Karen Palsdottir released her new single ‘Healing From The Inside Out’ on March 17th.

Alastair is a music teacher at a school in Glasgow and spends much of his spare time writing songs. He started writing ‘Healing from the Inside’ out during the COVID lockdown. He then reached out to Karen, who is from Hafnarfjordur, near Reykjavik, in Iceland, to sing on it.

They met online through a shared contact, Clayton Savage, who is a producer / artist from the US. Working remotely, Karen recorded the vocals at a studio in Iceland. She then sent them over for Alastair to work on the production.

They plan on collaborating together on more songs in the future.

Karen is on Facebook and Insta.


On 19th March, Ged Wilson released ‘Urban Blues’.

Based in Cheltenham, Ged grew up in Manchester, a city with a great musical heritage. He cites John Mayall, “The Godfather of British Blues” as an early influence on his own distinctive song writing style.

‘Urban Blues’ is Ged’s take on post lockdown Britain, viewed through his northern roots kaleidoscope. Working closely with producer Dicky at Migration Studios, Ged has been multitasking with vocals, guitars, bass, electric piano and harmonica leaving the drums and percussion to Dicky in order to produce a really cool swamp blues vibe that releases Ged’s inner Tony Joe White!

Urban Blues is the third single from his new album, and we’ve previously heard ‘Ain’t That a Shame’ (Week 79, December2022). The album was released in 2023 on the Bad Monkey Records label and is available on all major platforms, or from Ged’s website, at gedwilson.com.


Siobhán Winifred released ‘Sober’ at the end of March.

Following the enormous praise for her second single ‘This House’, which we heard in November last year (Week 73), alt-pop artist Siobhán Winifred is back to her vibrant ways with her captivating new offering ‘Sober’.

Continuing to develop that warm, shimmering and authentic approach to the alt-pop sound she is quickly becoming synonymous with, ‘Sober’ sees her return in stellar form throughout. With her rich and soaring voice layered across a broad and diverse production from beginning to end, she looks set to become one of the most talked-about new names for the year ahead.

Speaking about ‘Sober’, Siobhán gives this insight, “I wrote ‘Sober’ about the conflicting emotions you experience when your relationship with someone is based on no attachment and no expectations. It’s about the constant push and pull, where every word and action can have a double meaning. Lyrically the song is about how, when you’re feeling lost, you attach your worth to their interest in you and do whatever you can to not lose it.

Sometimes despite all the warning signs that are there, it’s hard to resist the sense of self-protection and direction that comes from placing your sense of self in someone else’s interest in you: you know you need to let go but just don’t have the strength to. Ultimately, I like to think ‘Sober’ is a very relatable song that captures the emotional conflict we experience when we find ourselves in a relationship with an inevitable expiration date.

Siobhán is on Insta, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube.


On 23rd March, Frankie Beetlestone released ‘Slowly Break My Heart’.

Sheffield indie-pop newcomer Frankie Beetlestone has announced details of his incredible, forthcoming new EP ‘Caravan’, set for release on May 11. Alongside the announcement, Frankie shared his new single ‘Slowly Break My Heart’.

About the single, Frankie says: “To me, ‘Slowly Break My Heart’ is about loving someone who doesn’t love themselves. Some of my favourite songs have the ability to make me bawl my eyes out in one moment, and dance with joy in another. And so the lyrics are about the pain one goes through when they have a loved one who is depressed, but the music itself is very major and nostalgic (and actually puts a huge smile on my face). It’s not a sad song to me at all, it’s a celebration of life.

Frankie also announced a headline show at Sheffield’s The Foundry on May 20. Tickets are on sale now.

Frankie is on Insta, Twitter, Spotify, AppleMusic and YouTube.


‘Ke Shy’ is by Major Lazer & Major League Djz Ft. Tyla, LuuDaDeejay & Yumbs.

Major League Djz, the South African DJ / producer duo consisting of identical twin brothers Bandile and Banele Mbere, and Major Lazer have teamed to release the collaborative album ‘Piano Republik’. They’ve also released a new single ‘Ke Shy’ featuring Tyla, LuuDaDeejay & Yumbs.

The track is a fusion of soulful house music, Tyla’s sultry voice, African rhythms and jazzy piano melodies. The album includes the previously released singles ‘Koo Koo Fun’; ‘Designer’ and ‘Mamgobhozi’ as well as a pair of guest appearances from R&B superstar Ty Dolla $ign  on ‘Smoking & Drinking’ and ‘Oh Yeah’.

The first new album release from Major Lazer – the U.S. based trio of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums – in three years, ‘Piano Republik’ is a thrilling and unprecedented international showcase for amapiano, the dance music genre that has exploded out of South Africa’s townships and onto the world stage recently.

You can follow both Major League Djz and Major Lazer on Insta.


Ryan Sheridan has released ‘Love & War’.

Platinum-selling recording artist, songwriter, performer, and producer, Ryan Sheridan, has released his highly-anticipated new single ‘Love & War’.

Ryan’s career started as a busker on the streets of Dublin. Now his trademark sound and energetic live performances have garnered him a loyal following . His talent and hard work have resulted in two number one albums in both Ireland and Germany. Plus sold-out tours, high-profile appearances and captivating live shows. Together with his long-time drummer, Ronan Nolan, he showcases a unique performance that must be experienced first-hand.

In 2023, Ryan is set to release his highly anticipated third studio album. The release of ‘Love and War’ is the first single from this new sound and direction. Speaking about the track, Ryan says, “I had written ‘Love and War’ at a time of uncertainty and self-doubt. It’s a song about overcoming adversity. The demo had sat on my hard drive for a long time, and I hadn’t actually thought about fully producing and releasing the song until now. It is the first single release of a new sound and direction for me, as we work towards a new album.

Ryan Sheridan’s ‘Love and War’ is out now and available for streaming and download on all major platforms. You can follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Insta. He also has his own website, at ryansheridan.com.


Burn The Louvre have released their début LP ‘Silhouettes’.

Burn The Louvre are an indie rock duo based out of Hamilton, Ontario. It is comprised of Jordan Speare (vocals/guitar) and Sean Cooper (guitar/vocals). Their début LP ‘Silhouettes’ was recorded, mixed & mastered by engineer/producer Mickey Ellsworth. It was originally released as 11 singles across 2022, and now as an LP.

Jordan began working on ‘Silhouettes’ long before Sean joined the band. As a result he found himself recording as a solo artist for the first time ever. He enlisted the help of Andrew Billone, to play lead guitar and bass on all 11 tracks on the LP. He also invited friend and fellow singer/songwriter Stephanie Deshane to sing with him on ‘Alison’, a fun duet with a charming back & forth.

After Jordan & Mickey wrapped up the recording of ‘Silhouettes’, he received an email from guitarist Sean Cooper. Sean was answering a “Musicians Wanted” Kijiji Ad that Jordan had forgotten to take down.

Jordan says, “The fact that he even showed up for that beer was enough to impress me. We hit it off and the next week, we got together to jam and he impressed me a whole lot more. The way he was able to come up with his own unique leads to songs that were already recorded, giving them different nuances while maintaining the vibe of each song…I mean, I don’t think we’ve ever had a ‘bad practice’. I felt this was a perfect opportunity to re-imagine Burn The Louvre as a duo and I am very happy he wanted to be a part of this.

Burn The Louvre’s début LP ‘Silhouettes’ is now available on all major streaming platforms and wherever you listen to music. Links to all their social media can be found on their website, which is at burnthelouvre.com.


Liam Ferrari released ‘Alive’ on 31st March.

Released at the end of March, Liam Ferrari’s latest genre bending anthem comes in the form of ‘Alive’. The Melbourne based, multi-talent Liam releases his second of the year after ‘Guidance’. That quickly counted several hundred thousand streams. ‘Alive’ continues the theme of ‘Guidance’, both musically and, most notably, the music video which is a high budget endeavour. If Liam’s start is anything to go by, 2023 will be incredible.

Liam is on YouTube and Insta.


On 31st March, Fatal Vision released ‘Breakers’.

Fatal Vision hail from Ottawa, Canada, and consist of Simon Marwood with exceptional band members. Andrew Burns (bass), a veteran who specializes in the sub-frequencies. Juan Miguel Gomez Montant (guitars), a producer, audio engineer and guitarist for numerous award-winning bands. Scottie Irving (keyboards) a composer of theatre, jazz, pop, and rock acts. Alex Wickham (drums), a performer at numerous festivals with a lengthy list of A-list studio clients. This is a band with both the skills and the knowledge to realize a powerful musical vision.

Fatal Vision released their album Once last year – and we heard ‘Haven’t We Been Here Before’ from that album back in January (Week 80). The follow-up ‘Twice’ is to be released this year. ‘Breakers’ is a standalone single, and is available on all the usual streaming platforms now.

The band are planning a UK tour from August 21st – 28th; details to be confirmed in May. There will be warm up shows in Ottawa, Canada in June and July. Details will be published on their website, which is at fatalvisionmusic.ca. They are also on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Insta, Apple Music, Twitter and Spotify.


Still Blue released their début single, ‘Honeysuckle Daydream’ on 31st March.

The Dublin & Donegal indie-pop band, Still Blue, is led by vocalist Nicole Lyons, with Ruairi Forde on guitar, and Greg Kearns on bass. Their début single, ‘Honeysuckle Daydream’, is a chaotic, feel-good tune, reminiscent of a scene from a coming-of-age film.

About the new single the band say, “Writing the song, we tried to encapsulate all the different emotions experienced in a night out – the complications of old relationships, the promise of one ones and the feeling that anything could happen.

‘Honeysuckle Daydream’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, and you can follow the band on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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