Ellen Foley released her new album, ‘Fighting Words’, on 6th August, which includes the first single, ‘I’m Just So Happy to be Here’.

While her place in pop culture and rock history is secured as Meat Loaf’s duet partner on the epic “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” Ellen Foley is just as importantly a multi-hyphenate entertainer whose long resume includes credits in movies, television, musical and theatrical roles on and off Broadway, and as a dancer. But foremost among her career tentacles is singing rock music. She does so splendidly on her fifth solo record and first in eight years, Fighting Words (Urban Noise Music). It was mostly recorded pre-pandemic, and the whole process from song-writing to recording took several years, with some of that done in her living room.

Ellen has a website at https://www.ellenfoley.com/ and is on Bandcamp The CD can be streamed from Spotify and Apple Music. In Europe you can buy the CD from Shiny Beast.


Also out now is Floral Images new album, ‘Tapes of Topology’ from which comes ‘[Wait]’.

Floral Image, Norfolk’s premier Psych Pop band have new music out and this time it’s in the form of ‘Tapes of Topology’, a collection of experimental originals and remixes that were created in lockdown when the band couldn’t be together. Similar to a game of Consequences, the idea of ‘Tapes of Topology’ was for a band member to individually create a piece of music and then to pass it onto the next, who would be inspired by what came before, and to keep doing so until we saw a natural end. What resulted is a continuous flow of soundscapes whereby each band member submitted two recordings, with the final song being created in a room together after a long period of separation.

Floral Image have a website at https://www.floralimageband.com and they are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube They will be playing at the Sound City Festival, in Ipswich on 1st & 2nd October; tickets available from Song Kick


In total contrast, here’s Dillon with ‘Get Out of My World’.

Dillon is an unsigned, original artist from the UK, So, if you liked that one, e-mail him at [email protected]


Local band, Palomino Kings, will be releasing ‘Long Way Down’ on 23rd August.

The last few singles from UK Americana band Palomino Kings have been big upbeat country tinged rock n roll numbers. However, new release “Long Way Down” sees the band take a reflective breath and return to the feel of their more intimate acoustic led performances, which will certainly pull at your heartstrings. “Long Way Down” is both confessional and brutally honest. Gavin Bowern plays with your emotions throughout and brings you just under three minutes of the nicest warm alt-country sounds you’re likely to hear in 2021. A beautiful and considerate performance from the band provides groove and space, counter melodies and atmosphere whilst never overplaying. Brushes lock in with the bass and acoustic guitar throughout, whilst shimmering slide guitar and piano sing behind the wonderful vocals.

Palomino Kings have a website at www.palominokings.com and are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Ryan Sheridan has recently released his new single, ‘Fine wine’.

Ryan Sheridan has shared a brand new single ahead of his first gig in two years, and it’s as gripping as his back catalogue of gems. ‘Fine Wine’ is an Americana country-tinged track which heads in a new direction for Sheridan; one which the musician intends to explore further on his forthcoming third album.

Initially finding success as a busker, the multi-instrumentalist has built up a reputation as one of the country’s most popular performers – releasing two acclaimed albums, The Day You Live Forever and Here and Now. Two years of no live music has meant Sheridan has spent most of the lockdown writing and recording from his home studio and with that has found himself delving deeper into his love of some great American songwriters.

About his new song Fine Wine, Sheridan says, “‘Fine Wine’ is about the people that make your life better. The people who pick you up when you’re down, listen to you when you need to talk and tell you some hard truths when you need to listen. It was written on the back of a new Americana covers album that I produced over lock down. It was a new direction I was exploring and this is the first song I wrote in that style.”

Ryan has a website, at https://www.ryansheridanmusic.com/ and is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


On 14th July Manwolves released there new album ‘Sleeping In’ on which the fifth track in ‘Ghosts in the Graveyard’.

Manwolves is a 5-piece, multi-instrumental band whose genre-bending sound combines elements of rock, hip hop, and jazz. Originally from Evanston, Illinois, the group is composed of lifelong friends Jamie McNear (vocals), Eli Cohen (guitar), Henry Wolf (bass), Julian Freeman (drums), and Ari Garfin (keyboards), who have known each other since high school. The group is now based in Chicago and have steadily been building themselves a reputation as one of the most exciting, unique, live acts in the city. They have also reached No.4 on Spotify’s coveted, viral chart and have to date racked up over 20 million streams with their debut album ‘A Safety Meeting’, which was released in 2018.

Manwolves are now back with their new album entitled ‘Sleeping In’, which is an eccentric, musical journey from alternative rhythms, hip-hop inspired verses, rock riffs and contemporary jazz elements. It redefines indie, moulding new sounds, effortlessly incorporating Manwolves’ incendiary, live sound, whilst thematically tackling the often troubling and unnatural relationship so many of us have with the internet and social media.

Manwolves have a website at manwolvesband.com and are on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook plus all the usual streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud and YouTube.


New Wave of Classic Rock, Volume 1, was released on 23rd July. It’s a 2 CD set and from disc 1 here’s ‘Women Like Me’ by Elles Bailey, and from disc 2 ‘Broken Toys’ by Ward XVI

The 42-track compilation album ‘The Official New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume One’ is a true snapshot of the thriving emerging UK Classic Rock scene today.

Lancashire rock band Massive Wagons has teamed up with ‘New Wave Of Classic Rock’ (NWOCR) Facebook Group with a mission of raising funds to help the bands get back on their feet and back on the road. Proceeds from the album sales will go to the 42 bands featured on it.

What started as a Facebook Group, ‘New Wave Of Classic Rock’ has now officially been recognised as a music genre on Spotify to encompass the recent revival of new classic rock bands across the UK and beyond.

Massive Wagons frontman Baz Mills, says, “It blows my mind how fast the NWOCR thing has grown! It’s literally exploded! They shine a real bright light on new bands all over the world, and it’s a real honour to be a part of this official NWOCR compilation album!”

‘The New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1’ 2CD compilation album is available from www.nwocr.com.

Elles Bailey will be playing at the Red Rooster Festival, which is running from 27th to 29th August. More information at https://www.redrooster.org.uk/


On August 13th, Ami Leigh released ‘Did He Know’.

‘Did He Know?’ is the third release from Ami Leigh’s second EP entitled “Flight”. The song is about the awkward feelings of unrequited love for someone who has no idea you feel that way about them.

Ami Leigh is a Musician, Singer, Songwriter from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, U.K.  Ami’s sound is Acoustic, Indie, Rock, Pop, although she loves to experiment with many different genres and is forever evolving.  Ami is constantly pushing the boundaries of her sound and this shows in the noticeable maturing growth of her tracks.

Ami is on Instagram, Spotify and Facebook.


Tempe released ‘Good Life’ on August 13th.

Scottish band Tempe is back with a new single ‘Good Life’, which is taken from their album, ‘Summer and other Momentary Bliss’. The ‘Good Life’ is a catchy summer anthem will take you back to 2013 and bring back all the nostalgia of the pinnacle of the indie pop-rock era. Created as an homage to all their favourite bands, the light-hearted track describes the end of a relationship and the conflicting feelings that come with it. The front-man, Ben Speirs, explains: I think the main thing to take away from the track is that songs don’t have to be super deep or political like most tracks are nowadays. Sometimes a catchy, cheesy song about a girl is all people want to hear driving to work or out with their friends on a summer night.

Tempe are on Facebook and the album is available on all the usual platforms.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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