love Hurts’.

Singer-songwriter Cindy Alter is from Johannesburg, South Africa but is now based in Nashville, USA.

After gaining worldwide recognition, at the tender age of 21, when she fronted the all-girl rock group Clout, Cindy Alter now returns with the re-release of her single ‘Love Hurts’.

When diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2002, shortly before a Clout reunion, Cindy kept her guitar by her side. During her treatment it helped her to hold her body and soul together and was the inspiration behind some of her new songs after fortunately making a full recovery. Her music is honest, inspiring and open heart

You can find more details on this by visiting her website and you can follow her Facebook.


Singer-Songwriter Stacey Pierre has released her new single, ‘Motion’.

London’s alternative-soul, singer-songwriter Stacey Pierre takes us on a roller coaster of emotions with her brand new single ‘Motion’. Oozing soothingly atmospheric sound-scapes which intertwines with the young songstress’ alluringly soulful vocals, ‘Motions’ forms part of Stacey’s second solo EP, ‘Origin Unknown’ which was released in July.

Written, arranged, recorded and mixed by Stacey, the four-track EP is set to take us through some of the ups and downs within her journey of faith. ‘Motion’ represents the value we place on other’s perceptions of us and how that value interacts with our self-worth.

Since the release of her début self-written/produced EP ‘Eden’ back in 2018 Stacey is carving a name for herself in London’s music scene. As she continues to flourish as a musician, Stacey has ventured out to experiment with various genres through collaborations with British-Congolese musician Jordan Mackampa on his EP ‘Come Around’. She also has a burgeoning partnership with multi genre producer Obsidian Cane, producing UKG club fillers ‘Body Talk’ and ‘Secret Place’. The pair is will release more dancefloor staples later in the year.

Stacey has a website, at staceypierremusic.com, and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud.


In time for the Summer, Simon Astley has released ‘Summer Now’.

Australian Pop Singer Simon Astley has enjoyed massive success over the last few years. He’s released single after single, with no plans of slowing down any-time soon.

After extensive touring in Australia, the UK, and the United States, Astley is back at the Recording Studio in Melbourne. He is working alongside well known producer Sam Panetta and Los Angeles Producer Killian Cruiser.

Simon has a website, at simonastley.co.uk. All his down-load links are listed on at ffm.bio/simonastley.


Anissa Damali has recently released ‘SUN’.

Anissa Damali is an exciting Swiss singer. She has released two versions of SUN – I went with the original version, rather than the re-mix

Anissa is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She has a website with all her down-load links.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.


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